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~The MCME Times~ [08/04/18] Announcements


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~ General Announcements ~

Become a Donor

Hey guys! As usual we need donations to keep the server running, so please help out if you can!
Community Costs | Minecraft Middle Earth

Looking for experienced builders to revamp Builder School

BWOT here looking for experienced builders, so that I can form a team with the objective of revamping the builder school. It is going to work with a program which will be released soon by the staff team. Contact Liz or Super if you are interested!

Keralis Video Release / Spring Events

The long-awaited Keralis video is coming out today! Yes today! At 5pm BST! So everyone get ready for the spring events to begin!
There will be some jobs and tours by the designers, foremen and guides so everyone better be excited :p!
Here are the links to the two videos:

The official MCME intro video

Calling all foreman and (mainly) designers! We need you! We need all you designers and foreman out there, who are willing to not be lazy, to build a Dol Amroth styled street at /warp ringintro. This will be used for the introduction for all the MCME related videos released by us. So please if you can build a house there, do it! Also a note to artists, no need to fear BWOT needs you too but he will Pm you personally if he needs you to work there :D

Forum post:The official MCME ring intro video

~ Interviews ~

Now as it will become a custom we have two interviews; the “First Impressions Interview” and the “Meet the Regulars Interview”. LegoCellist will be interviewing a new adventurer about their experience on MCME. But on this edition of the Times, I (superlolster), will be interviewing our regular. Our regular this edition is the one, the only, deadpool, or used to be deadpool, he seems to change his skin a lot, @mapthor.

Interview with @mapthor

Question 1: How did you find MCME?
I was watching The Two Towers one time and I thought to myself, how would the world of Tolkien look in Minecraft? So I looked up Minecraft Lord of the Rings and I found some downloadable worlds. Tried them out, weren’t fun, then I started looking at servers and I found MCME. Then, it all started.

Question 2: What was your experience like as an Adventurer?
My experience as an adventurer was.... interesting to say the least. When I first joined, I got a tour of Paths of the Dead to The Stone of Erech from Mando, which was fun. As time when on, I got on the server daily to do Moria ruining jobs, because that’s all there was to do. I started to met people who were active on the server like Lindolas and Gary_Baggins, who joined around the same time as me, and we just traveled around the world of Middle-Earth.

Question 3: What made you want to become a Guide?
I wanted to become guide because there wasn’t really anything to do once I got commoner, except freebuild. I can’t build for the life of me so artist was out of the question. Guide was the only thing left to do. Also, I was friends with a few of the guides at the time when I applied so that was another reason.

Superlolster: Haha those days when we were all commoners.

Question 4: What is your favorite thing about being a Guide?
Favorite thing about being a guide is that the guides are the funniest people I’ve ever met. I love doing guide things like making the guidebook and planning things, but the humor that comes from the group is the best part. When we have guide meetings, we get our agenda done, but for the first 30 minutes of the meeting, we just joke around and have fun. That is my favorite part about being a guide.

Superlolster: Personally I think I’m the funniest person you have ever met, but let’s agree to disagree on this one.

Question 5: Where is your favorite place on MCME?
My favorite location on MCME is Bree. I don’t know what it is about Bree, I just really like it. Of course it’s outdated, but it’s still nice to walk through.

Question 6: Who is your favorite character in LOTR or the Hobbit?
Legolas. I don’t know if it’s just Orlando Bloom playing the character, but he is really cool in my opinion.

Superlolster: I think it’s just Orlando Bloom to be honest :p.

First Impressions Interview

Here is this week's “First Impressions Interview”, presented by BWOT and LegoCellist. This week's interviewee is leaving us for a short time, but hopes to be back soon. Introducing... @Doc_Squid! Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions!

Question 1: How did you find the server?
I found the server back when Jesse Cox made his first video on the server, when Old Moria was a thing. That was maybe 5 or 6 years ago, I don't remember really. But I remember vividly squealing in delight during class(I was watching the video against the rules) and rushing home to play the server, but being so bad and dumb with computers, I couldn't understand anything about it so I didn't join for years, even after I realized what "TS" was and how to get resource packs a few years later.

