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The Grammer Police are Abusive

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Media Team
I’d like to file a complaint about the Grammer Police. There to strict. If I say one thing wrong, they hit me with facts and piss me off.

Evidence if I may:

They are cyberbullies.

But I’m all honestly, if I spell something wrong, I’ll probably catch it. Please, PLEASE, don’t correct me. That is one thing that will make me want to break something.


Staff member
TI.... *sigh* right now I wish there was a downvote button. Because what you're doing right there IS CYBERBULLYING. Map is explicitly stating that he does not wish for you to correct his spelling errors but instead of apologising or even listen to him you continue to correct him even more! Shame on you!
He just need to say "learn my language then you can bitch about my english"


Hardcore MCME-er
If a player requests that you cease a behavior, within reason obviously, because it causes them frustration/irritation/whatever, please respect that request. You can feel free to correct the grammar/spelling of other players, but I think mapthor's request is within reason. Especially considering that you are all guides and should be striving to model behavior for the server.
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