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The MCME Awards Ceremony 2017


Hardcore MCME-er
There should be an award for best texturer.

Edit: although It's essentially only me and FireInferno who could be nominated. He with his MCME extras pack and I who have made more cheads than I can count (around 100 of which have been accepted. Although most of them are partially comprised of... "borrowed" textures).
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Hardcore MCME-er
Media Team
Sorry. I didn't mean to be mean. I just didn't think about your textiring work, nor Mattlego or Jacenpeter's... I'm sorry, I forgot. I guess I should also mention whoever made the models for the DA pack but I don't know who that is.
lol don't worry


Hardcore MCME-er
Due to demand we have some more awards!


You can vote using this form:
MCME Awards Ceremony Voting 2017 #2

You only have until the 13th of October so vote fast.

N.B: Votes for/from banned members will not be counted.

To help spread the word, we would appreciate if you would share the link to this thread!

Remember the ceremony is at 20:00 BST on the 14th of October at the Pelargir Theatre!