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~The MCME Times~ [11/02/18] Project Progress


Hardcore MCME-er

The Official MCME Times

The Month Of Change
Starting the month of February with a very grand edition of The Times. Read up and get to know what changes we have in store!

Editor's Note by BWOT

Well I didn’t have so much help on this edition as last week so sorry for the delay. However, I did have Finrod and Eriol contributing on some parts so thanks a lot to you guys. I would also like to thank Unicode who wrote a part as a trial editor and I would like to congratulate him to the Times team. Another group who I should thank is the photography team who did a superb job as always. We haven’t introduced any new sections, however go to the General Announcements sections and see what was discussed in the Staff Meeting and how it will affect you. Hope you enjoy!

There has also been an update to the server: Build server update Feb 11, 2018

~ Project Progress ~

Andrast - Lead: @jacenpeter | In Progress
Report by BWOT

A little bit of work near the cape has been done, however not much else.

Belfalas - Lead: @Darki | In Progress
Report by Eriol

Most terrain work in Belfalas is halted as I’m busy with the palace in Dol Amroth. @DarkTempliers66 is steadily smoothing terrain near Algodan. We need more smoothers, get a plot with Eriol and learn to become a top terrain smoother of MCME!

@Darki and @RubenPieterMark are working on trees (look at treebuild progress update) in preparation of the Belfalas vegetation project.

Dol Amroth - Lead: @Thijs1801 | In Progress
Report by BWOT

Royal Town is WIP but the end is near. Thanks for all the help from the amazing purple, light blue legions and the rest of the community. The Dol Amroth Theatre has been started and will hopefully be quickly built up so that New Town will be able to be re-started. Sewers have made no progress since last time and no progress on the farms has been seen. Eriol is continuing to work on the Palace.

Mordor Terrain - Lead: TBD | In Progress
Report by BWOT

Some small progress done by BWOT but not much as textures are in the making.

The Noman Lands and Dagorlad - Lead: @TBD | In Progress
Report by BWOT

No progress has been made these last two weeks.

Moria - Lead: @Despot | In Progress
Report by BWOT

Concepts for the Central Dwelling are near to completion however I (BWOT) want to finish Royal Town before starting and planning the build day at this massive sub-project, however with help from everyone it should be completed quickly. There has also been more work near the forge and then some more around Fire and Ivan’s halls. Besides that not much else.

Tolfalas- Lead: TBD | In Progress
Report by BWOT

No progress has been made these last two weeks.

Tree Build - Lead: @RubenPieterMark | In Progress
Report by BWOT

We finished some rows of firs and spruces (mainly worked on Nordmann fir, grand fir and Greek fir. I also finished the concepts for the Belfalas conifers. Lastly I revamped a couple of trees I did at the beginning of this project (some yews and junipers) and I added a few cypresses.

~ Texture Development ~
Report by Finrod

I am currently working very hard on merging the old Gondor pack (/rp g) and the new Gondor pack (/rp 2) together so that we can have one Gondor pack for entire Gondor. As there are a vast amount of differences between the packs and many challenges are contained within this merge the planning does take a fair bit of time, to make sure that it also works the way it's supposed to. If you want to learn more about this, please check out this post here: Gondor RP Update Thread [v2.4].

In order to not distract my focus too much I won’t be looking into the Mordor RP while working on this. As this change is needed to complete Gondor it has the priority. But I am making great progress and am looking forward to switch to the development of the Mordor RP right after finishing the merge.

~ Plug-in Development ~
Report by Eriol

MCME-Perks Plugin

New perks plugin testing is finished. The plugins now awaits installation at the build server. Perks are small thank-you gifts to players who support the server. The plugins features the following perks though maybe not all will be available at MCME.

Personal Horse
/perk horse [color] [pattern]

Gives you a horse to ride on. Without arguments it will have a random color and pattern.
Possible colors are: white, black, brown, chestnut, creamy, dark_brown, gray
Possible patterns are: none, black_dots, white, white_dots, whitefield

Set yourself on Fire
/perk fire [duration]

You want to be Denethor II.? Set yourself on fire for [duration] seconds.

Colored Name Tag
The name above your head is displayed in a special color.

Wizard Light
/perk light [intensity]

Conjures a magic light that follows the line of sight of a player. Distance of the light can be controlled by right and left clicking with the perk item specified in the configuration.

I only this week noticed that it requires optifine. Working on a fix for unmodded clients.

Sitting on Blocks
Allows you to sit on all blocks just by right-clicking with a ghast tear. Press left SHIFT to get up.

Ring of Power
/perk ring

Right-clicking with the Ring of Power in hand will make you invisible but also experience the downsides of such a powerful item. A second right-click ends the effect.

Speed Boost
/perk speed

Right-clicking with the Boots of Speed in hand will increase your walking speed. A second right click ends the effect.

Jumping Boost
/perk jump

Right-clicking with the perk item in hand will increase your jumping height greatly. A second right click ends the effect.

Jockey Players
Right-clicking at another player with a leash in hand will make you riding that player. Press left SHIFT to get up.

Elytra Flight
/perk elytra

This perk allows to equip and use elytra item. If you also have Firework perk you’ll be able to use rocketed elytra flight.

/perk firework

This perk allows to use firework.

MCME-Architect plugin

Some derps with door placements were reported to me. Will be fixed with next Architect update. Fixes are already done and tested on devserver.

Additionally the next Architect update will enable you to switch on / off redstone torches by right-clicking with a stick in hand.

If you have suggestions please post them at the forum Plugin Status.
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