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~The MCME Summer Times~ [08/24/14]

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Opening Statement

Hello there friendly denizens of MCME. As fire is out of town this weekend I will try to make up for his absence, though I do not know if such a feat is possible. However I will do my best to bring you up to date with recent happenings and upcoming events.
Speaking of events, this weeks is the Summer Event's last, so anyone who wishes to participate but hasn't had the change to do so yet must act quickly.

The Two Trees Summer Event

Events This Week:

Skin Fashion Contest:
(All Week) This week's theme is Fancy wear. Clothe yourself in the finest garb from black tuxedo, to flaming red dress.

The Great Lore Tour:
(Sunday) Are you ready for the three part event of the summer? Test what you know about lore and learn facts that you never could have dreamed existed about Middle Earth. This tour will be led by almost all the guide along with some help from others in order to make it both fun, and education, at the same time!

Droog Races:
(Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays) Ever feel nostalgic for the days in which you were a Thrall/Droog? No? Thats good, cus really who wants to be a Droog again! But if you want to relive the good ol days for just a moment in the form of a race, be sure to show up for this event!

PVP arena Tournament Tundra: (Monday) Is your eye keen and your aim impeccable? If the answer is yes than string your bow and nock an arrow in anticipation for the Ice Tournament. There is one more thing to keep in mind though. This archery brawl to the death will be held on ice, so make sure you wear appropriate footwear!

Planetoid Survival Tour:
(Wednesday) To those of you who wanted a survival server, this is as close as you'll get in the near future. It's survival in space. You spawn in on a planet and mine it for resources,you can explore the universe in search of resources. But sometimes you might find something less desirable.

Award Ceremony: (Friday) Whether you are a competition winner, nominated for an award or just looking to have a good time, this is the place to be. The winners of the 'Two Trees Summer Event' competitions will be crowned, and we'll finally discover who is the cutest couple. Don't forget the dress code though...

Project Progress

Annuminas (New): Seal team Six is back in action and they're back on home soil, namely: 'Annuminas'. Four members of the original seal team six @Iru, @Wollip666, @Tryfor34, @taylore and one newcomer @jacenpeter (after all they will need someone who can actually build) have set their sights on rebuilding the old city.

Cair Andros (Almost Done): Things are almost wrapped up here with only the occasional road left to finish. I'm sure we'll see this project completed soon.

Dol Amroth (New):
@demonataz and @Ryanturambar have started the daunting task of building Dol Amroth. Though the project has only just started you can check out the new swathe of land that has been created for the city on the dynmap or ingame.

Harithilien (New): After finishing up Ithilien @Fireinferno13 has moved on to the south, an area called Harithilien. Currently the area has been changed into one large desert with wool markings dotted around, however before long I'm sure we can expect to see some wonderful terrain emerging.

Osgiliath (In Progress):
With some exceptions the entirety of the North-West quadrant has been ruined, and also the South-Western quadrant is showing some signs of ruin. There is still a lot left t odo though, so make sure you get in on the action!

Paths of the Dead (In Progress): As everybody now has acces to the textures used in the paths of the dead artists have been able to start work on the project.

Pelargir (New): @Ma5terMinD part 2, back with a vengeance. Not wasting any time he has started work on Pelargir, the great port of Gondor, and wonderfully symmetrical city. The main terrain features are in place and a large part of the river Sirith was dug by the hands of thralls and commoners.

Media of the Week

This week features MuddyDirt's entree in the MCME Summer Skin Competition, for it's glorious photoshop work.

Build of the Week

Wollip build this wonderfull palace concept for Annuminas. The first thing he build in a long time according to him, but it seems he hasn't lost his touch.

Status Updates


Congratulations to @oriour, @Brazen_Helm, @wheelleee and @jcw2003 on their promotion to Artist.



Adventure of the Week

I see that after last weeks adventure you've managed to drag yourself back to bree for some well earned rest in the prancing pony. Well I hope you enjoyed your travels over the Greenway, because we shall take the road once more, albeit in the opposite direction.
Unlike last week when we travelled north to the cold and desolate ruins of Fornost, this weeks adventure takes us south to the warmer but equally ruined city of Tharbad.

As soon as you leave the western bree gate take a left for our long walk south. There will be two forks in the road, choose right both times. Here we will reach some old ruins, go through the gate and follow the valley south-west. After we reach the end of the valley we reach the planes of Minhiriath. From here you can follow the road to Tharbad.

Community Outreach

Path of the Fellowship
: @Finrod_Amandil has been working on mapping out the entire path of the fellowship with little footprints in the ground (you have probably seen them here and there). Here is a map if you are interested! Currently the path continues all the way past Rivendell!

Facebook Page: Have you checked out the MCME Facebook page? It is updated almost daily and provides not only great updates on the server, but also top screenshots, builds, promotions, and more! In other words, be sure to like us HERE.

Planet Minecraft Page
: As stated before, please vote for us every day HERE. This helps draw attention and commemoration towards the server and is really appreciated by the community. So do your part and support MCME!

Times Feedback: Have a thought concerning the presentation of the MCME Times and how it can be improved? Because I am always looking for new ways to mix up and improve the Times experience through any means necessary and, if you have a comment or concern, its likely that someone else had it as well and just didnt say anything about it. So be sure to message Fire your thoughts on the forums.

Closing Statement

The Summer Event is continuing to go strong which is awesome! Be sure to attend as many events as possible as this is only an annual event. Despite all the festivities projects are being finished and new projects are popping out of the ground like mushrooms. Make sure you don't miss out on projects because you're too busy with the summer event!
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Thanks for doing this in fire's absence (laziness (where is my strikethrough)). Also, alas! I missed digging.


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I feel like we have to be close to a record for "most simultaneous major regional projects in-progress".


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Not wasting any time he has started work on Pelargir, the great port of Gondor, and wonderfully symmetrical city.
I love Pelargir, it's so beautiful because of the symmetry. I'm bothered by asymmetrical things, so Pelargir is one of my favorite locations.
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