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~The MCME Times~ #13/16 - Easter Egg Hunt Winner: Beathaven

What do you think about this year's Easter Egg hunt?

  • It was wayyy too hard! Something else or easier next year please!

    Votes: 8 18.2%
  • It was hard, but interesting! Something similar next year please!

    Votes: 12 27.3%
  • It was not even that hard... Show me what other tricks you got to offer next year!

    Votes: 1 2.3%
  • I didn't participate.

    Votes: 23 52.3%

  • Total voters


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Opening statement

Yep, it has happened. This week for the first time there was no chance to include everything I want to have in these Times in one post, in fact this first post has already 20'000 characters on its own. The two main sections of this week are an in-depth rundown of the Easter Egg Hunt, and a lot of updates on the Plugins that are being developed currently. So take yourself some time for these Times, but enjoy them even more :)
Whats Up?
Easter Egg Hunt 2016 - Winners & Solutions

I think most of you would agree on that this year's Easter Egg Hunt was pretty tricky to complete. Therefore I call everyone that completed it a winner of the MCME Easter Egg Hunt 2016. Here is everyone that messaged me the unscrambled names, in chronological order:
  1. @BeatHeav3N
  2. @Portalrules333
  3. @Wroxxite
  5. @grimper12341
  6. @MissAngelica
  7. @Ardelenia
  8. @MaDIIReD
  9. @LorienJuice
  10. @ProjectXMark1
Congratulations to all of you!

Very often I said as hint that "if you interprete the hint in the right way it points to one very specific location". Here now are the full explanations of the hints, many of you invested many many hours for searching the eggs, or maybe even got stuck at one and did not manage to find any more eggs, so thus I hope this is of some interest to some of you!

  1. Victory! Let us praise the heroes as they enter the golden circle!
    There is two ways to approach this hint:

    The first way is the most likely easier one as it is more straightforward. The key word for this way is "Victory!". Victory you have after a battle, while already throwing an eye on the rest of the hint it may imply a bit that it has to be about a greater battle, but even if you go through all battles fought in Middle-earth you will only get to one solution.
    The greatest battles in Middle-earth of the Third Age are:

    - Battle of Five Armies
    - Battle of Helms Deep
    - Battle of the Pelennor Fields (Minas Tirith)
    - Battle of the Morannon (Black Gate)

    In the Battles of Five Armies and Helms Deep are no distinct heroes to be praised afterwards. Okay Gimli killed his 42 Orcs in Helms Deep, but others did their part too and maybe had a very similar kind of personal success.

    The Battle on the Pelennor Fields was not really celebrated as the enemy was not entirely conquered yet and they straightly moved on to discuss what there is to do next.

    This leads to the Battle of the Morannon. You can now argument that the Black Gate is not built yet, but that's not a problem, because we look for the place where it was celebrated (keyword "praise"). We also have very distinct heroes, not from the battle itself but from what the purpose of the battle was: To make it possible for Frodo and Sam to destroy the One Ring unnoticed. These two are the "heroes".

    The last difficulty now is that the location we look for only appears in the books. The celebration was not in Minas Tirith, there "only" was the coronation of Aragorn. If you look up the tolkiengateway article for Frodo Baggins however you will get the name of the location you look for: The Field of Cormallen. The last small difficulty is to find out where it is because theres no warp.

    Lastly, the "golden circle" part is simply the translation of "Cormallen" (cor = ring, mallen = golden).

    The second way to approach the hint is via the keyword "golden". This of course leads to Lothlórien. Lothlórien is golden because of the Mallorn-trees. Looking up more locations with Mellyrn in Middle-earth does not yield much beside the one Sam plants near Bagend in the Fourth Age. The trick then was to look up whether there's more plants that are golden. This may lead to this article: List of Middle-earth plants - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In here you will find the "Culumalda" and right below it the name "Fields of Cormallen".
  2. I see ships! Oh no, it's Corsairs! Wait, no, their flag is a white tree!
    This again leads to a location not really appearing in the movies, but even with only movie knowledge this one should have been solvable.

