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The MCME Awards Ceremony 2017


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Welcome to...
The MCME Awards Ceremony

The MCME awards ceremony is back again and just in time to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the server. Join us on this annual night of celebration where you can remember the good times and the bad, it’s your chance to have members recognised for what they are!

The event itself will take place on the 14th of October at 20:00 BST, but you can arrive earlier to have some fun and minigames.


You can vote using this form:
MCME Awards Ceremony Voting 2017

You only have until the 13th of October to vote so do it now!

N.B: Votes for/from banned members will not be counted.

To help spread the word, we would appreciate if you would share the link to this thread!​


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Also, can someone do a musical number like the Oscars? That would make it 10x better