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Starting Adventurer
Minecraft Username : talkingpizza
Date Joined : 23 June 2015
Themed Build participated in: Tar Meneldur
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build: What is your prefered building style? I like to build underground and make small villages, I mostly like making dwarven styled settlements.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Thank you for your application! It has now been checked and here follow some tips on what you can improve on to increase your chances on a promotion to Artist.

The number 1 tip I would like to give you is looking at towers from the real world and trying to get inspired by those. Because as I see your tower it seems you need some practice in seeing what shapes look nice and how to achieve them. More concretely the top of your tower is clearly bigger than the middle part which is something you only see rarely in Middle-Earth cultures, the reason is simply that it is much less stable and way harder to build without advanced materials like steel and/or big construction machines like cranes. Therefore towers that gradually get thinner, or simply have the same width all the way up make much more sense. Try to find some towers on the main map and study how those were done!
You did experiment with different materials and what combinations work well together. You seem to have quite a good feeling for that, keep doing that as it is an essential part of the building process!

Also please note that the criterions and the way artist apps are handled in the future are about to change. Further information will be published soon on the forums.

~ Finrod_Amandil, Head Designer.