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~The MCME Times~ #12/17



Opening statement

This week's edition of the MCME Times is brought to you by none other than me, MaD. Now I know what you're thinking: "What year is this, 2014?" but nay, you have not unknowingly travelled through some kind of tear in the fabric of space and time itself, it's just that after a long time I've decided to come back to help take some work of @Finrod_Amandil's plate. And what a good moment to return to writing the times indeed! Nothing like a calm uneventful week to get back in the swing of things without too much pressure. With that in mind... let's get into the news.​

Project Progress

Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @jacenpeter

@Wroxxite has returned and is working on the tip of Andrast. Meanwhile @jacenpeter and @mattlego have been working in northern Andrast and along the coast.
Belfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @Darki

@Darki has taken over the lead in the Belfalas project after @Thijs1801 had to step up to lead Dol Amroth. Terrain work is progressing near Linhir and Dol Amroth, but the work is slow.
Dol Amroth (On Hold) - Lead: @Thijs1801

With @Eaglz24's departure the lead of Dol Amroth has gone to @Thijs1801 who, together with @Kjolsen and @thomasd18, is working on a new plan for Dol Amroth which you can hopefully expect next week. They are trying to find a new style as well, if you think you have some good ideas and would like to work on a concept you can go ahead at /warp DAConcepts.

Before all this happened @Eriol_Eandur finished the sea floor, and coastlines of the Dol Amroth bay area. The cliffs and rivers are still a work in progress.
Lamedon (On Hold) - Lead: @_Luk

No changes this week with the project being on hold, and with @_Luk no longer in the Designer rank a new lead for this project will have to be found.
Mordor Terrain (In Progress) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz

@Tyranystrasz has been working hard and there is definite progress. I can't wait to see the final result.
Moria (In Progress) - Lead: @Despot666

In Moria @Fireinferno13 tells us that there has been quite a bit of progress. This week the Royal Kitchens were completed and ruined, stairwell ruining was finished, and in the food storage halls bottom level design was finished though the interiors are still required. Currently there's work going on for the designs of the middle and top levels of the food storage halls.
Tolfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz

@Robz has made a small river in Tolfalas this last week. Other than that not much has changed.
Texture Development

There have been no developments this week.​

Plugin Development

Minigames plugin (In Progress) - Dev: @KinkySauron

KinkySauron is working on adding treasure hunts as a new minigame. The game is about finding hidden treasures (I know, who would have thought) and was suggested by @SirEonwe, read more details about the game in his pitch right here.
Custom inventories / itemblocks (In progress) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur

It seems like many people have been running into an issue where they can't open the custom inventory when working on the freebuild. This is because simply pressing F opens the custom inventory for the resourcepack appropriate to the region you're in. As freebuild doesn't have an assigned standard resourcepack, it doesn't work.

All custom inventories can be opened with the /inv command. To open the custom inventory for the new gondor pack one would type /inv b rp:2. More information about the command can be found by typing /inv help on the server.
Perks Plugin (In progress) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur

Eriol has been working on repairing some of the broken features of the Perks Plugin as well as adding some new ones. These perks are not crucial to server progress but they sure are nice, and a good way to thank those who help keep the server running with donations. One of the new perks Eriol has been working on is a floating magelight that provides some ambient lighting.​
Rank Updates

After a long stay with us as Designer we'll have to say goodbye to @_Luk after he resigned thursday evening. He made a post explaining why he resigned which may be found here.

Also leaving the role of Designer is @Eaglz24. His goodbye may be found here.

On the Foreman front @ooitsbirdo has led his last jobs. Unfortunately he no longer feels up for it. He too made a post with some reasons and a goodbye, it may be found here.

And finally in the Artist/Guide department @yomama629 has left the Guide rank and @Commandotrigger has left the Artist rank.​

Media of the week

I found this screenshot of Minas Tirith, taken by @SirEonwe, very impressive. It's a nice perspective on the fortress city towering over the lands below, making it look very imposing.​

Easter Egg Hunt 2017

Over Easter and the week thereafter people have been scouring the map and deciphering clues to find all eggs in this years easter egg hunt. After a week of hunting the perfidious Finrod has been bested and all names have been found by @thomasd18, who wins the puzzle prize. I'm sure after all the puzzling over the past week he can't wait to get his Imloth Melui puzzle in the mail and get started.

Congratulations Thomas.​


@Olwe, or Zack as he is otherwise known, is organising a great lore face off, where you can compete to win the honour of calling yourself the most knowledgeable lore geek of MCME. You will meet other contestants in one on one quizzes, until only one remains.
Currently more participants are required for this to be a real tournament so please sign up, or find more information, in this thread. The deadline for signups is the 10th of May, 11:59 pm EST.
WANTED: Short stories!
@mapthor has been making a Bookstore in Bree with stories written by you in it. If you want another one of your stories in the store, then please write your story down and message it to Finrod! The length is pretty irrelevant, all it has to be is authentic. That especially means:
- No items that would not exist in Middle-earth.
- No MCME player names.
- No conflicts with the known storylines.
Themed Build
Theme: [Project Build] Fortress of Maedhros
Resource Pack: Gondor
Duration: 3 Weeks
Thread: Click Here
MCME Audiobook
The Audiobook, hosted by @TI_020601 is taking place regularly on Saturday evenings, 8:20pm BST, unless announced otherwise in this thread: The New Audio Book
Closing statement

This last week has been quite tumultuous with several people being banned, and some staff members resigning from their ranks. Nobody is happy with the situation as it is now, and I hope we can find some way to get things back on track.

With that I leave you with this weeks quote:

The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short, and the pen is very sharp

-Terry Pratchett

. .

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