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Texture Requests


Hardcore MCME-er
This thread is for people, mainly artists and build staff, to post ideas for block retextures that they would like to have/would use. Hopefully, this will increase communication between the people who build and the people who make the textures, and then we can have even better builds:D

Sorry, but I don't have anything that I want that could be used as an example:(

If anybody feels that this is unnecessary, or there is something else that does the same thing, then I'm absolutely fine with this thread being deleted.


Builds diagonally
This seems great! One suggestion would be that the designer that choses to work on a suggestion post that here, so there aren't redundant textures while another texture is not done at all.


Hardcore MCME-er
We definitely welcome all that want to try and texture for us!
If you want some suggestions as to what to have a go at you can find them here and here, then you can upload images of what you've done, get feedback and perhaps even get them implemented by posting your own thread.

Currently we don't use higher res packs so if you wish to do both a high res and a low res version feel free to do so.
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Hardcore MCME-er
My tall grass was merged with the Gondor pack.


MCME is free to put it in the other packs. =D

(But I'm still waiting for my flower submission to be merged by @@q220 .)
Ughh, apologies for this

I will bug Q about the flower submissions to be merged (since I obviously need them for Ithilien)

Otherwise do you wanna make a pull request to put the long grass in the other packs?


Yellow Flower Puncher
Here is what I came up with. Two sizes. I will change the wood and leaf colors once I know what it goes with.



Hardcore MCME-er
Requesting three things:
  1. Pillar and Chiseled Quartz Blocks: Texture in a similar style/purpose as the current blocks, just something other then default that can still be used in the versatile ways as it is currently in Minas Tirith (see the city for ideas)
  2. Rose Bush: Texture into a nice rose bush to be used in gardens :)
  3. Steel and Iron texture: For the Gates of Minas Tirith (thanks @ardelenia )
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Slab Fanatic
It would be cool if all those stained glass could got some nice textures, and some of the redstone stuff and mob heads that still has the default texture. Could be useful, at least in the Gondor pack.


Yellow Flower Puncher
I have some that I made for additions to LB Photorealism. I'll see if I can make 16 bit versions of them.

My avatar is an example of white.