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Summer PVPGames [Two Trees Event] Discussion thread

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by JordD04, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. JordD04

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    Mar 1, 2014
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    Allo chaps,
    Figured I'd make this thread so people can casually discuss the server with tips and whatnot rather than cluttering the main thread which I'd like to keep clean and for more important matters such as the winners of tournaments.

    Some info you all may want to know:

    Below is a list of all the maps and the recommended resourcepacks.
    • PVPSpawn ~ Gondor
    • Arena-Gondor ~ Gondor
    • Arena-Tundra ~ Gondor
    • Spleef ~ Rohan
    • Connect4 ~ Eriador
    • Planetoid ~ Non-MCME
    • TheWalls-Siege ~ Non-MCME
    • TheWalls-Sky ~ Non-MCME
    Below is a list of my trusted moderators, with a couple exceptions they were chosen because they've had somewhat of a moderation role on MCME at some point. I've known them a long time and I trust them greatly to appropriately moderate the server.
    • 07Smithle
    • Antecedence
    • BevsforBros
    • CEFKILLA41320
    • dallen1393
    • devilius
    • DragonHorizon
    • DynoDaring64
    • Ghundra
    • Indorilian
    • JordD04
    • Kyzcool
    • Shmattins
    • xxLDCxx
    Maps Tricks & Tips

    The enemy are located in the opposite direction than the additional planetoids.
    There's also a chest located in the centre of most planetoids.

    Connect 4
    Once you finish a game there's a cobblestone box at the back. Click the "reset" button to clear the board and the "New Game" button to be able to place blocks again.

    The map is larger than it looks.

    Easter eggs.
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