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Summer PVPGames [Two Trees Event]

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Running 24/7

Allo Ladies and Gent!
It's finally here! The PVP server!

Firstly a few simple rules:
Everything in the MCME TOS and Rules
The rules for The Walls - Siege are on the wall in the spawn room
For Connect 4 only press one button per turn
For Spleef if you are the last person on a level, you must jump down.

Anyone found to be purposely breaking or ignoring the rules will be dealt with appropriately by the Moderators.

Server ip: pvpgame.mcmiddleearth.com

Basic game mechanics:
To jump between worlds type /jump [name of world], from here you will need a Moderator to active team selecting and start the game.
Some people appear to be spawning in the Connect4 world, if this happens just do /jump PVPSpawn.

The worlds are:

Team Games

The Walls - Siege

The Walls - siege works similar to the standard Walls Formula. However the objective is not simply to destroy the enemy but to destroy the enemies banner, players can respawn so long as their beds are intact. This is a 2 team game. Recommended players: ~4 per team​

The Walls - Sky Island Edition

This is simply an edited version of Sethbling's "The Walls 2". However, we've scooped out the inside and added floating islands, each with their own special resource. This is a 4 team game. Recommended players: \<3 per team​

Planetoid Survival

I'm sure you're all familiar with planetoids, you spawn on the dirt one with a little dirt and a little grass and you have to bridge across to other planetoids with their own special resources. The added challenge is that the map is 1 life only and you're competing with another team mirroring you're planetoids, kill them before they kill you. This is a 2 team game. Recommended players: ~4 per team​

Solo Games


SPLEEF! Everyone loves Spleef. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the objective is to break the ground below the other players to make them fall, this particular version has several layers to travel through. Only one Man (or Woman) can win this game. Recommended players: ~8​

Connect 4

It's Connect 4, you guys now what Connect 4 is. But this one is all powered by commandblocks. Just press the buttons to make the place your tokens (?). Once again, only one person can win. Recommended players: 2
The Tokens are just blocks of sand, if anyone wants to give them pretty colours in an edited Eriador RP, go for it.

Bow Arena

In the Archer Arena you have a bow and 1 life. Be the last Player standing. Simple as that.
There are two maps but I've only shown a picture of one.
Recommended players: ~10 per team​

We have one tournament for each of the maps (except PVPSpawn, that would be silly).
The dates for the tournaments are as follows:
Connect 4: 07/08/2014
Archery Arena - Gondor: 09/08/2014
Spleef: 13/08/2014
The Walls - Siege: 16/08/2014
The Walls - Sky island: 19/08/2014
Archery Arena - Tundra: 25/08/2014
Planetoid Survival: 27/08/2014

Current winners
Connect 4 : SuperLako
Archery Arena-Gondor: iSmithz
The Walls - Siege: FrebbieJibbies
Spleef: Isengard
Archery Arena - Tundra: Sauronius

The Signup for each game is a little different, so pay attention to the number of players.
Connect 4: 1 Player
Archery Arena - Gondor: 1 Player
Spleef: 1 Player
The Walls - Siege: 4 Players
The Walls - Sky island: 3 Players
Archery Arena - Tundra: 1 Player
Planetoid Survival: 4 Players

For the team tournaments you apply for your entire team, not individually. If you want to play but don't have a team you can try and find a team via discussion on the forums.​
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I'd want to do walls siege if i could join someone's team. i would also love to participate in the Archery Tournament, Preferably Gondor.


Hardcore MCME-er
I'd want to do walls siege if i could join someone's team. i would also love to participate in the Archery Tournament, Preferably Gondor.
You don't enter a faction for the archery, like it says it's an all out deathmatch with everyone against everyone. Feel free to shout out "for gondor!" though.
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