The Battle for Middle-earth II Online

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Message from T3A:
Hello everyone! Today is a big day for the BFME2 community.
Ever since the EA's BFME2 servers were taken offline,
we and many other BFME2 fans have been waiting and wishing for the servers to return.
Wait no more!

View the announcement here. I am ecstatic to be able to give this news to other Lord of the Rings fans. =D I have been part of the testing crew for T3A:Online ever since we brought back BfME I online functionality for the first time since EA shut down the original servers.


Hardcore MCME-er
Mar 1, 2014
United States
I wish they just made a new Battle for Middle Earth... I was a huge fan of the second one and it would be really cool to see what they could do with better graphics and new ideas
I wish they just made a new Battle for Middle Earth... I was a huge fan of the second one and it would be really cool to see what they could do with better graphics and new ideas
Then download one of the mods available, I am part of The Special Extended Edition team. =D Better graphics and a better game.

Admittedly there are more and better polished mods for The Battle for Middle-earth I. Look out for them on the T3A forums or ModDB. =D


One Of Us
Mar 1, 2014
Yeah i actually enjoyed the game play of the first more than the second in a way. :/
Yeah i actually enjoyed the game play of the first more than the second in a way. :/
You would be glad T3A:Online came out for The Battle for Middle-earth I before II. ;p The second game also has more players at the moment. Weekends have plenty of games. Watch out though because most people play on patch 1.06 if they aren't playing The Dwarf Holds, Shadow & Flame or The Elven Alliance.

All we are waiting for is Rise of the Witch-king T3A:Online. =D And then there is RJ-mod, Ridder Clan and The Special Extended Edition - Director's Cut when it is finished!


Aspiring Commoner
Mar 1, 2014
Lol, I needs to find my Rotwk disc in the bottomless pit called the cupboard....when I find that @&$)(($ disc I might as well sing 'ding dong, the witch is dead!'
T3A:Online was made by the modders of T3A - of course it is compatible. (It was Phil of Revora Creative Network (which T3A forums is part of) who made it and the modders and mappers who tested it.) =D

Technical rant (TL:DR probably)
The massive problem with Gameranger is that you could not customise the game shortcut. This is how mods work, by adding target commands to the shortcut the game then reads the mod files first. This ensures that the mods do not interfere with the original game. You could have multiple mods sitting around in your saves folder and have a shortcut for each of them and then one for the vanilla game. The problem with some mods - especially when EALA shut down the servers - is that they installed directly into the game, changing your game to be incompatible with all the other mods. T3A looks down on mods like this. But now T3A:Online fits seamlessly with the vanilla game, it only redirects the server link to Revora Creative Network. =D

Using mini-images seems to be the way to go because the game is unavailable to buy. It is discouraged by us, but not stopped, online play will not be stopped by a cracked game.

As you may know, The Special Extended Edition dinosaured when Nazgul was unable to continue with the code that was there. The new mod, rebuilding what SEE was and further is called The Special Extended Edition - Director's Cut (longer name lol). Because of the complexity of the mod, however, the new version actually works like an expansion, just like EA's Rise of the Witch King and RC-mod (it was based on RC-mod). I am working under njm1983 to create some sweet new maps for SEE-DC. Progress as usual in a mod for a slow game is very slow, only the Moria faction could be considered semi-complete, but the quality is outstanding (as in, the basic Moria goblin has the same detail as the Create a Hero models).

I have a lot of cool maps in SEE-DC. If I am not making art for MCME I am probably racking up many hundreds of hours mapping Middle-earth, I work with many mods at T3A.

I will be getting T3A:Online players to trial my exclusive maps out for me. So be on the look out for MattTheLegoman and hosting the elusive Barad-dur, Tol Sirion, Nargothrond or remade Minas Morgul. =D

Another fantastic mod for BfME II is The Peloponnesian Wars. It is the likes of Mathijs, Kwen and Glaeken working on it. Mathijs and Kwen are fantastic artists. Glaeken is considered the best Battle for Middle-earth II mapper of all time. Simply because of his Corinth map. I don't know if the latest public version of this mod has both Sparta and Athens factions it might just have Sparta. The next version has a map that I helped to make with njm1983 - Thermopylae, where the 300 Spartans fought to the death.


One Of Us
Mar 1, 2014
Holy F**** are the prices i see on Amazon even real? I bought 1&2 plus the Expansion years ago for like normal prices. There are some $30 used offers on some, which are decent compared to getting a new copy from Electronic Facking Arts for excuse me, $220?!?!!?