    If you look up "Corsairs" on tolkiengateway you'll be immidiately redirected to the page of the Corsairs of Umbar. Not much is known about them so it's easy to find the note about the War of the Ring: Aragorn captured their ships (with the army of the Dead) and rowed them to Minas Tirith. Now, Minas Tirith does not have a river right in front of it. There is a separate town which was used as the port of Minas Tirith. This location is known as Harlond, which is where you will find the egg.
  3. As great as the power of the Three may be, they lead to the destruction of this place.
    The keywords "Three" and "power" hopefully lead you to the Three Elven Rings of Power Narya, Nenya and Vilya. The story that now lies behind this hint is not so well-known, and the name of the location you seek does not appear in the movies nor the books, at least not by name. But research should pretty soon lead to only one location that is connected to all Three Rings: The place where they were forged, the city of Ost-in-Edhil, more concretely the Forge of Ost-in-Edhil.
    More information on why these rings destroyed Ost-in-Edhil can be found here: Sack of Eregion - Tolkien Gateway
  4. Countless pages of knowledge, now covered in dust and rubble.
    The "countless pages of knowledge" are hopefully easily read as "many books", which again is to be read as "library". "Covered in dust and rubble" of course is to be read that the place has been destroyed. To have a library the location has to be quite big, as that's not really an essential feature for a town to survive. In fact, as far as I am aware, only one city on MCME features a library: Osgiliath. If you don't know that you can also get to that city: While "dust" implies that it may be an old location, it's "rubble" that probably hints to a non-"natural" or time-driven destruction, but instead a forceful one. This way you can at least break down to relevant cities to Fornost and Osgiliath, that are built on MCME.
    When inside Osgiliath it is a bit tedious finding the Library of Osgiliath, but eventually you'll find the big, 3-winged building with a broken dome in the western part of Osgiliath.
  5. Thunderstorm for two days. What was legend is now destroyed.
    This hint unites two lesser known LotR facts (not sure whether either of these appears in the movies, it may be though). Interpreting either of these the right way leads you to the egg:
    1. (Thunderstorm) When Gandalf the White meets Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas in Fangorn he tells them about the battle against the Balrog, he notes that from afar the fight may well have looked like a fierce thunderstorm, after two days he managed to defeat the Balrog.
    2. In Moria Gandalf mentiones the Endless Stairs, and Gimli responds that most believed it was only a legend and that many speculate it never existed. While chasing the Balrog up these stairs, and during the fight at Durin's Tower these got destroyed.
  6. Down you go now, to the fourth of its kind, below where once dwelt the mightiest of his folk you will find what you seek.
    Standing ontop of Durin's Tower, going down will lead to Moria. On MCME this of course means to switch to moria world. The "fourth of its kind" points to the Fourth Hall of Moria (non-canon assignment), respectively "where once sat the mightiest of his folk" points to the throne room (audition hall) of Moria (non-canon also). The hall is from /warp khazad straight forward (2nd hall -> 3rd hall -> 4th hall).
    So the egg is below the throne in the 4th hall of /mvtp moria.
  7. Two meetings happened here, shortly after each other, but neither was foreseen, but 6 different races were involved.
    The first thought usually was the Council of Elrond, but if you count through the races involved there - Men, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits and Maiar, you'll only get five, and not six. Also the meetings in Rivendell were not really unforeseen or surprising, Frodo rested in Rivendell for two months, so I guess the meeting was announced at least some days ahead.
    A meeting does not have to be scheduled, a meeting already exists whenever two parties meet without expecting it. So intuitively you can approach this question by brainstorming situations (book or movie) where exactly that happens, nota bene, twice after each other in a short period of time.
    Approaching the hint in a more prudential way may be to find out what the sixth race may be. Given that there are no two unforeseen battles happening after each other, you can exclude evil races. This may very soon lead to that it is Ents that are the missing race, and with that the area you have to consider has already shrunk massively. But before you start sifting through entire Fangorn you should think again, which place you are looking for. Of course it can only be what we know as "Treebeard's Hill", where Merry and Pippin met Treebeard and Aragorn and Co. met Gandalf.
