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The current attitude and actions of members within the community


Hardcore MCME-er
Recently within MCME there has been a degeneration in the attitude of certain members of the community on the social platforms. This degeneration includes but is not limited to:
  • inappropriate language
  • inappropriate conversations
  • inappropriate channel names
  • locking channels with the intention to exclude specific members of the community
  • false names
  • and impersonating other members of the community.
Some of these we can be a little lenient on when conducting in a small channel with one’s own friends, but it will not be tolerated in public channels. Many of the people performing these discretions are long lasting and valued members of the community who we would hate to lose but if these actions continue then we must start taking action for the benefit of other members of the community.

MCME offers a range of social platforms that are free to use by anyone (as long as they’ve joined the Minecraft server), many of the people here no longer use Teamspeak for Minecraft but we’re ok with that, all we ask is that you all have some respect for the rules and other members of the community.

Thank you

-The Bounders