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Thank you MCME


Hardcore MCME-er
Media Team
Dear everyone who plays on MCME,
Ever since I joined MCME in February of 2017, it has brought me nothing but smiles. I just have to thank you all for bringing me childhood back into my life. This isn't my goodbye speech, (that won't be anything soon) but I just want to say, thanks. Thank you Lindo, Gary, and Apes for being the first people who welcomed me on the server and showed me the ropes. Thank you Dadddilo who got me into writing with the Stone of Erech. Thank you Fin for giving a person with the lowest rank in the server the opportunity to make a book store and tell stories to others. And thank you to the head enforcers and "leaders" of the server for making it a thing and keeping it running. Thank you all.



Mapthor you are the people that make my day, to know that people are happy because of what the community does. I hope you shall enjoy MCME as much or even more as I have enjoyed it for two years and hope the best may happen to you!