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~The MCME Times~ [03/06/18] Announcements

~ General Announcements ~

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Hey guys! As usual we need donations to keep the server running, so please help out if you can!
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Become a Donor
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~ Rank Updates ~
Report by Super

Artist Julius_the_Great: Julius is back again after quite a while, we are very glad to see him back on MCME ready to build once again :)promotion

Guide Aaria: To many peoples dismay one of our resident female guides Aria has decided to step down from Guide due to real life issues, we hope to see her come back soon as she will be greatly missed by the community <3 resignation

~ Interviews ~

Now as it will become a custom we have two interviews; the “First Impressions Interview” and the “Meet the Regulars Interview”. LegoCellist will be interviewing a new adventurer about their experience on MCME.I (superlolster), will be interviewing our regular. Our regular in this edition is one of our newer developers yea it is……@TotiGonzales
Interview with @TotiGonzales

Question 1: How did you find MCME?
It's kind of a weird story. I was playing skyblock on another server with a friend and we got more and more into building LotR related stuff. We started with a hobbit hole and eventually got to building Erebor. Thing was that our plan for Erebor was way too big for two guys to build in survival mode so we asked some mod if we could use the schematics mod to help with that and he said yes. So we did and we got banned for that XD. We couldn't appeal our bans as we couldn't remember who allowed us to use the mod so all our work ( sth like 6 months worth of it) was gone. This friend of mine (@paulkad) knew about MCME for some time and got me to join after our skyblock adventure was over.

Superlolster: Well that’s just an extra way of finding the server :p

Question 2: What was your experience like as an Adventurer?
It was short but I enjoyed it. Was really pleasantly surprised how friendly everyone was. Like from the moment I joined. I remember telling paulkad that I really want to be a part of this :D. I was then so active that I got commoner within a week. (Probably not that impressive but I was proud)

Superlolster: Commoner within a week is very impressive Toti :p

Question 3: What made you want to become a Commoner?
It kinda happened. When I got promoted I didn’t even understand the hierarchy on MCME so I wasn’t really sure what that meant.

Question 4: What is your favorite thing about being a Commoner?
Well by the time I became a commoner I had already talked to the heads of the server about redirecting the servers social media so being able to check on that ring intro on the freebuild world was kinda nice. Plus blue chat color is just the best!

Question 5: Where is your favorite place on MCME?
That would be Dol Amroth. I know it’s laggy but I’m fortunate to have a machine powerful enough to handle that. It’s just the pinnacle of 10 years worth of building and rp making experience so that’s why I like it.

Superlolster: You spelt Lag Amroth wrong.

Question 6: Who is your favorite character in LOTR or the Hobbit?
That has to be Balin. When I read the books I already thought he was a pretty cool dude but the way Peter Jackson imagined him in the Hobbit made him even cooler.

First Impressions Interview
By LegoCellist

Here is another interview with a new player to gain their perspective on the server, a very important aspect that is too often overlooked. This edition's interviewee is @felics47. Y'all enjoy!

Question 1: How did you find the server?
I was talking to my husband about how cool I think it would be to try to create Middle Earth on Minecraft. (What an original idea! ;D) He told me there are people who have done that already. I knew they had created certain places in Middle Earth, but I didn't know they'd created the whole thing. He showed me a youtube video of someone taking a tour on Minecraft with people who had built it. Then I followed links listed in the video, and proceeded to geek out over it all, haha.

Question 2: What were your impressions of the community on the server when you first joined?
I wasn't sure what to expect, except that they mean serious business, both in building Tolkein's world and in creating an organized community with rules. That impression was strengthened when I found that I had to take a quiz before I could enter Middle Earth. Of course the other people who were on the server were quite relaxed. A guide very quickly welcomed me and told me I could ask questions if I had them. Later another guide invited me to play hide and seek with an adventurer. XD But I was very content to follow Frodo's footprints and relive his journey. In Moria an artist offered to give me a tour! That was awesome, though rushed, haha. My overall impression is that most of the people on the server are serious nerds in the best of ways. My kind of people, haha. Every once in a while there's someone who says inappropriate things, and that's my biggest complaint. But the community in general seems pretty cool.

Question 3: What was your impression of our finished projects; Minas Tirith and the Shire?
The Shire is adorable. I love the colors and textures, and the details that were added to homes and farms. I was surprised that there weren't more hobbit holes--there were a lot more regular houses than I expected, at least in the areas that I saw. And I was also surprised by how close the little communities are, and how many there are. The Shire was delightful. I was also impressed by the details along Frodo's trail. I was thrilled to see mushrooms, for example, and I could see exactly what was going on when the footprints led off the road and into a little nook hidden under a tree. As for Minas Tirith, it will take a good long time to explore, which makes me wonder how many hours/days/weeks/months/years? were spent building it. I got to see a good chunk of it, though I'm sure it's really a very small percentage of it, in the youtube video I mentioned. So I know that it was built from the bedrock up, and that it was built as high as it could possibly go within Minecraft limitations. I know that each building and home is actually decorated and furnished. I know that there's a plumbing system, except on the ground level because they couldn't dig any deeper. The amount of detail is truly mind boggling. And it's beautiful, too! I appreciated that they made the walls partially black to make it reflect the description in the book more accurately than the movie did. And of course the white tree is on top, and the court is stunning . . . it's all amazing.