  8. Great was the wrath that sunk all that surrounds me, but I, ever-cold, have survived.
    Okay, this is some lore from the Silmarillion which probably many do not know about. BUT. It is still possible to find the egg:
    "sunk all that surrounds me" = everything around me is water now = island. Makes sense? I hope so. Now there's still quite a bunch of islands on the map, many in river deltas, Carrock, Girdley island, some along the shores, and some in the far north west. The hint to find out which island it is you get by researching for "ever-cold"; I tried it: googling for "Middle-earth island ever-cold" yields the Tolkiengateway article of Himring very far up. Yeah some flying involved, but you won't be dissapointed ;)
  9. Many a dome there is, but only one can persist.
    The keywords here of course are "only one can persist"; I observed many that flew right away to that dome in Pelargir that was made as a contest build. But still they kept searching for hours after that.
    There's many domes in Pelargir, okay, but all of them can persist! The location you look for is a location where only one of many domes can persist = remain on the main map. It requires some out of the box thinking, eventually you may find that the dome you look for is the winning entry for the Pelargir Dome Contest on plotworld.
    How to get there: /mvtp plotworld, /warp Plot 2
  10. You were in this dwelling before on your hunt, but now you got to go where it is wet and smelly.
    I hope at least this one did not cause too many headaches :). "wet and smelly" points to maybe a swamp or some sewers, with "dwelling" it must be the sewers. Ost-in-Edhil has some kind of underground water system but it's rather not a sewer^^. Thus it gotta be the sewers of Osgiliath. There's an entrance outside the wall a bit down the Anduin.
  11. A story unknown to most and where it lies was never told. Still it exists on here and the rivalry towards its sister at the sea continues.
    To start with this one, grasp on the "Still it exists on here", reading it as "it is on the Middle-earth map". Enable warps on the dynmap and scan it for some locations you probably never heard of. Search along the sea shores as the hint suggests.
    The town you look for is called Udul, it's sister-town. Udul and its neighbourtown Agar are rivals, at least so far the official lore, I think @Ardelenia pointed out that in server internal lore this was no longer the case, but I have to admit I did not hear anything about that thus far.
    The "Where it lies was never told" refers to the fact that Tolkien never settled where these two towns now should be, he proposed various places along the entire shore between the mouths of Isen and Anduin.
  12. Great was the loss of the great-grandfather of the last King of the Second Line. Now here dwell his sons forever amd guard the ford.
    The only real difficulty here is to grasp that "King of the Second Line" must refer to the Kings of Rohan. Then it should not be that hard to look up the last King of the Second line (Théoden), then his father (Thengel), his grandfather (Fengel), and his great-grandfather (Folcwine). Then look up the sons of Folcwine: Folcred, Fastred, and ofc. Fengel again. Then look into the story of these three and you soon will find that the twin brothers Folcred and Fastred died in a battle at the Fords of Poros and are also buried there in a place known as Haudh in Gwanûr.
  13. Stone are the walls, the floor and the ceiling, and stone now is what once here lived.
    There are many dwellings with walls, floor and ceiling out of stone, Moria, or any house with stony materials, so you probably should investigate on the inhabitant(s). Turning to stone is something quite unusual I would say, and they even appear both in the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, so reflecting what you read/saw there should hopefully lead you to Tom, Bert and William Huggins, the stone Trolls of Bilbo. Remember the scene in the LotR movie when he tells that story to the Hobbit children? Yes? See, I knew you would know all you need to find this egg ;).
    The Cave of the Trolls is a bit behind the hill where the Trolls sit on, /warp Trollshaws.
  14. As red as the trees the fire blazed, in the home of the singer.
    Nope this is not a reference to the dwarf-song from the Hobbit, there the trees themselved burned, which is not the case here. Maybe a good question is to ask yourself where there are red trees on the map; too bad dynmap is not showing that :p. Entire Anfalas has red trees, but remember the #1 tip: The hint points to a very specific location! You also are looking for a location that somehow has something to do with fire, too bad this is not recognisable on dynmap either, so if you did not know about this location before you gotta search a bit.
