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Survival "clans"


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If you've been playing the new MCME survival map, you know that people are organizing into groups or "clans". I want this thread to be for players to: Advertise their clan, talk about what their purpose is, members, how to join, etc. I'll go ahead and do mine.

Clan: The Blue Elves
Owner: KnightZack60 (meh)
Member(s): Dallen
Location: Northern part of the map
How to join: Merely ask me when i'm online, though expect to travel a long distance in order to get to our base.
Alliance(s): None as of yet
Rival(s): None as of yet


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Clan:Team Rangers in the north
Members: Devdog
Location:The Shire but will spread
How to join:Messege me
Alliance:None (yet)
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Clan:Alliance of the White Tree
Owner:All original members
Location:Middle Earth
How to join:Ask one of the orginal members and they will ask the others and if we all agree you will be part of the clan(It will take you a long time to get to our base)
Rivals: Purple Legion,Top Meme Team
Extra Information:We are a fairly large team and one of the more dominant powers on the survival server.We don't really have a defined base,because we will set them up in a way that can be abandoned with minimum loss in 5-30 minutes,and we have a few people which we call "Rangers" that make small camps in other places on the server and will basically report back and tell us any information about people,and in some cases if needed,kill enemies.We have been to many places,such as a mountain base,and dunharrow(these are just the 2 original bases.)Most of our team is very active.
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I Issue a head on bluetackman first one to kill him and scnsht it i will become ur slave


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Clan: Top Meme Team (Anything Memey)
Owner: No one, hierarchies break friendships
Member(s): LDC, Cef, Mute, Dev, Nobler, Quinto, Dragon, Smithle, Bobow, Impzor, Fornad, Dabor, Indo, (Hoobo, wherever he is)
Location: We are anonymooos
How to join: Niet
Alliance(s): lol
Rival(s): All of you
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Clan: Ducking4Cover
Owner: Nobody
Member(s): Cef and Fornad
Location: Nonyamoos
How to Join: Ask on Teamspeak
Alliance: u wot m8?
Rival: Nobody