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~The MCME Times~ [11/03/18] Project Progress


Hardcore MCME-er

The Official MCME Times

Happy Mother’s Day To All (except America)!
Spring is coming right around the corner so get your shorts and hat on!

Editor's Note by BWOT

A bit of progress has passed this week however I think we are in a bit of a stagnation period at the moment. We do not have as many Designers on in this period of time, which I want to stress: Designers are the core to MCME life, the more planners and staff on then the more lively everything seems and this just builds on itself. Artists are the core building force for sure but without guidance not much progress is made. Hopefully this instructor program will prepare more people to be able to take a bigger role on the server; as one of the most important factors which can be practised constantly is building skills. I hope we will have more activity in the coming weeks.

~ Project Progress ~

Andrast - Lead: @jacenpeter | In Progress
Report by BWOT

A lot of planning is going on behind the scenes so expect a lot of progress real soon.

Belfalas – Lead: @Darki In Progress
Report by Pants

Not much progress here. @Wraith_Knight made some great fields around Marda Calderon. I built an aqueduct to supply Dol Amroth with fresh water from the hills of Belfalas.

Dol Amroth – Lead: @Thijs1801 In Progress
Report by Pants

After a second build day in New Town: with the fields (and some roads) just out of the town finished. Some houses were completed and but more are still WIP! It is still open for building, so artists go ahead and do some work over there!

The Palace has made some progress just as the Military district. And don’t worry because the sewers will start really ‘soon’.

Mordor Terrain - Lead: @BWOT + @Eriol_Eandur | In Progress
Report by Pants

No progress has been made these last two weeks.

The Noman Lands and Dagorlad – Lead: TBD In Progress
Report by Pants

No progress has been made these last two weeks.

Moria – Lead: @Despot In progress
Report by Pants

With the Central Dwelling Build Day completed and @dav3ck and his team winning the Central Dwelling Centerpiece Contest, there has not been much progress since in the deep halls of Moria.

Tolfalas - Lead: TBD In Progress
Report by Pants

No progress has been made these last two weeks.

Ship Build - Lead: @BWOT | In Progress
Report by Pants and Super

Wow, check out this awesome warp and maybe do some building as well!
There has been some progress with @didi45 finishing another ship, expect awesome builds to come!

Tree Build - Lead: @RubenPieterMark | In Progress
Report by Super

No progress has been made these last two weeks

~ Texture Development ~
Report by Finrod

Gondor RP merge
In the past two weeks I have started giving the block replacer plugin some tests and Eriol worked on some improvements regarding reliability and performance. Additionally, q has updated the development server that we have so that it is an exact copy of the build server Although outdated by about two weeks by now already, it will allow us to test the very fundamental changes to the map there. That way we can predict how long the actual replacing will take, and maybe notice some flaws in my plans without screwing over the main map.

Lastly I have started implementing the changes to the new Gondor pack that are necessary to accomodate all of the old Gondor RP. I intend to be done with that today, and will then give the few block replacements a try that need to be done in Dol Amroth to change from Gondor v2.3 to v2.4. If everything works nicely I will then see how I can coordinate it that I can have q back up the server, release the v.2.4 version of the RP and do the replacements in DA so that we can take that small step up without having to take a large break while the changes are being implemented.

Once that’s done, we are getting very close to merging the old Gondor RP with the new one!

To get the latest infos about this process, check out this thread: Gondor RP Update Thread [v2.4]

Minecraft 1.13 news
This week Minecraft has released no less than four snapshots, 18w10a through 18w10d! The snapshots of course all revolve around the changes to the oceans, as the update will be called the Update Aquatic. There’s colorful fishes swimming around now, new underwater ruins, ocean biomes, and as of the last snapshot, coral reefs.

In terms of new blocks we have five new coral blocks and five dead coral blocks. The coral blocks turn into their respective dead coral blocks when not touching any water, so we have to see how flexibly we can use the former five. Then there’s five additional underwater plants, but they only exist in submerged state and would be hard to reasonably use on land.

There are theoretically a ton of new blockstates, such as submerged versions of all stairs, slabs, fences, trapdoors and many more, but they all contain a water source block which means it’d flood stuff around it if not blocked somehow, makes a splash noise when moved into it, and so on, so I would not really reckon with us being able to use them in other ways than their intended use underwater.

1.13. Will fundamentally change how blocks are represented. While its nice that we will get a lot of new blocks it will cause the devs both of our custom plugins as well as of all external plugins (like our grief protection or voxel) a lot of headaches, or at least most likely a lot of work to update these plugins. So don’t reckon with us updating too soon after the update rolls out! But I predict that 1.13. will make behind-the-scenes work easier as many changes really improve the consistency of how blocks are represented, which is a very nasty thing in 1.12.2.

~ Plug-in Development ~
Report by Eriol

MCME-Perks Plugin
No progress.

MCME-ChunkAnalysis plugin
This plugin will be used for the great RP merging. It is made to replace blocks in huge areas like all of Gondor or even the entire map. During Finrod’s test for he merging some performance issues and minor bugs were found, which should be fixed now. Testing is going on.

LINK TO THE ANNOUNCEMENTS: ~The MCME Times~ [11/03/18] Announcements
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