Question 2: What were your impressions of the community on the server when you first joined?
My first impressions were a mixed bag. I didn't exactly get the biggest welcome wagon, I don't really even remember getting welcomed at all. And me being the surprisingly shy person I can be, didn't say much until Arkengerd started talking to me and showing me around. But I stayed purely for the first 30 seconds because I wanted to see Middle-Earth and I wanted to see what the server had to offer. I've had great times on servers that didn't have the best welcoming committee.

Question 3: What was your impression of our finished projects; Minas Tirith and the Shire?
As someone that's only spent a small handful of times in Minas Tirith, I don't have much to say apart from that it's very big and it's very pretty. I personally enjoy other builds more like the Glittering Caves with the lights and what's been done so far with Moria. Minas Tirith is, to me at least, one of those builds were you see it once or twice and all the luster goes away. It's majestical, and grand, and huge, but it's just a large city to me. I personally like walking around and exploring the Shire a lot more. It's calmer, feels more peaceful, and has more nostalgia behind it. Just turn on "Concerning Hobbits" and take a stroll around Bag End. It's quite relaxing.

Question 4: What was your impression of our current projects such as Dol Amroth, Moria and technically Mordor?
Dol Amroth for some reason reminds me of those Assassin's Creed maps. I was parkouring around the rooftops like crazy and it was highly amusing. But it's just another Gondorian city visually to me. Mordor? I have no opinion until I see the finished product. I do however want to see the Black Gate and really want it to look more... Hellish. Whenever I read Return of the King, I always imagined the landscape of Mordor to be broken and black, full of fire and magma, like you had truly just walked into Hell itself. And Moria? It's my favorite place in the game. The feeling you get when you explore the forgotten depths of its caverns and when Ark and I went to find its untouched treasure room? Maybe it's because I'm a bit of a Dwarf fanboy but nothing beats Moria. Until Erebor is finished maybe. But we'll see. I'm still waiting to see if someone's gonna make an unruined Moria without the wear and tear and show the greatest stronghold of the Dwarves in its full glory.

Question 5: So overall what was your impression of MCME?
I think the server is perfectly fine. The exploration aspect is amazing, just wander off the beaten path and go explore the wilds without a map if you're bored. However, I do have one issue with the server, and it's with that I don't feel like it's very... friendly player-wise. The player-base, especially people in the ranking system seem to be very cold and unwilling to communicate or work with those of lesser rank. People are too comfortable with their little cliqs and groups. And it's really upsetting because all these new players join up, and it seems to be difficult for them to make friends or to talk to anyone on the server. Maybe it's just because I am also just a lowly adventurer still, but I always make sure to try and talk to new players and to make sure that they have someone that they can talk to. Another issue is how broken the voting system is. I'm 21 years old, been on here for a month, done my damnedest to help out every new player I meet, even through Discord messages, and still, a 10 year old child that can hardly spell, vomits at the mere mention of the word "love", and causes unironic chaos on public chat still manages to rank up even though they joined after I did. It's just disheartening.

Thank you again @Doc_Squid!

~ Winners of “The Week” ~

So we got some good ones as always. Make sure you show some special recognition towards the winners of the week! They’ve presented exemplary displays of our server’s creative potential! Give a hand to these winners!

This time, the Media of the Week award goes to… *pause for dramatic effect* @BWOT. Yes, BWOT actually used shaders :O. But in all seriousness, this is a beautiful picture, we are all impressed :p.

So in this edition of the times, there won’t be a theme-build winner for the current theme, as currently the theme-build is orthanc, which is a project build and will not be done until after this edition comes out, so I (super) decided to go on the hunt for a slightly older theme-build that hasn’t got any recognition, so this weeks theme-build of the week goes to…*drumroll*...@slamoria, his brownlands theme-build from January was amazing, so congrats moria, you did a great job! Also, kudos to you on that terrain work, that would have killed me :p

Here is Moria’s video of him building it:

This week’s feature freebuild is make by our beloved Lorax @Greenleaf and our amazing french eye of Sauron @slaMoria, yes moria you won two things with week well done!, they built and are still building an awesome town so great job u guys!

