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~The MCME Times~ #09/17 - My First Edition


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Opening statement

Greetings, now I bet you're all thinking where's Finrod? Well, he is taking a break from writing The Times for the next few weeks, or months, or even years. For now, @_Luk and myself will be writing it instead and we will be taking it in turns and alternating every week. In addition, The Times will now be published every week instead of every two weeks. So, I hope you enjoy my first edition of The MCME Times!​

Project Progress

Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @jacenpeter

Jacen has been doing more voxelling now he is more active again and @mattlego has been helping him quite a bit. matt has been making a beautiful river at the moment that goes down to the sea.
Belfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @Thijs1801

@Lindolas has continued smoothing terrain in North Belfalas for Eriol, now he has been promoted to artist, and more plots have been completed there. Lindo has also had much help from robz there as well doing the smoothing.
Dol Amroth (In Progress) - Lead: @Eaglz24

This week in Dol Amroth, many concepts have been built, however the team have now decided on a style! All outdated concepts have been removed and the houses that now remain there represent the quality and style for Dol Amroth. Foremen have temporarily got the ability to get temp designer to learn how to build the new style.
Lamedon (On Hold) - Lead: @_Luk

No changes this week for it is on hold.
Mordor Terrain (In Progress) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz

Planning progress has been made.
Moria (In Progress) - Lead: @Despot666

Over the past week there has been a lot of jobs. All these jobs have mainly been in Ivan's hall (m4), which is now completely finished and in the Chamber of Light, where houses have started to be ruined. Unfortunately, no progress has been made in Fire's or Bender's hall but hopefully progress will continue on them soon. Despot has been doing some voxelling in parts of Moria, but not much else has been done from him. Patrick has been helping by building some storage rooms and workshops, next to the arrow storage (now finished) and he has also constructed a temple.
- Thanks to Reporter @TI_020601 for providing information.
Tolfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz

Planning progress has been made.
Valley of Erui (In Progress) - Lead: @Mandos

The only progress this week has been Mandos building a lump of stone marking the battle of the Erui.

Texture Development

The new Gondor RP is being worked on all the time at the moment and it should be completed very soon!

Unfortunately, with the resignation of Bender, the Mordor pack has been put on hold until somebody offers to continue with it.
Plugin Development

Animation Plugin (Testing in progress) - Dev: @Ivan1pl

No news this week.
Custom inventories / itemblocks (In progress) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur

Breaking News: The Custom inventories and itemblocks should be implemented by the end of the week! Finrod has been working on adding more itemblocks and renaming all of them so the names make sense to players. Testing and implementing should be happening very soon...
Block analyse / replace / switch Plugin (Testing in progress) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur

No news this week.
Rank Updates

This week, we have had a couple of promotions to Artist. Congratulations to @Commandotrigger and @ryttyr, who are now in their new colour!

After a trial tour, interview, and discussion @Gary_Baggins has finally been promoted to Guide. The only thing why I said he shouldn't be promoted is because he can't calculate the Shire Reckoning from the Gondor Reckoning. Seriously, why should somebody be promoted if they can't do that? Congratulations Gary!

Unfortunately, we now have to see the resignation of @bender400 from Designer because of life. However, before he goes, he has said that he will finish his hall on Moria. We all hope to see you back again soon.​

Media of the week

This week my favourite screenshot is of Minas Tirith reflecting in the water by @the_pharaohs_cat

Tolkien Reading Day

On Saturday evening, we all got together for a while to celebrate Tolkien Reading Day. As this years theme was 'Poems and Songs,' we had readings from the Lay of Leithian, Sindarin verses, and various poems. As for the song part, I read out some of Finrod's Sindarin song lyrics that he wrote by himself, and @Daddlio did some amazing singing! Here is a short recording of him singing:


WANTED: Short stories!
@mapthor has been making a Bookstore in Bree with stories written by you in it. If you want another one of your stories in the store, then please write your story down and message it to Finrod! The length is pretty irrelevant, all it has to be is authentic. That especially means:
- No items that would not exist in Middle-earth.
- No MCME player names.
- No conflicts with the known storylines.​

Themed Build
Theme: Noirinan
Resource Pack: Gondor
MCME Audiobook
The Audiobook, hosted by @TI_020601 is taking place regularly on Saturday evenings, 8pm BST, unless announced otherwise in this thread: The New Audio Book
Minecraft 1.12 News
There are several exciting things coming to Minecraft 1.12, which you will be able to check out in the new snapshot being released within the next week. In my opinion, the most exciting thing is the new mob, the parrot! There will be 4 different types of parrot and they are tameable. Other things announced are custom crafting recipes, custom achievement trees, and advancements. I still can't understand what 'advancements' are so check out this video to see if you can.
This is just a reminder to say that British Summer Time (BST) has now started, therefore, we will now be using BST times instead of GMT times.
Closing statement

I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.
-Saul Bass
. .

Like our Planetminecraft page daily to help promoting MCME!​
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The Times will now be published every week instead of every week.
Now THATS an improvement!! :D
The only thing why I said he shouldn't be promoted is because he can't calculate the Shire Reckoning from the Gondor Reckoning. Seriously, why should somebody be promoted if they can't do that?
Gladly there is a website that does that for u: Shire Reckoning: A visualization of the calendars described in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings Appendix D

And why did nobody tell me that the mic was cracking, i could have easly moved back from it, but i thought i would be too quiet o_O xD


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Thanks for shouting out the store and the length of the story has to be al least 15 pages longs (minecraft book) and the max is 50 pages.


Great work on your first edition of The Times SmaugJuice! (Maybe I should add a news fedora to your skin instead of a bowler hat eh?). Whilst I have nothing against Finrod's writing of The Times it is always interesting to get a fresh view on things from time to time. It makes me glad to see The Times return to being a weekly paper but how are you two going to find news to fill it with each week? I suppose we'll see next week when it is Luk's turn to write.