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Story Thread


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So, some of you may remember KatieElisa's story thread from over a year ago. And with the forums rebooted, I thought it might be a fun thing to try again. :p

Basically, I will write a paragraph to a story (middle earth related cuz we're mcme), and the following post will be a paragraph long continuation of that story. I will end my paragraph mid sentence, and the following post will also end mid sentence.

Rules, because we want democracy not Anarchy(hail helix):
  • No double posts. The point is for your part of the story to be open ended for the next post.
  • Do your best to use correct grammar. This isn't official, but bad grammar makes things terribly hard to read.
  • Keep it clean. It’s a fun story, no dirty/gruesome jokes or references.
  • Stay on topic. It's not a fanfic. And it can be as ridiculous and funny as you'd like, but at least connect your piece to the previous piece.
  • Keep it clean. -_-
Alright, I’ll start it off as example, and whoever posts next can continue the story. (Again, you may recognize a similar start from Katie’s :p)

"In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit. And this particular Hobbit's name was Tom. Tom was a very mild mannered Hobbit, and he lived alone in his quiet hole just outside of Bywater. Of all his brothers and sisters, Tom was considered the most polite, and subsequently, the most boring. As a child, whenever his siblings and cousins would go off to play in the woods, Tom would stay at home; content to enjoy a cup of fine tea and a good book on gardening. But, the dull and monotonous life of Tom would be forever changed on one warm Sunday's afternoon. For, as Tom washed the dishes from his Second Breakfast, there came a knock at his door. “Whoever could that be?” Wondered Tom, as he dried his hands on a towel and approached the door. Tom was just a moment away from opening the door, when….”


Hardcore MCME-er
I'm not the best writer, so don't judge me :p

"...he stopped himself, thinking it might be a better idea to look through the window first, heavens forbid it could be his strange and frankly, quite rude neighbour, Ernest. Ernest was a completely different type of Hobbit, a rare specimen to find in the Shire, particularly in Bywater of all places. As soon as Tom pressed his nose against the small square window to the side of his door, he received the fright of his life when Ernest screamed out, "Tom! I know you're in there. There is no use in hiding". As Tom picked himself off the floor, he dusted his elbows off and reached for the golden doorknob. Slowly he turned the knob and pulled the door backwards, so slowly in fact it made a small creaaaaakk, which caused Tom to giggle a bit. "What's so funny Tom?” Ernest had a rather vulgar look on his face. Tom wasn't a big fan of anger, and was lost for words when he saw Ernie's face. Tom did the first thing that came to mind..."


Hardcore MCME-er
What fun is it if the story has no odd plot twists? :p

"...which, given his kind and polite nature, was to invite Ernest in for a midmorning snack. "Come in and have a cup of tea," he said. Quite taken aback, Ernest accepted the offer. "What have I done?" Tom was thinking as he prepared the tea. Tom was in the kitchen preparing his snack for 15 minutes; after all, good tea takes a while to make, and Tom's family was quite well known for their cooking. Tom sat down with Ernest at the table, becoming very nervous. "Well, how may I help you," Tom inquired very nervously.
"Why does that concern you," replied Ernest, quite rudely for that matter. Despite difficulty, Tom, in his kind ways, got a conversation going with Ernest, and they talked for a long while. During this, Tom found out that Ernest was only rude because he wanted to try Tom's family's food. Tom was quite relieved by this, but remained worried about what his siblings would do when they returned home and found him. At exactly that moment, Tom heard the door slam. His brother Timmy entered the room..."