~ Upcoming ~

Themed Build

Theme: Orthanc
Resource Pack: Rohan
Duration: Project Build: 3 weeks
Link: #13/18 - [Project Build] Orthanc

MCME Audiobook

The Audiobook, hosted by @TI_020601 is taking a break as TI has now completed reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and refuses to read the Silmarillion as it is “too boring” therefore the Audiobook will not continue on Saturdays unless announced otherwise in this thread: The New Audio Book.

~ Lore of the Week ~


They thought they were challenging me when I was given the topic of shoes to write about, however I instantly knew there was something to write about. All hobbits never wear shoes, right? Wrong! There are cases when hobbits do wear shoes. There are three types of Hobbits and one of these are called the Stoors. The Stoors are in a way similar to Dwarves, they have beards and they look more like them. When it is very muddy these types of hobbits will wear dwarf boots which is a type of boot (shoe) that dwarves wear.

~ Breaking News from Middle-earth ~


A new species has been discovered in the forests of Ossiriand encroaching on the territory of the Laiquendi.

“This was completely unexpected!” enthused discoverer Finrod Felagund, better known as the ruler of Nargothrond despite his reputation as an amateur explorer and musician. “I was wandering around the springs of Thalos and saw fires, and had to go check it out because usually no one around here is stupid enough to light fires. And bam, what do you know, there they were!”

According to Felagund, the new species appears bipedal in stature and patriarchal in structure. Its members exhibit most semblances of sentience, including the use of clothing to signify rank, the ingenuity to make anything into weapons, and enough avarice to clout one another over the head for a bit of well-polished rock.

“And an appreciation of music, which really cinches it,” Felagund said. “So even if they don’t look much like us, they act like us! I’m calling them the Atani.”

Atani, plural of the Quenya Atan, means “Second People,” and in the Eldarin scheme of creation, signifies that Felagund’s new species are being hailed as children of Eru beneath only the Elves themselves. Felagund’s Khazad neighbors are alleged to have sent several politely-worded inquiries inquiring as to their own rank in this schema, and how it might affect trade with Nargothrond.

“Not that we’re complaining about being the children of Mahal, you understand,” a Khazad spokesdwarf offered, on severe condition of anonymity. “But if these new buggers can claim better prices for whatever it is that they’re coming around selling, we want to know.”

Little progress has been made determining what Felagund’s Atani are doing in Ossiriand, but Felagund himself remains optimistic.

“Music is supposed to be the one true language, right?” he said. “So there’s hope yet. I mean, they liked mine!”

Felagund played the Atani his renditions of the Noldor’s Greatest Hits, minus the Noldolantë, while seated around their campfire.

Written by RaisinCaiin and saliache for the ‘Tater’, Beleriands finest news source!

~ More Media ~

Howdy folks, just want to let you guys know that we do have multiple platforms that represent MCME. One of those being Twitter! If you have an account, make sure to follow MinecraftMiddleEarth (@MCMiddleEarth) | Twitter for some additional content revolving around the community!

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The Official MCME Times

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Not our fault he had a nice screenshot, u should've sent map your screenshots so he could've seen them ha.
Usually you guys would choose from the screenshot thread. Do you mean to say that we now have to submit our screenshots to you for them to be nominated for the competition?


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Media Team
Usually you guys would choose from the screenshot thread. Do you mean to say that we now have to submit our screenshots to you for them to be nominated for the competition?
Not really. For the past 2 Times, I’ve picked them from discord because that was the easiest place to find them. From now on, I’ll expand my search


Hardcore MCME-er
Not really. For the past 2 Times, I’ve picked them from discord because that was the easiest place to find them. From now on, I’ll expand my search
Yeah that'd be far more fair. Most people upload their screenshots to the screenshot thread and some upload them in the media section. Only a few people share their screenies on Discord and there they're rather easily missed anyways. And then there are those who usually share their screenies on third party sites like reddit, imgur or the minecraft forum.