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~The MCME Times~ #12/15 - Breaking News: Pelargir Dome Contest!


hon. Head Designer
Opening Statement

In advance: I'm really sorry for that this week's Times is thoroughly occupied with Moria stuff, but I hope all of you are as hyped and excited for New Moria as I was the last four months we were already planning on it. And remember the most important thing: We want to give every single one of you the best possibilities to bring in your ideas into Moria, and later you all shall too be able to help with the construction as much as possible.
And beside all of that, I wish all of those who take notice of it a happy easter and good luck with finding all the eggs, whether it is in your house or on the MCME server ;-)
And as last quick announcement: The winning entries and ranking of the Short Story Contest had to be postponed to next week as the judges were not available.

Pelargir Dome Contest announced. Be the one who can call himself the proud builder of the House of the Faithful! More information and registration for the contest >>here<<.


Project Progress

Mountains of Moria (/warp Durins Tower | /warp Redhorn Gate)

Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz
One section at a time Tyranystrasz is voxelling along the shores of Gondor. Definetely again a major improvement of another bit of Middle-Earth terrain; even more as this is a pretty unknown region, you should go check it out: /warp Andrast.

Anfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @DSESGH
Many of you may not have noticed that, but Anfalas aka Langstrand has started already quite some time ago, with some conceptual terrain made by @wodleth. Check that out with /warp Langstrand! The new gondorian desert beside it is just waiting to look as beautiful as that area.

Annúminas (On Hold) - Lead: @Will_em

As we have so many projects going on at the moment, this has a major influence on all the projects. In the future we rather want to have less projects running but with more people involved each. Thus it was decided, that we shall lay this project aside for the time being.
However before that decision was made, some very notable progress has happened here, best you check out yourself all the new houses and gardens and so on!

Calembel (In Progress) - Lead: @Ivan1pl

Calembel is nearing completion! All houses on the Freebuild have been taken. Some of them still need fixing (watch out for orange wool!), and as soon as they're pasted into the city, all left to do is a few roads and trees!

Dol Amroth (In Progress) - Lead: @Demonataz
The contest winners have been chosen and the according plot been pasted! Again congratulations to the workers of Plot 5 aka Imrahil's Building Army!
@Fireinferno13 has also tuned in to this project and has kicked off the construction of the palace of Dol Amroth on Plotworld. All the winners of the contest have been invited to help on this task.
Furthermore some market stalls are now hovering above the city, for every city shall have its own vivid and colorful market square.

Lebennin (In Progress) - Lead: @otho
Lebennin is looking so beautiful, if I'd live in Middle-Earth, it'd probably would be this region. Only some roads are now left to do. Use /warp Linhir if you want to visit it.

Misty Mountains (Part 1 Finished) - Lead: @Finrod_Amandil
The first big part, the Mountains of Moria, have been finished this week, but that does not mean that this project ends now... The next part will start in the near future, however Moria will have priority and thus the Mountains may not make that good progress then.

Moria (New) - Lead: @Despot666 & @Finrod_Amandil

Firstly we want to thank everyone for the ideas that were already submitted, that's exactly what we need now! In the next few days the ideas will be carefully looked through, and we'll see where we can implement them, or answer the questions that have been brought up.
Behind the scenes Despot is currently digging the first halls and corridors into the massive stone world we have got for Moria. Furthermore caves are being voxelled and first steps with the WIP resource pack are made.

Pelargir (
In Progress) - Lead: @Credoo
Quite a bit of progress in Pelargir last week. The harbor has been started on the eastern side of the city. The fortress is still being worked on, exterior is almost complete. You will also see some progress on the western bank. A court has been built and construction has been started on an Arena. If you want to help out you can build a boat or a house on plotworld. You can also join one of the many jobs that are run by @kisos to either make houses, roads or work on the harbor. If that's not challenging enough for you there will be a contest for the house of the Faithful (Elendili - elven friends) more info on that will follow. Keep an eye on the Pelargir thread for updates.
- Credoo

Shire Trees (In Progress) - Lead: @kisos

This week trees were sprouting in the north of the Shire, around the village Greenfields and the Aldham Fields. Take a look at the dynmap sometime, there you can easily see where the vegetation has already been redone, I'd say the progress bar is already very close to the 50%!

