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Texture Submission Guidelines

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Submission Guidelines
Please use the following format for submission of textures. If accepted you will be asked to make a Pull Requests on Github explained here linking your submission. (If you are unable to do this, please contact someone who can!) This allows us to quickly review, accept and create pull requests on accepted textures.

Keep in mind that all submissions are required to be in style and textures should not replace any major blocks. Current texture priorities are recorded here.
Below is an example of a submission.
Forum Title: Paths of the Dead Glass
Filename: glass_gray.png
Resource Pack: Gondor
Texture description: Paths of the Dead plain glass block.
Has this texture already been used? If not, where will it be used? This texture has already been implemented in the Paths of the Dead housing.
Texture image:

Ingame Image:

Additional Concept Image:
You can copy and paste this format into your post!
Forum Title:
Resource Pack:
Texture description:
Has this texture already been used? If not, where will it be used?
Texture image:

Ingame Image:
Additional Concept Image:
Hi, so I recently got the ability to merge textures on to the github. This new submission guidelines is something I've put in place based off of suggestion which is both q and Cred approved. Hopefully this will allow us to make more efficient changes to the resourcepacks as well as be able to provide feedback more clearly.
Those of whom have ever made a texture submission, if they would like to resubmit using this format for each texture that would be fantastic as it allows us to see all the textures that may have been missed or not had enough ingame images to use.
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