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~The MCME Sunday Times~ [04/13/14]

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Sit back, grab your cup of morning joe, and relax to the second edition of the MCME Times. A lot of things continue to happen in Middle Earth and here is your one stop shop of learning all the ins and outs from this week. Plus, we even have a brand new logo to celebrate the second edition.


  • Minas Tirith (In Progress): With Cred back from vacation, the second floor of Minas Tirith has opened up. Be sure to check it out and keep an eye out for the public freebuild to come.​
  • Pelennor Fields (In Progress): wod has continued to make some great progress on Pelennor Fields. The screenshot above features an orchard built by fresh et al.​
  • Gondorian Villages (In Progress): rwyland, Glove, and other staff are continuing to commission villages across Northern Gondor.​
  • Osgiliath, Cair Andros, & Ithilien (On Hold): Waiting on project leaders due to real world commitments that take precedence​
~Screenshot of the Week~

This week's screenshot comes from @pheonixsang who highlighted Fornost with an HD Resourcepack:

~Status Updates~


Congratulations to @KlemensPlusLukas for achieving the rank of Artist this week!

Both @Ben92SWE (Artisan) and @Homie (Valar) resigned this week due to wanting to commit more time to real world endeavors. We wish both of them the best of luck and hope they visit again soon.
~The Community~

The infamous @ScoobyDeezy has been working on some textures for the Paths of the Dead (coming to an MCME near you) over the past few months and has made some amazing progress. Above is just a sampler of what he has produces so far.

If you are interested in developing texture resources for MCME, be sure to check out the list of priority textures found here. Dont hesitate to try as you never know how good you might be until you give it a whirl. These textures can be submitted onto Github to be incorporated into the official resourcepacks.

~Meet the Staff~
Name: @demonataz
Age (optional): 3-99

Country of Origin: England

Current Rank Held: Steward

How did you find out about MCME and when did you join?

First found out about MCME through the first project trailer on youtube, having been searching for singular builds for reference.
What was it like when you were a thrall/commoner (droog/member)? Any nostalgic moments?

It was fun and simple, with majority of jobs being desert covering, hill building and grassing (grassed the road from Tharbad to Sarn Ford alone one day, managing to use 60000 bonemeal in one week). Hours were spent in Moria learning all the nooks and crannies.
What was the first staff rank you got? Why did you apply/shoot for that rank in particular?

The first staff rank I had was architect (now known as artisan) however when I first had this rank it was not part of the staff group. So when I first started to aim for the rank it was so could build more things and be more involved with the project.
Is there any type of architecture or server job that you enjoy working on the most? Why?

The job I do most and enjoy a lot is terrain stuff. I love using voxel to create interesting and varying terrain.
What is your favorite thing about MCME?

The sheer size of the map and locations, and just generally being involved in a fun project being able to use my creative side.
Do you have any other hobbies outside of MCME (besides MC and gaming)?

I play hockey for a university team but I’m not very good so it’s just for fun.

~Closing Statement~

Hopefully you enjoyed this weeks edition better then last weeks, though I again encourage everyone to leave feedback if you can think of anything. The message of this week is to check out resource developments and keep an eye on Gondor projects as there is more to come soon. Otherwise, I thought I would end with a quote this week in spirit of creativity:

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on" -Einstein​
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Many thanks to @Glovenator for assisting me in figuring out how in the world to build something with only glass. Glov is now the foremost Minecraft expert on glass builds. :p


Hardcore MCME-er
Both @Ben92SWE and @Homie resigned this week due to wanting to commit more time to real world endeavors. We wish both of them the best of luck and hope they visit again soon.​
I would like to take a minute and thank @Brazen_Helm for his time as Artisan on MCME as he has resigned recently to real life commitments. Brazen always brought a beautiful sense of detail and style that not many could match. Good luck in your other adventures!

I would also like to dedicate a bit to @BevsForBros who resigned from Valar recently, as some of you may know, due to in real life commitments. Bevs was a valued member who not only brought an extremely high level of talent, but also a great sense of humor and personality. Bevs had been here and active longer then most members. Luckily for us, the impact of Bevs will never be lost, upheld in the beauty of sites like Rivendell, the Beacon Hills, Rauros, the Argonanth, Emyn Muil, and many others that I could list on and on about. So again, you will be missed Bevs but we wish you well in your adventures and hope you will visit sometime soon!​
I feel like there might be some prejudice here:rolleyes:

Anyway, great job on these blogs! I love the new logo:p


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Wow, I have been dying to see a screenshot of Minas Tirith from a distance like that! Also, the preparation for the Paths of the Dead is very exciting. Nice work scooby!


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For further enjoyment: http://i.imgur.com/NxQqxRE.png
Maybe pull the old "switch-aroo" @Fireinferno13
Fixed, thanks for the new screenshot glove :)
Getting better and better, the only thing you could improve is to spell Pelennor Fields correctly ;)
Fixed (damnit)
I feel like there might be some prejudice here:rolleyes:

Anyway, great job on these blogs! I love the new logo:p
I talked to Q about presenting resignations and he made the good point about not accidentally glorifying a player that has left while there are still plenty of other members of the community that dedicate the same, if not more, time to the server as a whole. Dont take my shortened comments as a lack of respect as I highly respect both players, just an adjustment in presentation. We all know the great things they have done so they dont have to be said per say.
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