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~The MCME Summer Times~ [08/17/14]

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Opening Statement

How have you been enjoying the MCME Two Trees Summer Event? Lucky for you there are still tons of new things to do in the last few weeks here so be sure to check out the information thread HERE for all of the fun and games that will be taking place soon. There are also a bunch of project updates to be given this week as some awesome progress was made that you all should be informed of! So other then that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the MCME Summer Times.

The Two Trees Summer Event
Events This Week:

Skin Fashion Contest:
(All Week) This week has the theme of Your Country, be sure to model yourself in either stereotypical things from your home country, or even their colors! Go all out!

Uruk Hai Obstacle Challenge Course:
(Sundays) Test your endurance and strength, since real life skills transfer to your minecraft character, and race throughout Middle Earth, following the path of the Uruk Hai while struggling through a variety of different challenge.

The Great Lore Tour: (Sunday) Are you ready for the three part event of the summer? Test what you know about lore and learn facts that you never could have dreamed existed about Middle Earth. This tour will be led by almost all the guide along with some help from others in order to make it both fun, and education, at the same time!

Droog Races:
(Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays) Ever feel nostalgic for the days in which you were a Thrall/Droog? No? Thats good, cus really who wants to be a Droog again! But if you want to relive the good ol days for just a moment in the form of a race, be sure to show up for this event!

Falls of Rauros Challenge: (Tuesday) So there are boat races, there are marathons, but there is one extreme sport that hasn't been achieved in Middle Earth: Climbing!! The Falls Of Rauros Challenge determines who is the ultimate Minecraft Middle Earth Mountaineer through three short knock-out heats to the top of Tol Brandir, Falls of Rauros. Competitors will begin at the bottom of the Falls, where they will daringly ascend through unforgivable parkour cliff jumps and threatening shear drops!

Boromir Boat Races: (Tuesday) Ever wished you had the ability to take a boat for a spin around Middle-earth? Go over the falls of rauros? Take a fishing trip on the brandywine? And are you tired of getting in trouble for driving boats? Well not anymore! Run by our own ranger@@Indorilian starting 19th at 22:00 BST (GMT +1) , join the great competition of Boromir’s Boat races!

Speed Building: (Thursday) You have to be fast, you have to be precise and you have to be furious. This is the speed building contest, where boys turn into men and women grow mighty beards. You are given a small amount of time, and in that time you need to build and cooperate with your team to create the best and most architecturally advanced build you have ever done. Only the best will survive.

Annual Arda Archery Anarchy: Test your skills with a bow in this competition, do you think you have what it takes to conquer chaos and defeat your opponents? Try your luck at this competition.

Project Progress

Cair Andros (Almost Done): The Cair Andros Build Competition has ended, congratulations to @aaldim , @K1sk1BBab35 , @mattlego , @oth0116 , and @bender400 for their winning submission! It honestly looks amazing! Also well done to everyone who participated in this challenge as we all know that the final choice was not an easy one.

North Ithilien (Done):
The project is done! Thank you to everyone who helped out these past few months as I could not have done it without you. The last dead trees were added and the entire region was grassed/flowered this week so be sure to check it out by either warping to the crossroads or Henneth Annun. Just know the flower textures will be implemented soon.

South Ithilien (Done): Surprise! All of the villages were finished this week as well as the process of pasting in all of the trees, grass, and flowers. Thank you to everyone who helped out with this. However this is only the top 1/3 of Harithilien so be sure to look out for more projects in the future.

Osgiliath (In Progress):
As the city itself has been done for a while now, jobs are continuing to be run throughout the city to begin and extend the process of ruining everything in an organized fashion

Paths of the Dead (In Progress): With the new textures being implemented into the Gondor Resourcepack, we are now able to proceed with integrating both the ghostly structures and stone supports. It is turning out to be quite an innovative build so be sure to check it out!

