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"The Big Bang" - Firework competition


hon. Head Designer
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Firework competition

Sunday July 12th

11am ADT / BRT / ART:
Canada (Halifax), Eastern Brazil, Argentina, Chile
10am EDT / AMT: USA, Canda, Western Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay
9am CDT / PET / COT: USA, Canada, Eastern Mexico, Colombia, Peru
8am MDT / CST: USA, Canada, Honduras, Costa Rica
7am PDT: USA, Canada

2pm GMT
: Iceland
3pm BST / WEST: UK, Ireland, Portugal,
4pm CEST: Central Europe
5pm EEST / FET / MST: Eastern Europe, Russia (Moscow), Turkey

10pm AWST: Western Australia
11:30pm ACST: Central Australia
12pm AEST: Eastern Australia
July 13th, 2am NZST: New Zealand

Last year's summer event would not have been the same without the multiple times the nice minecraft mechanic of fireworks has been used, and thus - spoiler! - you will also be able to enjoy firework shows in this years events!

But I am absolutely confident that I am not the only one capable of crafting these fireworks, thus I want YOU to come up with your very best creation!

The competition will work as following: Everyone gets a chest filled with a stack of every firework-relevant material (all colors, shape and effects ingredients, gunpowder, paper). You get 20 minutes time to craft and try out fireworks, after that you hand in your best creation. The winner will be chosen through community voting live at the awards ceremony, where all the fireworks will be presented.
You are of course allowed to experiment around with fireworks already prior to the event, e.g. on a Singleplayer world.

It is not yet definitely set on which server the event will take place, thus it may be that you don't have access to Crafting Tables (as they are disabled on some servers), and you can only use the 2 x 2 crafting grid of your survival mode inventory, so prepare for that too! (The opening ceremony fireworks both last and this year are made entirely using only the 2 x 2 grid!)

If you are interested in participating, please sign up >>here<<!

Guide to crafting fireworks
Creating nice fireworks is not as easy as you may think, mainly because there are so incredibly many possibilities. Below you find an overview of all these, and how to use them. The example shown uses the 2x2 crafting grid, but just the same applies to the 3x3 grid, only that you can add much more ingredients, however if you add too much, it won't look nice anymore!
Also note that for all of the crafing recipes it is completely irrelevant how you arrange the ingredients, it will always work.

For a more thorough tutorial you can aswell refer to the >>Minecraft wiki article<<.

Firework stars

The main ingredient of a firework rocket is one or even multiple firework stars. They can be seen as one specific explosion, having one or multiple colors, a specific shape and some optional extra ingredients. The use of multiple stars in one rocket allows for more shapes and colors.

The most basic firework is crafted using one piece of gunpowder and at least one color. That will result in a small round ("small ball") explosion with particles of that color.

To give the explosion a different shape than the default small ball, the following ingredients can be used:

Grid_Feuerkugel.png Fire charge: Makes the explosion bigger ("Large Ball").
Grid_Feder.png Feather: Results in an unordered burst ("Burst"), especially interesting in combination with diamon (see below).
Grid_Goldnugget.png Gold nugget: Adds a 3D star-shaped explosion ("Star-shaped").
Grid_Creeperkopf.png (any) head: The explosion is shaped like a creeper face ("Creeper-shaped").

Only one of these can be used for each firework star!

Additional effects
Grid_Glowstonestaub.png Glowstone Dust: Makes the particles twinkle.
Grid_Diamant.png Diamond: Makes all the particles leave a long trail.
Both of these can be used in one firework star.

One more possibility is that the initial color(s) of a firework star fade into other color(s) after the explosion. To achieve that, first craft the normal firework star (with initial color, shape and effects), and then drag that firework star into the crafting grid again and then add the fading colors. Note: only the color can be faded into, no second shape or effects can be added.

Firework rocket
Firework rockets are crafted using one or multiple (up to 7 with 3x3 grid, up to 2 with the 2x2 grid) firework stars, 1 - 3 pieces of gunpowder (the more gunpowder the longer it soars up before it explodes) and one piece of paper.





Hardcore MCME-er
There is a vanilla survival server up at survival.mcmiddleearth.com right now. I would think you could hold the event on there if you wanted.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
There is a vanilla survival server up at survival.mcmiddleearth.com right now. I would think you could hold the event on there if you wanted.
Would make it possible to use crafting tables, however I kinda have better things to do in the next days than collecting a stack of diamonds, firecharges and every color for every player via survival strategies :p
(except some almighty admin @q220 could temporarily OP me, or quickly set me to GM1); But actually I'm quite fine with doing on the main server; we have WE to easily duplicate the filled chests, the /more command to duplicate fireworks, and the restriction of the 2x2 grid is rather an extra challenge than an actual downside. (As you see with the example, quite many things are possible with the 2x2 grid)

And if we want crafting tables we can use Freebuild