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ThAng Project Update Thread


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As of... August 16th. Sat. 2014

Thangorodrim/Angband Project
Remember to watch this thread, option at the bottom and top of thread.

/Warp Thangorodrim /Warp Thang-concept /Warp Thang-app


Work Days:
On our Work Days, One (or all) of the heads will be online at a designated time to supervise a series of big jobs for the rest of the crew. For now the next planned Work Day will be on Wednesday, 20th of August around 5:00 pm. -Pacific Daylight Time (use a Timezones thingy to find out how that translates to your Timezone.) Hope to see you all there!

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Only Project Heads may place wool and give out jobs.
  • You may not alter any pre-existing builds if you are not a project leader.
  • You are allowed to ask for help for your jobs, since we are not looking for individual building skills (eg. Theme Builds)
  • Bad mouthing others and making personal attacks is prohibited in this project.
  • Do not build anything at the Main location of Angband unless given a job there, otherwise all your builds go in the Thang-Concept section!
  • Do not post on this Thread, it's only for the purpose of updates on the project. If you are hoping to strike up conversation, please use Private Message!
Thats all for this week's announcements! Cheers! -Danishkabby
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One more update, l8lock_Man is now the 3rd Project Head. Danishkabby resigned from his position yesterday, and is now the Chief Planner again. Thanks for your hard work everyone!