Public Projects:

Agar and Udul (In Progress) - Lead: @Mandos
Udul is only a very small step away from it's completion! Only a few fields need to be done now.

Bandit / Traveler Camps (In Progress) - Lead: @PINT00
- no progress this week -

Ethring (In Progress) - Lead: @AWOL777
Another project that is just about to get finished! All houses have been built, but some roads to them are missing yet.

Lothlórien Vegetation (In Progress) - Lead: @yourie98
- no progress this week -

Current Plotworld Jobs and Projects:

Status Updates

It's always nice to see when a new player devotes as much time and passion towards ranking up as King_Much has done in the last weeks. Everyone who puts in so much effort truly deserves the rank of Artist. Congratulations king, and welcome to the Purple Legion!


This Week's Highlights
Build of the Week

@Eriol_Eandur, @King_Much, @PINT00, @Volcrest and @r0b1n96 are the winners of the Dol Amroth Military District Contest! No doubt that this creation is worth called "Build of the week"!

Dol Amroth Military District (/warp Dol Amroth)

Media of the Week

Starting off with another set of contributions by @Glovr: This week he created two shots of Durins Tower aswell as some more from Gondor's capital Osgiliath. For the sake of Moria I'll present you Durins Tower; (and yes, it'll be connected with Moria!).
Glovrs thread can be found >>here<<.

Durin's Tower (/warp Durins Tower)

Secondly, along with me finishing the Mountains of Moria, I took a couple screenies there, e.g. this one here of the West Gate of Moria:

Moria West Gate (/warp Moria West Gate)

There's more in my >>media album<<.

This week's ThemedBuild
"Tower of Ecthelion"
>>TB thread<<


Community Outreach

MCME Easter Egg Hunt: @DSESGH, with some support by me and @Arkengard organised a fun game for this year's easter: Throughout the map are 10 easter eggs hidden, how you can find them you'll find out by reading >>this<<. The event will be going for another week until Sunday, 12th april

Scheduled Tours: Our guides are running scheduled tours every week on Saturdays at 9pm GMT. So if you look out for a tour and never managed to catch a guide to give you one, this is the date you gotta go on the server.

LotR Audiobook:
We listen to the Lord of the Rings, read by Phil Dragash, while visiting the places the story plays on our server, and sometimes even reenact the events. The next session has yet to be announced. The fun is hosted and sponsored by @Credoo.

Times Feedback:
Have a thought concerning the presentation of the MCME Times and how it can be improved? Because we are always looking for new ways to mix up and improve the Times experience through any means necessary and, if you have a comment or concern, it's likely that someone else had it as well and just didn't say anything about it. So be sure to message @Finrod_Amandil your thoughts through a PM or directly in this thread.

~ ~~
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Closing Statement
As you have heard, I had the incredibly great pleasure to enjoy the Fellowship of the Ring movie with live music (~200 people orchestra and choir); inspired by that and inspired by the notable progress that is happening right now, aswell as the changes that will come in the near future, I give you the introduction quote of the first LotR movie:

I amar prestar aen, han mathon ne nen, han mathon ne chae a han noston ned 'wilith.
'The world is changed; I can feel it in the water, I can feel it in the earth, I can smell it in the air.'
- Galadriel
And, as replacement for the missing edhellen mi ennorath, I give you the link to the list of all elvish, and other foreign tongue quotes of the movies, in case you ever wondered, or need something to brag with ;-)
>>Elvish Dialog List by Ryszard Derdzinski<<
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Hardcore MCME-er
I could look at pics of those mountains all day. Fills me with a yearning to delve deep (but not too deep), and perhaps pick up blacksmithing as a hobby. My mind with be running through dark and abandoned tunnels in my sleep.
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