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Finished Switch-It


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With the roll out of 1.10, it seems that we will need to move our beet texture from "jungle saplings" to the new "beet crops". I am currently working on custom beet textures to be implemented in the future (hopefully will be done sometime in the coming weeks), but I thought we might as well get started. Once all the locations are marked out and fixed, we can implement the new textures.

I will also be checking for flower switch capacity (switching blue orchid)

I am looking for community to help to find locations that need to be switched over. There are a lot of small farms throughout Gondor that have beet crops as well as a few in Rohan, please comment below with either specific locations of concern or ideally maps with locations of concern.

  • Beets: Done
  • Flowers: WIP
    • Fennas - Done
    • Misty Mountains
  • Beets: Done
  • Flowers: Done
  • Other: Done
    • Jungle Logs
  • Anorien - done
  • Ithilien/Haritihilien - done
  • Lossarnach - done
  • Lebennin - done
  • Belfalas - done
  • Lamedon - done
  • Anfalas - done
  • Andarst - done
  • Beets: None
  • Flowers
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Fennas has quite a few beat farms, I should be able to change them but PC broke so I will have to wait a bit.
Like every town i built has beets
To be honest I will going through every town (yes every town) one by one looking for beets to switch over so this is good to know.

I went through al the villages in Rohan and converted the few beet farms, also fixed the jungle logs (as those were retextured but still present in some houses).


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Well that was easier than I thought!

I have completed switching both beets and flowers throughout the map. The two exceptions are the Misty Mountains (which @Finrod_Amandil will tackle himself) and Lothlorien (which I need to design textures for still so that is on hold). Please keep an eye out for jungle saplings (old beets) in crops and let a staff member know to convert them if you do.

Until the next RP, simply shield your eyes from the radioactive green default beets while I work on finishing my custom textures!