Question 4: What was your impression of our current projects such as Dol Amroth, Moria and technically Mordor?
I expected to be most floored by Rivendell and Lothlorien, and they were beautiful, but my mind was more blown by Moria, even though it's not finished yet. It is MASSIVE, and probably more detailed than anything else I've seen at this point. The columns are huge, the floors and ceilings are extensively decorated, there are MURALS of dwarf history and whatnot, there are forges, equipment, gold, gems, and lots of tools and things that I didn't know were possible to create in Minecraft. And of course there are the decaying staircases and other recognizable landmarks of the Fellowship's trail. I related to Gimli's appreciation for what can be built underground more today than at any other time, haha. Dol Amroth is not a city I know much about, but now that I've looked at it I'd say it's one of my favorite places. Again, the detail!!! They made it look like people actually live there, with clotheslines and everything, haha! And again, the colors and textures made it a true work of art. It's amazing what people can create. The ships were really impressive as well, and of course the attention to detail in the story--I saw at least 3 signal fires, I think. My impression of it is not enough, you just have to go and see it. Even the dirt and grass were somehow made beautiful. Mordor is pretty barren at this point--much more barren than it's supposed to be, I mean, haha. It's very much in the planning stages from what I could see. However, it's actually really cool to see part of the process and how the designers/builders organize themselves and what they will use for an area. There was also a fell beast up the air--dang!!! That was awesome.

Question 5: So overall what was your impression of MCME?
My overall impression of MCME . . . WOW. Haha. I very much admire the people who created it--they are crazy in a very cool way, haha. And I really appreciate that they're willing to share their masterpiece with everyone. I'm excited to see the finished product--assuming it will ever truly be finished! What an undertaking!! I hope to continue to see details added, especially along Frodo's trail--things like "here's where Elrond healed Frodo" and "here's where the feast was held and where Bilbo recited his poetry," and things like that. Most of it is already there, but I think even more could be added. But the list of requests might never end for people who love the world and the story that Tolkein created!

LegoCellist: Evidently we need more guidebooks @Arkengarde :p

Thank you again @felics47!

~ Winners of “The Week” ~

So we got some good ones as always. Make sure you show some special recognition towards the winners of the week! They’ve presented exemplary displays of our server’s creative potential! Give a hand to these winners!

This edition, The honour of Media of the week goes to @walka_walka1

Simply stunning! The perspective and contrast between the lights and the sky is impeccable. Sorry I'm getting too artsy. Great job Walka!

So in this edition of the times there were two themebuilds however the recent themebuild [name] has only been running for three days so I (super) have decided to choose two from the Troll’s Cave themebuild as people had an extended period of time to work on it.

So our first winner is @LilNayNay, their cave was amazing and the interior is great, you should go check it out to see it all :)

Our second winner is *drumroll* @Earritino111, the exterior and interior of their cave was awesome and y’all should go check it out!

By LegoCellist

This week’s featured build goes to @_Lord_Of_Squids_ for his impressive ‘Squid Town’. It is a small Dol Amroth inspired town including several domestic and commercial sections, a park, a mine, and several other things you will just have to find on your own. Or you could ask him for a tour of it, as he is typically very willing to do.

~ Upcoming ~

Themed Build
Theme: Ilmarin
Resource Pack: /rp 2
Duration: 1 week
Link: #19/18 - Ilmarin

~ Lore of the Week ~
Burned Dwarves
The great battle of Azanulbziar took place in T.A. 2779. It ended the great war of the dwarves on the orcs of the Misty mountains. Not only the dwarves of the House of Durin but also great forces sent from the Houses of other Fathers fought there because of the dishonour Azog did to Thrór, the heir of the Eldest of their race.
After Dáin Ironfoot slew Azog right in front of the East Gate of Moria and the battle was won, the dwarves found their hands too small to hold their victory. The forces of the other houses left, as Moria wasn’t their home and in the depths Durin’s Bane still lurked. Thus they did not reclaim Moria.
Almost half of the dwarves who fought in the battle were killed or lethally wounded.
Dwarves always laid their dead in tombs of stone not in earth. With so many dead and far from their homes they had no way to do so. Thus they made many pyres and burned the bodies of the fallen dwarves. They felled all trees in the valley around Mirrormere, which remained bare ever after.
It was grievous to them not to bury their dead properly, but those who fell in Azanulbizar were honoured in memory and to this day a Dwarf will say proudly of one of his sires: ‘he was a burned Dwarf.’

~ More Media ~

Howdy folks, just want to let you guys know that we do have multiple platforms that represent MCME. One of those being Twitter! If you have an account, make sure to follow MinecraftMiddleEarth (@MCMiddleEarth) | Twitter for some additional content revolving around the community!

For those of you without Twitter, fear not!!! We are also represented on Facebook! Like us here: https://www.facebook.com/mcmeproject/

Now, make sure you give us a diamond on Planet Minecraft! The more popular this thing is, the more help we receive :)Minecraft Middle Earth Minecraft Server

~ Advertisements ~
Building is one of the fundamental parts of Minecraft Middle Earth, and it is done by the the amazing Artists on the server. Many times we are asked how can I build and we have an answer for you: Become an Artist! Working on all the new projects with Designers and Foremen while furthering your building skills in this community is something all Artists get to take part in!
Does this sound like something that you would like to do? You can apply for Artist/ today on the forums! The Designers and current Artists will work with you and help you on your journey.

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~ Closing Statement ~

You’ve made it once again… This time, however, I have a surprise for you lot :) There have been some crazy developments on MCME lately - Some good, some bad. So, to balance out the craziness with something fun, I’ve attached a little teaser below. Great things are in the near future!
In other news, I ask everyone to remain calm and collected over the next few weeks as your MCME related gaming returns back to normal. There are always going to be new developments on MCME and the best thing for it is to just keep mature, poised, and carry on as you normally would :)

Thank you all for reading!

Here’s a word from J.R.R. to end us off:
“All have their worth and each contributes to the worth of the others.”

The Official MCME Times
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