Media of the Week

This week features the video taped tour of MCME with the infamous Jesse. Be sure to check out this video and hear what the MCME staff have to say about all the new locations and more! Luckily this video has brought us a huge influx of players so thank you Jesse!

Build of the Week

This week features the winning barracks done by @aaldim , @K1sk1BBab35 , @mattlego , @oth0116 , and @bender400. Well done guys!

Status Updates


@Arkengard was promoted to Ranger, congrats bud! Well deserved!

@oth0116 was promoted to Foreman! Welcome to Staff!

@BigJeyEm , @rwyland (ya i know i missed you a while back), and @bobingvar all resigned from Foreman recently, thanks for your help guys!

Adventure of the Week
By @Ma5terMinD

This week's adventure takes us to Fornost Erain, the Deadmen's Dike (or simply known as Fornost). It is located at the very northern end of the Greenway, the road that connects it to the whole of Middle-Earth.

Just as our previous nominee the river Anduin, the Greenway thus crosses many lands and cities. Just a few examples are Tharbad, Edoras or, at the very end, Minas Tirith. But let us come back to the start of our adventure!

If you find yourself stuck once again in the Prancing Pony enjoying the hospitality of Mister Butterbur, the innkeeper of the most famous Inn in Bree and surroundings (no advertisement intended), why not take my challenge and go for an adventure to the Deadmen's Dike! Just take the north gate and follow the Greenway for about one-hundred Numenorean miles (or about one MCME mile) until you arrive at Fornost. But hold! Let us first take a short look at the history of Fornost Erain.

Although the exact date of construction is unknown (end SA - begin TA (some say creatures of the sea have been involved in the construction)) the first inhabitants were sons and daughters of King Eärendur, King of Arnor, who died in 861 TA. His eldest son then became Amlaith of Fornost. The Fall of Fornost started when the Witch-King of Angmar rose in the East. After the Chief of the Nine and his hosts captured Weathertop, they followed the Palantir which was returned to Fornost Erain. King Arvedui forced the Witch-King but stood no chance. The hordes laid waste to the city and the Black Captain took refuge in Fornost (TA 1975).

Arvedui managed to flee with the Palantiri of Amon Sul and Annuminas but unfortunately died in the icy seas of the north and with him gone the Palantiri and Arnor were lost.

Fornost Erain is now known as Deadmen's Dike by the Bree Folk. In these days you occasionally might find Rangers prowling around the ruins of the former blooming city of Fornost Erain.
Until next time!

Let us end with a quote:
"Don't adventures ever have an end? I suppose not. Someone else always has to carry on the story." - Bilbo

Community Outreach

Path of the Fellowship
: @Finrod_Amandil has been working on mapping out the entire path of the fellowship with little footprints in the ground (you have probably seen them here and there). Here is a map if you are interested! Currently the path continues all the way past Rivendell!

Facebook Page:
Have you checked out the MCME Facebook page? It is updated almost daily and provides not only great updates on the server, but also top screenshots, builds, promotions, and more! In other words, be sure to like us HERE.

Planet Minecraft Page
: As stated before, please vote for us every day HERE. This helps draw attention and commemoration towards the server and is really appreciated by the community. So do your part and support MCME!

Times Feedback: Have a thought concerning the presentation of the MCME Times and how it can be improved? Because I am always looking for new ways to mix up and improve the Times experience through any means necessary and, if you have a comment or concern, its likely that someone else had it as well and just didnt say anything about it. So be sure to message me your thoughts on the forums.

Closing Statement

The Summer Event is continuing to go strong which is awesome! Be sure to attend as many events as possible as this is only an annual event. Otherwise stay tuned for more updates in the future and keep reading the MCME Times!

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.
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Hey, so about the skin contest, I recently decided to enter the contest, but I really dunno how to enter, can anyone help me? Do I just show up on minecraft with it, or do I have to submit pics somewhere, or what? Thanks for the help guys. :)
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