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Starting Adventurer
Date joined: Early fall 2015 (Cannot specify)
Jobs: I have not participated in many jobs, frankly i have only participated in one. I helped build a farm in rohan, which i unfortunately do not remember the name of. I have not done many jobs simply because the only time I was online and a job was available was that specific time.

Interests: Favorite style: Medieval, classicism, Gondorian, Other interests: Science, history, gaming, tennis, reading

Motivation: I have been playing on MCME for a while now, and i have seen the amount of detail put in to the server. I want to be an artist so I can in a more serious way keep building the world of Tolkien. As an adventurer, I do not really feel like a contributing member of the community. But as an artist, my ideas will be taken more seriously and I can contribute more to the server. MCME is one of the best servers I have ever played on and I want to help out as much as I can. However, I also want the artist rank for a symbolic purpose. By getting artist rank, I am able to show that I have gotten more serious and that I am willing to take things to "the next level".
I have gotten to know the server because of the time I have spent on it. It has taken up much of my time and inspired me to build more and better. The server means a lot to me and I would like to continue playing on it, but as a more "important" part of the community. Future projects that I would very much like to


Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
Thank you for your application! I would like to give you some tips on what you can do to increase your chances to get accepted:

First please add some more screenshot which show more details of your build. The two different screens you posted give an overview but very few details. I would really like to see the interior of the house for example.
I like that you made terrain for your whole plot, not leaving any flat areas. The main matter to improve are materials. You you have to use more materials in general. To the river bed and banks you should blocks like dirt, grave, hardened clay and coal blocks. To the bridge you could ad some bricks and to the road an walls you could add mossy and reddish cobble. This will make your build looking much more interesing. You also have to pay attention not to have grass blocks visible below other grass blocks.
Second we would like to see that you can build various things: larger houses, interior of houses, towers, trees, cliffs ... So would be a good idea to participate in some more themed builds (would also be nice to mention the theme of the build when posting the screenshots).
When you add screenshot to your application, please reply to this thread with just something like 'updated'. That will make us notice your new screens.
Third you can also improve your chances to get Artist by helping with >>jobs and plotbuilds<<. When you finished such a task for a Designer, remember to ask the Designer to give points to your application as described >>here<<.


hon. Head Designer
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Many good points have already been stated by Eriol; In general I see a lot of potential in the small amount of building you show through these pictures (the design of the bridge looks really fance, almost too fancy for a rather insignificant brigde ;-) I would highly recommend participating in a few more Themed Builds so that you can show your building skills. But make sure you focus on the actual theme, e.g. in your Old Mill build the actuall mill building is very small and you seemingly have put way more attention and time into its surroundings.

~ Finrod