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~The MCME Times~ #11/17

How hard is the Easter Egg Hunt?

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    Votes: 8 18.2%
  • The same as last year

    Votes: 3 6.8%
  • Harder than last year

    Votes: 17 38.6%
  • Impossible!

    Votes: 16 36.4%

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Opening statement

Happy Easter everyone! Welcome to this week's edition of The Times. We are sorry about that there wasn't an edition last week for I was on holiday and had awful Internet connection and Luk was busy. Also, I am sorry that this week's is a little late as I got carried away by the Egg Hunt. I would also like to announce that MaDReD will be joining The Times team and he will be writing some of them in the weeks to come. Now, let's jump into the news for the past two weeks...​

Project Progress

Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @jacenpeter

@mattlego has been doing work along the coastline and has completed some things there and Jacen has been working on a geological map that looks amazing:

Belfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @Thijs1801

Eriol has made only a little amount of progress on the terrain near Dol Amroth, however, Lindolas and Robz have been working on smoothing the terrain near Linhir.
Dol Amroth (In Progress) - Lead: @Eaglz24

Last weekend we had the Dol Amroth build day where over 50 houses were built. Each one of them look amazing on the outside, however none of the houses have interiors yet. Eaglz stayed up all day for the build day except for when he fell asleep at his computer... But the rest of the Dol Amroth team were there to lead the day. More stunning houses have been put up since then in Patrick's trial job and just whenever someone wants to build a house. Finrod has also built his first house in two years there and it looks great. Keep up the good work!

Now, after writing this, I have been informed that all the poor housing is done and the university and houses around it have been started. Eaglz as also been setting up plotbuilds for Adventures/Commoners to build any time.
Lamedon (On Hold) - Lead: @_Luk

No changes this week for it is on hold.
Mordor Terrain (In Progress) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz

No news this week.
Moria (In Progress) - Lead: @Despot666

Work in Moria has been slowly continuing and unfortunately not too much has been completed yet, but things are being built. Artists are building halls in the eastern part which will mainly be storages and workshops. The progress of the central dwelling hall has come to a halt as Despot hasn't had the time to finish it, however the hospital and the military grounds are now taking a nice shape. Despot has done some voxelling in the cave system surrounding the Chamber of Light while more jobs are being done there to get the houses ruined. Beat has started to finish the top of the central area of CoL.
Tolfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz

No news this week.
Valley of Erui (Finished) - Lead: @Mandos

I am happy to announce that the Valley of Erui is now finished! Well done to @Mandos for leading the project and to everyone else who helped him. We are now one step closer to finishing Gondor!
Texture Development

@SKy_the_Thunder has been updating his banner pack that can be found here.
Plugin Development

Animation Plugin (Testing in progress) - Dev: @Ivan1pl

No changes this week.
Custom inventories / itemblocks (In progress) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur

Eriol and Finrod have been working on trying to reduce the lag of the new blocks in Dol Amroth and working on vertical slabs.​
Block analyse / replace / switch Plugin (Testing in progress) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur

No news this week.
Architect Plugin (Implemented) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur

Eriol has been updating the architect plugin to give us some extra features, such as a block picker, so if you click a block with flint, it well pick it for you, which allows you to pick new itemblocks. If you click an item with a stick, then it will change the data value which can be used for eating cake, filling cauldrons, growing crops, etc. And there is a sign changer, where if you click a sign with a stick, you change individual words and format it to add colours.
Rank Updates

Congratulations to @Robz, @simonhornay and @ryttyr on being promoted to Artist. May you bring many builds to MCME!

Also, well done to @Patrick_0901 on being promoted to Foreman. Have fun running jobs for all the Droogs and Commoners.​

Media of the week

This screenshot of Andrast by @jacenpeter really caught my eye this week. I showed it to a friend of mine and he said that he thought it was 'real' and not minecraft. That's how good it is.

Easter Egg Hunt 2017

The Easter Egg Hunt has returned! This year it is harder than ever before, or is it? Answer your view on the poll at the top. To help me do the hunt, I have made a large 9x21 cell spreadsheet, which does help for if you ae struggling. Be warned: there are fake eggs! However, the winner gets a beautiful puzzle of Imloth Melui. Find out more information and how to participate here.​


WANTED: Short stories!
@mapthor has been making a Bookstore in Bree with stories written by you in it. If you want another one of your stories in the store, then please write your story down and message it to Finrod! The length is pretty irrelevant, all it has to be is authentic. That especially means:
- No items that would not exist in Middle-earth.
- No MCME player names.
- No conflicts with the known storylines.​

Themed Build
Theme: [Project Build] Fortress of Maedhros
Resource Pack: Gondor
Duration: 3 Weeks
Thread: Click Here
MCME Audiobook
The Audiobook, hosted by @TI_020601 is taking place regularly on Saturday evenings, 8:20pm BST, unless announced otherwise in this thread: The New Audio Book
Minecraft 1.12 News
This week, bug fixes have been announced, fences and torches can now attach to stairs, which will be good for building, and coloured beds. However, there is something special about the new beds, they are bouncy!
Closing statement

So, I hope that you have enjoyed this week's edition and now it is time for me to get back to egg hunting...

Just because my path is different, it doesn't mean I'm lost.
- Unknown

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Um... I got accepted as artist meny weeks ago and has already been featured in The Times.


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Quick more elaborate explanation what's going on with the new RP and the lag in Dol Amroth:

Even though we have made a stress test to ensure performance with many of these new special itemblocks loaded at the same time it seems that we have underestimated the number of them being used in DA. For this reason we are now trying to reduce the amount of itemblocks, by moving all blocks that have been used more often to more normal blockstates. This will include all roof tiles, all new slabs, the clotheslines and some of the additional thin walls / trapdoors.

Additionally, Eriol is working on many further improvements on the new inventory, such as you being able to pickblock the more special blocks. Any bugs or suggestions you can voice in Eriol's dev thread he linked above.


Quick more elaborate explanation what's going on with the new RP and the lag in Dol Amroth:

Additionally, Eriol is working on many further improvements on the new inventory, such as you being able to pickblock the more special blocks. Any bugs or suggestions you can voice in Eriol's dev thread he linked above.
That's pretty cool.