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Survival Screenshot for FB!


Staff member
Hey guys!

Looking for a screenshot of the survival rampage to maybe post on the facebook page. It can be of a destroyed land mark or your base or a horde of creepers or whatever you want to show off.

(hopefully this works!)


Hardcore MCME-er
uh, does it have to be THIS survival? I have the totally awesome mountain base that myself, Dyno, Blue and a couple others set up at from an MCME vanilla server a while back...


And after me and Dyno whooped the dragon,


good times.

I'll get some up (coords not included) from THIS survival games.


Hardcore MCME-er
I forgot to post screens of @Finrod_Amandil buzzing around my base on elytra. But I will post them tomorrow.

Also fin, I tested a launcher that works amazing and it built at height limit it can get around 1500 y axis very consistently. I need to build an elevator to height limit and build this thing.... On sp with 1000 boats (so much lag potential) it got me to 4200+


Hardcore MCME-er
A few more since I will be unable to make it on tomorrow...

Getting ready to fly out of my elytra launcher... thanks @Finrod_Amandil for the idea.

Flew all the way from the island of Himmling to Erebor...

Then southwest, over the Iron Hills, and to a cool tree on the small (not really) island inside the Sea of Rhun...

Then one more last visit to Minas Tirith...

Then a stob by @yourie98 's base to visit Smaugs Baby!

Lastly, i was going to write my name with all the diamond and emerald blocks in the long flat world that spawns outside the map limits. I flew high into the air and left the room while aiming southeast. After getting a snack and a drink I came back and listened to the wind whistling by as my player glided over the vast sand terrain of the far south east corner of the map. Just as I was nearing 17,500 x 15,000, my daughter walked into the room and moved the mouse. I was reclining with my feet up and couldnt react (I was only 200 or so blocks high at the time) She dove me straight into the ground. "Firefuss experienced kinetic energy" was the death message.... If you can get there you can haz the stuph. Pretty good loot, IF youre willing to make the trip. Anywho, RIP idiot me.... RIP


Hardcore MCME-er
Someone let me know what happens in the final survival showdown. I'm working all weekend....