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~The MCME Sunday Times~ [05/11/14]

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Hopefully you are seeing the trend at this point and realizing that, as it is Sunday, it is time for you to grab your shades and sit outside to indulge yourself in everything MCME all in one place. There are a lot of both project and community/management updates that I hope to cover with this weeks edition as I also incorporate many of the new ideas that were sent to me this week as suggestions. Anyways, it is time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the Sixth Edition of the MCME Times.


  • Minas Tirith (In Progress): We need a lot of houses still for thew White City so be sure to check out the forums post HERE. Teams are continuing to build in the Pink Palace competition to secure their build as the official citadel. Wall and gate designs are being worked on actively along with the House of Healing at the top.
  • Osgiliath (In Progress): @wodleth is cranking out the rich district of Osgiliath so be sure to continue to watch this project and offer your help when possible. The screenshot above features just one of the many great new builds.
  • Cair Andros (In Progress): @Thatruben and @freshmilkymilk are working hard on getting Cair Andros up to speed so be sure to watch this project as it is a great one!
  • Ithilien (In Progress): This project is now once again open with me as the new project leader. Currently the map has been placed on the current terrain and concepts are being drawn up so that the project itself can get going soon enough. Keep an eye on the project thread for more info.
  • Pelennor Fields (Done)
  • Gondorian Villages (Done)
~Screenshot of the Week~

This week features a screenshot by @MrScarface981 (otherwise known as Mrs Car Face 981), who took a great picture of the White City this week that does a great job of highlighting how amazing this finished project will be in the end.

~Status Updates~

None this week

Glovenator resigned from Artisan

Alekspaleks resigned from Steward

~The Community~

Due to changes in organization, MCME now has new Domains for each of the respective servers. These addresses have been listed below:
Build Server - build.mcmiddleearth.com
Freebuild Server - freebuild.mcmiddleearth.com
Teamspeak Server - ts.mcmiddleearth.com

MCME no longer uses a Whitelisting system!

Is there something you think I have been missing on the MCME Times? Be sure to send me a message on the forums if you have ideas for things that you think should be included in the next edition. This could be a new section, or simply a community highlight that you think deserves attention because unless you speak up, I wont know to add it.

@Shmattins and @BevsForBros (as well as many others) are working hard to take out the last few bugs of the Adventure Map. Keep watching THIS thread to see progress updates and how the crew is doing when it comes to getting this amazing project out the door. There will likely be an official announcement once the map is released to the MCME community and the general public.

Have you seen the Builder School? This is a great place to learn about the MCME style of building and how to improve your building style and creative output by observing simple techniques and ways of looking at a build. For more information, check out the thread HERE or do "/warp builderschool" on the freebuild server.

Lizzy (@SugarKoala ) recently updated the item texture list HERE for those interested in developing texture Resources for MCME, be sure to give it a try and submit your results on Github. Best case scenario, they get incorporated into the official MCME Resourcepacks for future use.

~Ranger Tours~

Working on this still

~Meet the Staff~

Name: Glovenator

Age (optional): 20

Country of Origin: United States

Current Rank Held: Artisan

How did you find out about MCME and when did you join?
Searched youtube for “minecraft helms deep”. Joined in mid/late september 2012.

What was it like when you were a thrall/commoner (droog/member)? Any nostalgic moments?
Don't remember too much from my 2 or so weeks of Drooghood. People were actually really nice, and i toured a lot of the server with some other droogs/members. My time as a member/commoner consisted of building fornost houses, digging rivers, and exploring the server.

What was the first staff rank you got? Why did you apply/shoot for that rank in particular?
My first rank on staff was Foreman. I’d been artist for about 8+ months, and was by then one of our more veteran artists. I wasn’t really shooting for any rank, i was content with artist (and to be honest i still miss the artist life sometimes ;P). But some amongst staff saw it fit to promote me, so then i became a Foreman :D.

Is there any type of architecture or server job that you enjoy working on the most? Why?
I really enjoy everything, it just depends on if i’m in the mood to do terrain work, or building.

What is your favorite thing about MCME?
The six figure salary i get for being on staff? Although i enjoy participating server-wise on projects, its the people that make me stay. It’s not everyday that you find people with such similar interests/passions as you in media and literature. And its that sense of community that keeps me coming back.

Do you have any other hobbies outside of MCME (besides MC and gaming)?
Beyond MC and other video games? Well, i obviously love to read. And i’m also a Rock Climbing/Ropes instructor, and have been to a few U.S. national parks for climbing (Joshua Tree is my favorite so far). And although i’m studying history at University, i count it among my hobbies as well.

~Closing Statement~

A lot of great project work has been happening the past few weeks along with some great changes on the engineering side of things. It is always good to see such great progress on the server. Be sure to keep an eye on the forums and watch for all of the great progress and what you can do to help.

"Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language." - Walt Disney​
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Just because he has resigned doesn't remove the fact that he was staff atleast. Still a pretty interesting insight c:
Griefers will still exist on plotworld regardless as to if they went through the effort to whitelist or not, either way grief reports can easily be tracked and get the griefer OBed the same as usual.


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"The six figure salary i get for being on staff"

I really gotta get promoted xD

Good post again, and I'm now spamming my friends to join the server now that the whitelist isn't used


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I don't like the idea of no whitelist. I've seen a few people already who don't know anything about the lord of the rings. Like, anything. I only like one thing about no whitelist and that's because one of my friends (you'll be seeing him soon) is too lazy to apply.


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because looking up stuff, and copying and pasting it in (which the whitelist encouraged) demonstrates significant knowledge of Tolkien's work. I understand why the whitelist was implemented, and the reasons are such that I am not sure its removal is a good idea (but I'm not the one that has to go through and whitelist people, so...) as it demonstrated at least a little more commitment to the server than typing in the IP address. We have high ranking people who have never read any of Tolkien's work.


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Bring on the Tolkien noobs..... lol
We need to teach them so much lore, and pronounciations and of course the fact that some of the iconic film moments never happened in Tolkien's Legendarium.... lol, the Rangers are going to have a handful... lol :D
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