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The Lore of the Stone of Erech


Hardcore MCME-er
Media Team
This is a story of a convocationof eagles passing over a sacred stone, The stone was a sacred stone called the Stone of Erech and was honored by many. One day, after a long day of flying, the eagles really needed the bathroom. But, These were no ordinary eagles. These were golden eagles with the power of luxury, lust, and beauty. The eagles then took a poop on the sacred stone and flew of asnothing had happened. Then one day, atour in middle earth lead by a mannamed Mandolore100 took a group of explorers of a quest to see the sacredstone. They had seen that it had beenpooped on and gazed on it with awe.Then, one explorer, that will go down in Lore, with the name of Daddlio_Estelionthen named the stone with the name of "Stone of Erech". It was later renamed when the group then spent the night bythe stone and was renamed the "Stone of Turd and Bed",

That is the store behind this sacred rock.

To be completely honest, this is all a stupid joke. Here is the picture of the chat when we came up with this


Hope you enjoyed this stupid lore story