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The 6 Dragons Summer Events


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MCME Presents:

The 6 Dragons Summer Events
Hello everyone! This announcement is brought to you by the MCME Summer Events Team! And have we got news for you… That’s right, folks! The 2018 Summer Events are here!
Thank you to all that came to the last minute opening ceremony. None of us could have expected the server or forums to have been down so long.
Take a look at this post to make sure you’re caught up on what’s going down. :)

Official Rules
It is strongly recommended that you read the following rules very carefully to avoid breaking them. Actions will be taken against those who break the rules.​

Requirements for Participation:
  • You must be a registered user on the Forums
  • You must have passed the New Player World
  • You must not be a current Oathbreaker
  • You must be on the MCME Discord Server if the event requires it
  • If an event has a signup, in order to participate, you must register through the signup form for that event to ensure a spot
  • You must arrive on time or earlier to events or you risk the event starting without you

Main Events
The Great Lore Tour - 3rd August - 5th August 7pm BST
A prestigious annual event, The Great Lore Tour explores our server in a giant 3 day tour from our favourite guides.
Day 1 explores Eriador and Arnor, Day 2 is Rohan and Lorien, with Day 3 exploring our fantastic new Gondor.

Closing Ceremony - 19th August 9PM BST
A fantastic event to celebrate all our event winners and this fantastic community. Including speeches, music, and fireworks, this event is not to be missed!

The Portal to a New World - Survival Server - 19th August - 2nd September
One day in the middle of Gondor a mysterious Portal appeared. Walking through that Portal people found themselves in a new world with strange and dangerous creatures. They named them “Creeper”, “Zombie”, “Enderman”...
They also found this world full of resources that were much faster to obtain than in their own world. People of Gondor founded factions and began to claim land.

And the struggle for access to the Master Portal began…

The 6 Challenges
Along with the main events, these Summer festivities will include six challenges - each revolving around a different lost treasure of Tolkien’s works. The challenges are each distinctly unique from one another to create a fun variation in activities. Essentially, there’s a challenge for every player! Go ahead and read up on each of the following:

Durin’s Axe - Scavenger Hunt - 30th July - 18th August
Did you enjoy the egg hunt this year? Then have fun searching the server for the Hunt for Durin's Axe!
The Valar have lost some items and it is your job to find them from some riddles. These riddles will eventually lead you to the location of Durin's Axe. Expect a more detailed forum post soon...

Helm of Hador - Great Battle Event - August 11th 8PM BST
Do you want to partake in perhaps one of the greatest days of pure pvp on MCME?
We will be running the pvp server for a couple hours to duke it out in some of our most famous locations.
We’re talking Minas Tirith, Hobbiton, random rohirric villages, and Helm’s Deep ;D
So make sure you clear your schedule for the 11th at 8PM BST and hop on to pvp.mcmiddleearth.com - let’s see if we can crash that server!

The Lost Silmaril - Server Wide Race - 12th August 4PM GST
Across the world
One's treasure belies
Reunited in spirit
But not with eyes

A mighty reward
Is given to thee
If you return
my treasure to me

Riches, Luxury
Could all be yours
But others too
Doth seek my applause

So run! make haste
On the 12th make flight
Run by the day
Return by the night
The lost Silmaril challenge is a large race that is composed of many shorter races put into one that spans across the entire map, starting at Bag End, and winding down through Eriador, Rohan and Gondor.
Participants will endure wide open plains, high mountain passes, tropical style beaches and ancient old forests before becoming the champion of the lost Silmaril.

The race goes from Bag End, through The Shire and Eriador until Moria West Gate, where it then travels to Lothlorien. It weaves through Lothlorien until the docks of Lothlorien.
Skipping to Amon Hen, it travels past through to Northern Rohan and Fangorn to Isengard. It then travels down to Halifirien Wood where the race enters the Great Kingdom of Man - Gondor. It travels down to Cair Andros and up to Minas Tirith, after which the race jumps off Minas Tirith, through Pelargir and Linhir and to the Stone of Erech.
Then, there is one almighty boat race down the River Morthond to Edhellond, and finally from Edhellond to Pelargir via the Anduin.
Participants are organised into teams containing 2 people (of which they can decide themselves before hand). Each person takes turns to do part of the race (Both participants must participate in at least 1 race to be eligible for finishing) and both participants must be in the boat for the boat races at the end. (One steering, one shooting a bow!). The winner is the team to successfully pass the finishing line in Pelargir having participated in all races from Bag End with the 2 members crossing the line.

Good luck!

Ring of Thror - Dol Guldur Puzzle - 29th July 8PM GST
The Dol Guldur Puzzle Race is a multistage challenge that will test you Minecraft skills in escaping this brutal Stronghold. In this tale, Thrain has asked you to retrieve his Father's Ring. Unfortunately, you have been captured by the evil forces of Mirkwood. Now, you must try to escape one of the deepest Dungeons of this Fortress to find the Ring. Good luck, you'll definitely need it.

Nauglamir - Ice Boat Race - 28th July 7PM GST
In this event you will be joining the dwarven army in the battle of a thousand caves, sieging Menegroth and taking back the Nauglamir. Check out Davy’s forum post for more information about this exciting event.

Nimphelos - Dragon Build Contest - 28th July - 16th August
A fantastic Dragon Building contest run be Superlolster, BWOT, and Dav3ck. Check out their forum post for more information.

Closing Statement
Well that's all folks! Hopefully you all have a fantastic time these next two months with plenty of activities and some additional build days to be thrown in too!