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The great smials


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I joined the server: Feb 24, 2016 . I dont know exactly how many jobs i have done but it's quite many.I like to build gondorian houses and medival.I love lotr and minecraft.When i saw this server on Youtube i fell in love with it. I would love to help on the server.

The torches on the path is just to see the path not for design. :p
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Thank you for your application!

Your hobbit hole is excellent for someone who has joined so recently. Your terrain and interiors are very good, and besides praise for your build here, I have little to say: There isn't much, judging from these pics, that I would suggest that you improve on.

To improve your chances at getting accepted generally: Stay active on the server, do jobs whenever a designer starts them up, make more themed builds and add pics of them to your app, and above all, make sure that you are polite and mature in chat.

Thanks again for applying for artist, and if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a pm or post on my profile page.


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Thanks for your application!

Same as bender I can't point out a lot right off the bat that you could still improve on that hobbit hole - it is very nice indeed! However to really prove your skills I'd like you to participate and submit another Themed Build so that you can show you're also capable of building other styles!

The one thing I can point out for your hobbit hole is already a very nit-picky and debatable one, so just my opinion: A few of the scenes in the screenshots look very empty or overly "clean" e.g. that corridor crossing with no furniture/carpet/shelf/crate whatsoever and the tables which are perfectly dished, looks like a big party is going on according to the number of plates but still it looks not so lively. It's hard to change that effectively, but maybe try to bring a bit of disorder into it, maybe try to recreate the situation when the Dawrves from the Hobbit are wildly partying ;)

Other than that, please keep going and adding new submissions!


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Head Developer
Happy Birthday Alvin!

I'm not sure what you is new in your updated version. Would be nice if you could explain a bit (would be easier for us if you follow the application format a bit more cloesely). Also most screenshot links are broken.

Looking forward to your update :D