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Team Speak


Experienced Member
I join in ts.mcmiddleearth.com and I can't enter in the team speak.
What can I do ?


Hardcore MCME-er
What is the error you are getting? Does it say anything about a password? If so you can type /motd on the build server and you will get the teamspeak password, then enter it.


Hardcore MCME-er
Open teamspeak, click bookmarks at the top, click manage bookmarks then click add bookmark. At the bottom enter the address as ts.mcmiddleearth.com, and your nickname as your Minecraft user name, then add the password in the bottom left, you can get it by typing /motd in the minecraft server. After that click apply then ok. I recommend also labelling the server as MCME, so you can distinguish between servers. Then go to your bookmarks and click the bookmark that you made for mcme, you should then be able to connect.

If you do not understand what I'm saying, you can consult this link.