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~The MCME Times~ [01/07/18] Project Progress

The Official MCME Times

A Busy Month Ahead!
With the Summer Here a Lot of Work is Coming Near!

Editor's Note by BWOT

Well I hope you enjoyed that little bit of rhyme in that sub-title, only took me 5 seconds of dedicated hard work. But anyway talking about work, we have a lot approaching, rp merge is going to happen this month which will spur on the completion of Belfalas and Dol Amroth and kick off a new “Job Run” orientated project on Osgiliath Vegetation. Once done with Belfalas and Dol Amorth we can finally start building in Mordor which is planned for the most part. I hope you guys enjoy what we have in stock for you and hope there will be a lot of building on MCME this month. Enjoy the two weeks until I see you again!

~ Project Progress ~
Andrast - Lead: @jacenpeter | In Progress
Report by superlolster

Jacen’s power cord broke to his computer and until further notice is unable to continue progress on Andrast.

Belfalas – Lead: @Darki/@Eriol_Eandur | In Progress
Report by Samfries_Taranoc (and Henry)

Belfalas progress is coming along speedily, with both @RubenPieterMark and @Oberanio building villages in the north of the region. The northern rivers of the region have been worked on by @NicTheFifth and @Mr_Pants2000, while @Darki has been getting all the vegetation ready for the Gondor resource pack merge. @Jonatanknalle is close to done with his village near Coldlake, @barteldvn has been running jobs to finish streams, and @Mr_Pants2000 has finished the bottom of the river for Coldlake.

Dol Amroth – Lead: @Thijs1801 In Progress

Report by superlolster

Again, not a lot has been going on in Dol Amroth recently with Thijs having exams, however, work in the palace is still hopping along and derp fixing in the houses and sewers is soon coming to a close. Hopefully Dol Amroth will be finishing up soon :D

Moria – Lead: @Despot666 In progress

Report by Henry

@Napoleon0605 and @NicTheFifth have been hard at work down in the dreaded Mines of Moria. The waterworks are about 50% finished, and look quite beautiful. Additionally, the Undersquare of Central Dwelling has been started. Additionally, there have been rumors of @Thomasd19 actually doing some work, but they as of yet have not been confirmed by reliable sources. We do need some support down here as there is much to do and few people to do it.

~ Texture Development ~
Report by BWOT

Gondor RP merge

I started checking all block replacements but I didn’t get far before I noticed another major problem with the block replacement plugin. It didn’t work for quite a lot of special blocks like all dispensers. Changing a block to a dispenser requires an additional block update one server tick later. This is usually no problem but when you try to do that with billions of blocks…. Well my first try freezed the devserver instantly. It took me some more work reorganized the additional block updates but now it seems to work fine and I can get back on checking the block replacements.

32 RP
Gondor 32 rp has made no progress but the Mordor 32 rp is flying away as all textures for Mordor are being created first in 32.

Mordor RP
Almost all terrain blocks are allocated one 32 px texture, so that is really all that is needed to start Terrain in Mordor. From there we can create more textures for each block so it gives a more varied and interesting look.

~ Plug-in Development ~
Report by Eriol

Discord Integration for Tours
No news here.

Minigames Plugin - Race Game Boost Items
No news here

Role Playing Game - The Shire
No news here

Badges and Roles in Chat
I spent a bit of time to improve the visual experience with roles and badges in the server thread. You can now point your mouse cursor at roles, player names and badges and will get a hover text with some additional information about roles, statistics and badges of that player. Badges are now displayed by just a tilde ‘~’ behind a player name. Details about which badges the player holds are in the hover text.

Perks Plugin
No news here

Quest Plugin
Dallen came back out of the jungle of real life and picked up his work on a quest plugin. He aims to create small quests at the main map:
“Quests will be composed of tasks and backstory and require that players visit different locations, solve mazes, gather items, or other simple tasks. NPCs will be interactable characters that can both award, complete, and help players with quests. … Players can opt into questing, in which case they will see NPCs and will not be able to warp or fly. When done questing (they need to do some other work) their location will be recorded and when they return they can start again from the same location.” - Dallen

Feature of the Week - Do you already know...

The Armor Stand Editor?

It gives you full control of an armor stand. You can rotate arms, legs, head and body, place items in hand, make it small and invisible.

The complete manual is at the forum resources: >>Armor Stand Editor Manual<<

It is great to add some people to your Themed-build plot but invisible armor stands are even better. For example, you can place a fish in the hand of an armor stand, rotate the arm so that the fish seems to lay on a kitchen table and then make the armor stand invisible. You can do that with ALL items.
You can even use the Armor Stand Editor to edit item blocks which are basically armor stands with a block-like item set for helmet item. To interact with an item block you need to unlock it first using /armor l and clicking at it. Sometimes a bit hard to find the invisible item block, just remember the visible part is the helmet of the armor stand. Editing item blocks can be used to make windows in between blocks for example:

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