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Canceled Terra1012

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Aspiring Commoner
25th sep.

I joined: he server in 2016.
Jobs: helped decorating 3000 | -4000
build the interior of this house at Dol Amroth 2195 | 5900 with bart
build this field 3200 | 5000 with JonatanKnalle

Theme builds:
I have built the chamber of Marzabul (Moria) once as you see on the pics.
It was an theme build of last year. Unluckily I cant find my plot anymore.

Other projects:
Luckily I have another project on singleplayer its Barad dûr at full size. It isnt finished yet but just the beginning looks impressive. The attached pics are showing the progress of this huge building.

Interests: As you see Im most interested in Moria and Mordor and im looking forward to help you on this huge project.
My motivation: Since i watched the movies and read the books I want to walk through Tolkien´s world. Minecraft and especially your server gave me the chance to do this. And im glad to help you building

yours Terra


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Staff member
Hello Terra, we are happy that youre interested in the rank of artist but there is one major probale you have to correct, you have to follow this format in you aplication so we can get the information we need Artist Application Format
And this might also be useful Artist Manual

Good luck!


As you can see in the Application Format, there's questions and answers, this makes the application look more organised than it is right now.


I would make the questions in bold and then answer the question next to it, so it stays more organized. To see examples of that look at some of the accepted artist applications.
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