Hardcore MCME-er
What fun is it if the story has no odd plot twists? :p
It can have plot twists, but a bunch of random, un-connected paragraphs isn't as good as things that have at least some connection to each other.
E.g: in the last one, katie's character was walking in his halls when i made him suddenly fall through a sinkhole into an underground tunnel. Waaay later on, he ate some shrooms and had a bad trip. And even fought off some wolves in Buckland. It can go anywhere you want, just make sure it at least connects to the previous piece.
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Don't judge me

Timmy walked in, Tim was an unusual hobbit, he was tall, on hobbit standards, and quite skinny. He amused himself by swimming, an odd sport for a hobbit. He smelled the snack. "Another breakfast Tom? you've already had two". He entered the kitchen, and was quite surprised to see, his "rude" neighbor smoking a pipe in his favorite seat. "Hello Ernest, fancy seeing you here." Tom told him of his talk with Ernest, and explained why he was so rude. Elevenses, was upon them, so Tom and Timmy cooked several dishes worthy of their family. After they ate, there cam a loud knock on the door. Tom went to answer it, he opened it and...


Hardcore MCME-er
Judging is very bad.

in came his mother, who stared at the group sitting at the table. She was polite until she got angry, and they could see her getting angry now. Timmy hurriedly moved from his chair, running for the door, where he could hide under breathing through a straw. His mother began to speak.
"You just get right back here, Timmy." Timmy decided it would be better to sit down, and plopped resignedly into his chair. His mother's face was turning red. Tim knew it would be...


Hardcore MCME-er
i feel like it is also a rule to include the :p symbol @glove @wolli @ds. :p
i will add to the story later


Hardcore MCME-er
...time for a punishment. His mother pulled a cane out of the nearby cabinet.
"Isn't that illeagal?" Timmy gasped
Just as his mother was about strike Timmy with the cane, there was another knock on the door. Straitening her dress, she calmly placed the cane back in the cabinet, told Timmy to go to his room and answered the door. Standing in the doorway was a tall man dressed in a long green cloak, smoking a pipe.
"Good morning, can I help you?" Timmy's mother asked.
"I am looking for a Mr. Tom Underhill" the stranger replied.
"Who are you?" Timmy's mother asked, her suspicion growing.
"That is none of you concern, Mistress Hobbit"
"Yes, it very well is! I have a right to know the name of a stranger who comes to my house, asking for my son! You shall not pass until you tell me who you are and your purpose with my son"
Pushing Timmy's mum aside, the stranger marched into the home, sword drawn and into Tom's room. Kicking the door open, he held Tom at sword point.
"You are under arrest, Mr Underhill" he said sternly.
"For what?" Tom demanded.
"You know very well what for"
Suddenly Timmy's mother burst into the room.
"Why have you got my son at sword point?" she screamed.
"He is under arrest for......
Don't judge me either.....English is not my strongpoint


"for stealing one of Gandalf's spell books" he said. Tom looked worried.He had never been worried before as he was peaceful and never went anywhere except, of course Gandalf's house!
Tom instantly jumped through the window and ran swiftly down the lane outside his house and onto the Great East Road where he headed east.He ran east for so long he couldn't see any houses anywhere and he was frightened,oh, so frightened.Tom had never been so far from home and he felt it was a foolish deed he had done.He was an adult and he hadn't been so far so he was acting like a child which was of course, absurd. But he couldn't go back now. He continued eastward until...

sorry but i dont know how to make a box around the text
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omg, I had forgotten all about that thread! I'm glad I made an impression on someone, lol. Time for my two cents.

He continued eastward until he reached a great, open meadow in the deepest part of the woods. Tom stopped, breathless from his travels and very bewildered and lost. He began to fret and worry about what had happened. He had just run from a Bounder! Tom didn't know what he was going to do. Should he turn himself in? This series of strange circumstances had to be a mistake or some sort of fabricated story!(;)) Surely Gandalf would vouch for him! Tom carefully made a plan of action that included...


Hardcore MCME-er
as in continue the story? of course! or do you mean start a new story to try and get interest? i don't see why not but maybe glove should answer, its his thread.


Hardcore MCME-er
eating another breakfast. Running so hard had starved him, and he decided he couldn't go to an inn for food, because the Bounders would no doubt have "WANTED" flyers out for his arrest. He was a learned hobbit, though, and knew his edible plants, so he picked some, made a fire, and cooked a meal. Then, suddenly, a sound came from the woods. Tom spun quickly and gasped when he saw...
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