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~The MCME Times~ [09/21/14]

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Opening Statement

Some cool stuff has been happening this week, a lot of it has been set up for the big projects to come like Dol Amroth and Annúminas. It's all in here so sit down, relax and learn all about this weeks happenings.

Project Progress

Harithilien Part 3 (In Progress): The Haudh in Gwanûr competition is finally over and @KlemensPlusLukas has won, find out more here. There is still a lot of terrain work to be done though so expect more jobs in Harithilien.

Misty Mountains (In Progress): Section 1 of 26 of section 1 of 8 is done... so... YAY! Only 25 more to go to finish the first section, and then that'll just have to be repeated 8 times. In all seriousness though, a lot of progress has been made and I can't wait to see the entirety of the Misty Mountains revamped, even if it takes 2 years. Which it might.

Rivendell Revamp (Almost Done): Only a few more trees. That's it really. Hmmmm, but it's so empty if there isn't any more text. Oh well, this should do nicely.

Dol Amroth (In Progress): The mountains around the city are done and so is the terrain for the city it self. One special thing to notice are some of the cool islands just south west of the cities location. They can be seen in the screenshot above and are defnintely worth checking out. Good job Wodleth.

Osgiliath (In Progress): The build contest is still going strong. Registration is closed so you're too late if you haven't signed up yet. Best of luck to all contestants.

Pelargir (In Progress): Not much progress here unfortunately. Some downtime in the pelargir project.

Annúminas (In Progress): All the terrain has been finished and an outer wall is taking shape. It's well under way to becoming a very cool city. Wollip had even decided to, in the name of patriotism, leave a large Australian flag. In good fashion I have manufacture a Dutch flag to spite him.

Media of the Week

The Dimrill Dale, featured in last weeks mcme times under project progress, captured in a stunning manner by@MrScarface981.

Build of the Week

The winning build in the Haudh in Gwanûr competition. More screenshots of the interior can be found here, but you could also check it out ingame.

Status Updates




Meet the Staff

Name: MaDIIReD
Age: 20
Country: The Netherlands
Current rank held: Enforcer

How did you find out about MCME and when did you join?
Like many others I first discovered MCME through Jesse Cox's "Outside the Blocks" series. Halfway through the video I decided to join the server and three hours later I was in. This was the 22nd of July 2011.

What was it like when you were a thrall/commoner (droog/member)? Any nostalgic moments?
When I first logged on there was a Moria tour going on, but I couldn't join as the 50 slot ventrillo server was full. I was then teleported to Caras Galadhon (or the hill that would later become CG) to help dig the trench surrounding it.
I spent a while digging the trench and when we were done I remember going to bree to build my very own house on the server. There were many free plots and after visiting the Ikea(building where one could get blocks to build with) I started building on the first one I liked. Unbeknowst to me this was a plot for member housing. My beautiful neoclassical hovel was brutally destroyed and I had to find a new plot in the slums. This is where I met @Malkizid as these slum houses fit three people. Deadantelope also helped build the house, as he was one of few with a magic carpet.
Other than that very memorable first day there are lots of memories of desert covering, terrain fixing, hill sloping and gathering on Weathertop to strike NPC's with lightning hoping they would go on a murderous rampage. Good times.

What was your first staff rank? Why did you apply/shoot for this rank in particular?
The first staff rank I held was the noble rank of Officer. I did apply for this rank rank in late 2011 as well, along with many other people but unfortunately I didn't make the cut. I decided that I could still help out by looking for grief, so I did. A few months later there was an overhaul and Voxel and WE permissions were removed from the Officer rank. This didn't sit well with a lot of Officers so many of them switched ranks or left altogether. In need of new officers mirimo looked for suitable candidates, and found me doing a lot of 'grief-searching'. That is how I became an officer in February 2012.

Is there any type of architecture or server job that you enjoy working on the most? Why?
I really enjoy working on Dwarven architecture. I just think it's really cool to see these entire cities/fortresses underground. For some reason it's very captivating.

What is your favourite thing about MCME?
My favourite thing about MCME is that I get to play games with all sorts of people from all over the world. It might seem a bit cheesy but that is just how it is. I joined this server because I thought the builds looked pretty cool, but if it hadn't been for the conversations I had during desert covering or the crazy things that happen every now and then I would have been out of here a week later.

Do you have any other hobbies outside of MCME (besides MC and gaming)?
Yes, but not really any specific ones. My interests change quite quickly. Things I have done/have been doing for a long time are:
  • Piano
  • Swimming
  • Reading
  • Writing
But outside of that I can be super interested in something for a week and then just drop it. I really liked programming Minecraft Plugins for a while, I have a base guitar that's been gathering dust for about a year now. I've got a half finished set of Middle Earth miniatures that you paint and then fight with.

Community Outreach

Path of the Fellowship
: @Finrod_Amandil has been working on mapping out the entire path of the fellowship with little footprints in the ground (you have probably seen them here and there). Here is a map if you are interested! Currently the path continues all the way past Rivendell!

Facebook Page: Have you checked out the MCME Facebook page? It is updated almost daily and provides not only great updates on the server, but also top screenshots, builds, promotions, and more! In other words, be sure to like us HERE.

Planet Minecraft Page:
As stated before, please vote for us every day HERE. This helps draw attention and commemoration towards the server and is really appreciated by the community. So do your part and support MCME!

Times Feedback:
Have a thought concerning the presentation of the MCME Times and how it can be improved? Because I am always looking for new ways to mix up and improve the Times experience through any means necessary and, if you have a comment or concern, its likely that someone else had it as well and just didnt say anything about it. So be sure to message me your thoughts on the forums.

Closing Statement
And there we go. Quite some lovely Vistas have been added to our map this week, and they look spectecular. Unfortunately I had to do a Meet the Staff segment on myself this week, as the document that has them all stored has turned inaccessible... wonderful! Oh well, not to worry. I'll just extort the staff to have them answer the questions again.

I shall leave you with this profound quote.
It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.
-André Gide
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I think it was Haudh in Gwanûr.

I'm really impressed with all of the progress we're making, as even though it's not much, it's little progress in a lot of a projects.


Starting Adventurer
well done MaD you were my inspiration to the server.

keep going on with what your doing. hope the server never fails. just give ma a ring if u need hep.
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