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The Dol Guldur Summer Event


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~The Six Dragons Summer Events~

The Dol Guldur Puzzle Race
Starts: Sunday 29th July, 6PM CEST
Welcome to The Dol Guldur Puzzle Race Challenge! Do you appreciate spending an outrageous amount of time trying to figure out a virtual problem through Minecraft? If so, I have the perfect little event for you! When I say outrageous waste of time, I'm talking about a couple hours spent wandering through a maze, parkour, and obstacle course which follows the theme of the Witch King's Haunt. I'd like to give a big thanks to the following for helping test and create this monstrosity:
Here is how to play, the rules, and extra information about the event. The most important information is marked in bold.
  • To participate in the race you must be on time and in the actual race plugin. This prevents cheats including block breaking, flying, or gamemode changing. Only those within the race plugin will be eligible to win the race.
  • Within the race is hidden Thror's Ring. If you find this ring, you get 20 minutes reduced from your overall time in the race - therefore gaining the chance to win.
  • If you globally claim to have the ring, you're disqualified.
  • There are multiple fake chests throughout the maze - check at your own risk.
  • Be advised: There are also MANY hidden blocks throughout the maze.
  • The race is split into three different levels. A dungeon maze, a courtyard segment, and then a tower parkour.
  • A extreme supply of optimism and hope is recommended.
  • It is encouraged to support fellow racers.
  • The race takes anywhere from 1-2 hours to complete (or more if you're that bad at puzzles) so be prepared for that.
  • Remember it is just a game - Please don't take out your anger on our wonderful community and build team.
  • If you step out of line, @mapthor @Arkengard and @Isengard are able to disqualify you from the event.
Mentally prepare your soul for the Dol Guldur Puzzle Race :)

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