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~The MCME Times~ [03/12/17] Announcements


Hardcore MCME-er
~ Rank Updates ~
Howdy folks! Arkengard here with some rank updates. It’s been awhile since our last edition of The Times, so this section will be a little bit longer than it usually is! Make sure you congratulate all of our newest promotions!

Mandolore100: I would like to introduce to you all the newest admin on MCME! I believe he’s been mentioned in previous times, but I would like to reiterate that here. Mando has been promoted to Head Guide on the server. This takes many of the guide-specific responsibilities away from Dyno and better aids in the guide management process! Give Mando a congrats if you haven’t already! Not every day we get another admin....

BWOT: The new Chief Editor of The Times, BWOT, has recently been promoted from Foreman to Designer! You know what that means! Stop asking him for jobs and let him sit in AFK in peace! Jokes aside, BWOT has done an amazing amount of work on the revisal of The Times and deserves a big congrats!

Jesia: One of our most recent promotions is Jesia, from Artist to Designer. Jesia creates some of the best halls in Moria and I implore you to check them out! Congrats to Jesia on your new string of responsibilities!

Arkengard: That’s right folks! I’m back in the Guide cult. After a two year hiatus, I’m happy to say I’ve found my way back to MCME and have earned back my position amongst the guides. If you have any queries or questions, I’m always more than happy to answer! :)

Miiil: Give a warm welcome back to your friendliest enforcer! They too took a hiatus from MCME but I think we can all agree we’re happy to have Miiil back and keeping the streets thug-free! Congratulate Miiil whenever you get the chance!

Dav3ck: Dave was promoted to foreman for a short while but due to personal concerns has stepped down from the position. We’ll miss having your tasks to keep us all busy and look forward to your continued presence on MCME!

~ Interviews ~

In these new editions, we are going to introduce an interview section. The member interviewed has to be commoner+ and will be chosen “randomly.” We hope you glean some inspiration from these and maybe even get to know some of your fellow members better!

Foreman: @barteldvn
Question 1: How did you find MCME?

I found MCME back in June of 2014. I learned of its existence through a video I saw (I can't remember which though)

Question 2: What was your experience like as a droog?

It was scary at first... The community felt much more different in 2014 than it does now. Nevertheless, I was amazed by the creations the server had at the time. I got commoner in a month and 1 year and 3 months later I was artist . To be fair I was still kind of a droog even as artist because I had no idea what to do... (I resigned 1 month after being accepted.)

Question 3: What made you want to become a foreman?

Well after I applied and got accepted (the second time) in april this year, I felt that I could help out more by running jobs. Remembering how helpless I felt as a commoner and how I wasn’t able to build made me think it'd be a good way to help adventurers and commoners to potentially become the future artists on MCME.

Question 4: What is your favorite thing about being foreman?

Well I don't think I've really got one favourite thing about being foreman... But if I'd have to choose I'd probably say gaining experience much faster and being trusted on projects more than when I was artist. That being said I still have a lot to learn and sometimes it'd be better to trust some artists more than me.

Question 5: Where is your favorite place on MCME?

I'd have to say Andrast (when it will be finished). Seeing what Jacen and Matt have achieved over there is just amazing. Also loving the new textures they're (or were) working on. Even when you hear Jacen talk about the terrain you can see how much effort he puts in it.

Question 6: Who is your favorite character in LOTR or the Hobbit?

Well I last read the books about 6 years ago... I've been trying to remember by the help of TI's audiobook readings, but I do miss them fairly often so my memory of the story is pretty bad. But from what I can remember, Tom Bombadil is a pretty interesting.

Special thanks to Bart for giving a great interview! Look out for other community members in later editions of The Times! character and I do have a book with some songs and tales about him so if I had to choose I'd choose him.

~ Winners of “The Week” ~
Congratulations to these two. They did a great job and I hope you congratulate them and vote for commoner if they are not already.


Introducing Media of the Week! Our first winner of this category is @Daumer with their breath-taking screenshot of Halifirien and a beacon along the White Mountains.

The image doesn’t show any missing chunks and excellently captures the beauty of the world without too much additional flair! Good job Daumer! :) For those attempting to win Media of the Week, simply upload screenshots containing anything appropriately pertinent to MCME. If it is entertaining, interesting, or simply beautiful, it may have a chance at winning Media of the Week! Good luck! And congrats again to @Daumer!


This weeks Theme-Build of the Week goes to one of our favorite commoner, @Darktemplier66! Give him a huge round of applause for his beautiful recreation of the tower Mindo Eldalieva!

screenshot by @Merlinc01 on 12/3/2017

This skyscraper has intricate detail from top to bottom and even contains a stairway all the way up. Check it out and be sure to always design the best theme build you can for a chance to win Theme-Build of the Week!

