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Straw texture carpet


Experienced Member
this is not a texture submission but I though a good idea for a block would be to use the straw texture currently used in, I think all texture packs, and use it to create a carpet, this is because it would allow us to place the straw in the rafters of barns, where most straw is kept to keep it dry, I believe it would also help make stables and barn's more believable, and also could be used to create straw mattress and in places where the full straw block can't be placed (such as when half slabs are used for barn second floors. just a thought, what do you guys think


Slab Fanatic
The Eriador and Rohan resource pack both have straw texture instead of pink carpet. I think Lothlorien has all the carpets in use already, but I don't know about the Gondor RP.


Hardcore MCME-er
Hey, interesting suggestion as I've seen it around. Generally if you have suggestions of what textures to reuse or to make you can throw them on this thread here: http://mcmiddleearth.com/threads/texture-suggestions.1753/ It allows the staff (especially people like me and Cre) to approve changes to the RP based on need and allow budding texturers to have a go at making them!