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Accepted Tarvallins Artist Application


Starting Adventurer
Hey everyone my name is Tarvallin and i would like to apply for Artist.
I joined the server for the first time 9th April 2018.

In the following some information about my themebuilds and more.
The jobs have been farms in Belfalas, i created a Floorpaterndesign in Moria for Nic and i created some pillars for a Hall in Moria with Nic.

Theme Build:
The Forsaken Inn
Theme Builds

Additional Builds:
From my old Survivalserver.

My interest:
I've always loved building classical medieval houses, Steampunkhouses and Nordic houses. I'm very adaptive and can change between many styles and would like to build where ever i can help. As an Artist i could do this better for the Server than as a Commenor.

My motivation:
My motivation for becoming an artist is multiple things. First of all, I would love to get to know this amazing community and help to build so much i can. I would like to help this Server by Building on Big Projects on this Server. LOTR is my favourite Book of all Time and i love the whole world of Tolkien so i would like to help creating this awesome World im Minecraft.

For any extra Questions you can also text me ingame, via discord or here under the thread.



Dirt Conaisseur
Hi Tarvallin,
Your theme-builds look great from those pictures, but you need to use the command “/get logs” to get six-sided logs for your trees. I also advise that you participate in more jobs and themebuilds to show more of your abilities as Mordor is just around the corner.
Doing these things will certainly make your application more thorough and better showcase you skills, I really think that you could be artist material :)


Hardcore MCME-er
Your artist application is now under Watchlist, congratulations, you will be contacted privately by one of the Artist Committee on what you must do for your final challenge. Congrats @Tarvallin !


Hardcore MCME-er
Hello Tarvallins,

Your application has been accepted! Congratulations to the Purple Legion! We worked on your contest build today and there were only some very minor things which needed fixing. I advise getting a foreman partner for this week so that they can teach you some stuff, tell you the dos and don'ts.