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Strange multiple "versions" of main server


Hardcore MCME-er
Something very strange happened this evening... I was connected ont the main server (build) with a friend and we were unable to see each other, despite we were in the same place. Yet, i was seeing all the "myfriendspseudo (dis)connected" stuff... Plus, we didn't see exactly the same things : by example, we were both in Orthanc and he was seeing some White Hand banners that I didn't, some alight fires that I didn't and I was seeing the Palantír and not him. Is it normal?

I'm new on MCME, so, perhaps this is, but, in this case, how can we really meet in-game?


Hardcore MCME-er
Maybe you were in different worlds? There are 4 worlds in the build server, the plotworld, the new player world, the old world (the first attempt to build Middle-earth) and the world we are currently building on, the new world.

Maybe you were in the new world and your friend was in the old one or vice versa.

The old world is bigger and the terrain is not as good as in the new world, that's how you tell them apart. Also, if you do /warp xplace it takes you to the location in the Old World.

I think you'll like the dynmap.
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Hardcore MCME-er
You my friend, need a guide tour. Contact one via either the forums, teamspeak or on the server. They should have a blue-ish name.
If you can't find one, just ask who the guides are on main or teamspeak.