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The Great Mines of Moria


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Leader: @barteldvn
Co-Leader: @dav3ck (Blockfant)
/warp MoriaMines

This is the Project Thread for the Great Mines of Moria. The Location is a bit to the north of the Chamber of Light. The huge cave is upon the fellowships path and glimpse of it can even be seen in the extended scenes of the first movie. Because of the size of this project we have decided it would be better to have a seperate forum Discussion about it.


Because of the immense size of the cave it can be devided into multiple sections. The First Area, which we are currently working on, is a high ravine. The Cave will have many layers on both sides of the cave with each layer being decorated with smaller Caves, Supportbeams, Rails, Storage Etc.This area will also have a couple of massive structures Connecting the Layers together.
Through the middle of the Ravine there will be a (dried up) river which was used for transporting ores & construction materials.

Currently we are still working on the general concept of this area, But hopefully we can soon have more people work on it.

We have not yet started planning/ Work on the other area's of the Great Mines, but expect an update about that in the near future.