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Texture Ideas


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This thread is for ideas about which textures would be cool for Mordor. But please don't submit textures here. For submitting a texture start a new thread.
Please use this format to explain your ideas:
  • Texture Name: Choose one, but choose wisely
  • Texture Description: Describe how you imagine this texture and also tell us for what purpose this texture is intended.
  • Base Textures: Maybe there is any texture in one of your resource packs that could be used as a base to create this texture. In this case put here the resource pack and the filename of the texture.
  • Pictures: Post some pictures (real life, minecraft or other games) to show how the texture should look like.
Everone is welcome to post his texture ideas for Mordor here. But all other posts (also texture ideas we believe not to be serious :p )will be deleted without further notice
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If you give me a list of textures and/or items you'd like I can see what I can do. I just don't have time to scour the literature at the moment as I am traveling quite a lot.