~ Upcoming ~
MineCraft Update
If you haven’t seen this already, here is Finrod’s summary of the supposed updates coming out soon:

“Snapshot 17w47b: So, I fired up a debug world, displaying all possible blockstates, and compared it with the debug world of 1.12.2 and found some interesting things most youtube videos did not cover:

- It may now be possible to get the snowed Grass, snowed Dirt, snowed Coarse Dirt and snowed Podzol block without actual snow on top.
- The NOTEBLOCK now uses blockstates instead of NBT data. The noteblock now has 3 tags: note = [0 .. 24], instrument = {harp, base drum, snare, hat, bass, flute, bell, guitar, chime, xylophone}, powered = {true, false}, this yields 25 * 10 * 2 = 500, or 499 additional full blocks.
- Half beds for all bed types should now be accessible
- It may now be possible to get stable corner stairs without any other stairs connecting to them.
- 5 new pairs of slabs and 5 new sets of buttons and most importantly 5 complete new sets of trapdoors
- MUSHROOM_BLOCKS: The tags have been changed. Now there are three blocks, red_mushroom_block, brown_mushroom_block and mushroom_stem. Each of them has 6 true/false tags which yields a total of 3 * (2^6) = 192, or 166 new full blocks.
- Mob heads (Skeleton, Wither skeleton, zombie, steve, creeper, dragon) now each have an own ID, but it may not change anything for us.”

Themed Build
Theme: Dome of Stars

Resource Pack: Gondor

Duration: A few more days! It looks like the next theme build is going to be The Cottage of Lost Play so be prepared for that!

MCME Audiobook
The Audiobook, hosted by @TI_020601 is taking place regularly on Saturday evenings, 8:20pm GMT, unless announced otherwise in this thread: The New Audio Book

~ Lore of the Week ~
Bard the Bowman
Character in the Hobbit
Bard or Bard the Bowman also known as Bard the First, was a man of Laketown, slayer of the Dragon, Smaug, and founder, first king of the New Kingdom of Dale. He was succeeded as King of Dale by his son, Bain.

In TA 2941, when Smaug emerged from the Lonely Mountain and attacked Laketown, Bard, as captain of a company of town archers, was encouraging the archers and urging the town Master to order them to fight to the last arrow. Bard fired his Black Arrow and struck the hollow by Smaug's left breast and the dragon fell from the sky, landing on Laketown and destroying it.

He rebuilt the ruined town and in TA 2944, he became King of Dale. Bard maintained good relations with the Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain and trade flowed freely up and down the River Running. People came to settle in Dale from miles around and the land that had been withered by Smaug became bountiful once more.


Region of the Shire
A rural, fertile, and slightly warmer area of the Shire, the Southfarthing is the site of the towns Gamwich (original home of the Gamgee family), Cotton, and Longbottom, and much of the Pipe-weed production

The Southfarthing was also the source of the Old Winyards wine. It was also the home of the Sackville-Baggins and thus was the first area in the Shire to fall under the control of Lotho Sackville-Baggins, during the War of the Ring at the end of the Third Age

~ More Media ~

screenshot by @Miiil on 11/28/2017

screenshot by @barteldvn on 10/08/2017

screenshot by @Merlinc on 10/18/2017

screenshot by @mattlego on 10/08/2017

screenshot by @Lindolas on 10/07/2017

screenshot by @Smaug_Niphredli on 11/21/2017

~ Advertisements ~

Why did you start playing Minecraft in the first place? Was it to build? Yes?! Well then, we might just have an offer for you! The Artist rank is the backbone of the community. They are able to build in the main map of MCME. They do many jobs and projects and they get to leave their print in the main map. You are probably wondering… how do I get this position. Well in brief: you have to be commoner, you have to submit an application on the forums and you have to be a good builder who knows our style.

A Word from BWOT (Designer): I thought I was a good builder before I came to MCME. However I have never been so wrong. MCME has taught me so many new skills. Being an artist was one of the best experiences I had. It's the position where you really learn most and where you get the most experience.

Want to leave your mark on MCME in a blocky way? Apply for artist on the forums today!

If you have any questions about becoming and being an Artist, then please ask any designer, we are 50% of the time willing to listen to you ;) , and any current Artist.


Are you looking for a rank where you don’t have to be good at building? Do you love the lore of Middle-earth? Yes?! Then it sounds like Guide is the rank for YOU! The Guide rank is responsible for helping new players, running tours, games, and organising events. What’s in it for you? Not only are you privileged with being apart of the most important group on the server, you hone your communication and organisational skills daily!

A Word from Smaug (Enforcer): When I was first promoted to a Guide, I didn't always feel confident talking to people, but now I have worked with many people from around the world and I feel much more confident with communicating!

Want to leave your mark on MCME in a unique way? Apply for guide on the forums today!

If you have any questions about becoming and being a Guide, then please ask the Head Guide @mandolore100 or any current Guides.

~ Closing Statement ~
Thank you for reading this edition of The MCME Times! We hope you enjoyed and we appreciate any feedback to make The Times truly worth the read!

A closing thought for this edition: Remember! MCME is a game and every game’s primary purpose is to create an environment to which people will want to return. Find joy in helping to create that environment on MCME so that you may enjoy such an environment yourself!

And with that, I’d like to end with a Tolkien quote for you all to ponder till our next edition of The Times is released!

“It may be the part of a friend

to rebuke a friend’s folly.”

The Official MCME Times


Goodbye and enjoy the week.

. .

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Hardcore MCME-er
Can you move both MCME Times 3/12/17 Project Progress and Announcements to the Development Section. There are two threads as this Times went way over the 2000 word limit.