    Your search hopefully leads you to Lindemar, a non-canonical town in the Morthond valley, on the southern slopes of the White Mountains in Gondor. The town got victim to a severe fire and many houses have burned down. The name is Quenya and means, you can guess, "home of the singer". The location was devoted to Sir Christopher Lee who played Saruman in the LotR and Hobbit movies, and was also a singer.
  15. H-VII
    My #1 tip for this one: It's a really silly one, don't think too far. Many did think very far, interpreted it as chapter 7 of the Hobbit (would have pointed to Beorn's House which is not built yet though), and even Henry the 7th, and many more creative approaches.
    The right interpretation approach would have been "a field on a chessboard", "a square on a map", or the code for a Plotbuild Plot. Now dynmap is your friend, and you don't need to study the plotworld map for very long to find the big grid labelled with letters and roman numerals.
  16. Many rooms are in here and all serve the same purpose, here in the last home for the noble Princes of Cardolan.
    The "Last home" of a person usually is where he is buried. At that point I have to admit that it is not entirely clear where exactly the Princes of Cardolan are buried, but what is pretty clear is that it was somewhere in the Barrow Downs. Where exactly in the Barrow Downs I therefore tried to point out with the keywords "many rooms" = big barrow. There is one barrow to which we usually refer to as "Great Barrow", it's in the southern Barrow Downs, a bit north of the Greenway from Bree.
  17. Very similar in purpose, but very different in appearance is the next location you look for.
    "Very different in appearance" points to that the site you're looking for is still well preserved/maintained and not haunted but much more well guarded and of high esteem. Something like this you will find not in many places, and the most iconic of them is the Hallows of Minas Tirith. The egg is inside the domed ceremony building.
  18. Only one fiery mountain there is in Middle-earth, but many more can be found elsewhere. The grandfather of Legolas has claimed ownership over the one you seek.
    I was very surprised about how hard this egg still proofed, but let's unravel it :D
    "Only one fiery mountain in Middle-earth, but many more elsewhere". So far we had an egg in the Moria world and two in Plotworld, and this is by far the most clear hint that this egg also is not on the main map! So many started with the "grandfather of Legolas" (which is Oropher) and started searching in Mirkwood... Are there any fiery mountains there? No. So why searching there then? :p
    To find the many fiery mountains in an other world than the main map you best use Dynmap. On Plotworld you wont find many fiery mountains either, and ofc neither on moria map, and neither on the old map. So all that is left is the Themed Build world. ("The grandfather of Oropher has claimed ownership over the one you seek", also a pretty clear hint towards TB world, ain't it?). The right TB can be found pretty easily, and if you enable warps you'll see that there is /warp theme close by.
    The egg is in the Sammath Naur TB on the plot of user Oropher_.
  19. L*ND*L
    This is in my opinion the hardest one. The hint given is a very specific lore fact that is only mentioned in the Unfinished Tales of Númenor and Middle-earth, and there it is not given in the form L*ND*L but rather described as "a black stone with 3 letters engraved: lambë, ando, lambë", the are names of elvish letters, representing the sounds L, ND and L again, so the insription actually looks like this:

    The stone is located at the Tomb of Elendil on Amon Anwar, also known as Halifiren, the Beacon Hill at the border of Gondor and Rohan. I guess the only way to get to this is by speaking the three consonants aloud and guess that the proper word may be "Elendil".
  20. Seven there once were but only one could see as far as to see foreign shores.
    The first thought here is usually the Seven Dwarven Rings. But can rings see? If you cant directly think of an item that once existed seven times, try thinking of something that at least exists multiple times. It is a very iconic item both in movies and book: The Palantíri. Look them up and you will find the piece of information you will need: The Elendil-Stone was the only one that could see across the Great Sea to the shores of the Undying Lands. The stone is located in the Tower of Elostirion in the Tower Hills, West of the Shire.
I want to thank everyone who participated a lot! The amount of time and thought you put into it is just awesome, I hope in the end you also enjoyed it a bit and thought it was kinda intrigueing and interesting, and maybe even learned some new lore facts :).

Project Progress

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hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @jacenpeter
It's amazing what a nice undergrowth can make out of a forest (cf. the picture above!). Because that is what jacen has mainly been working on this week. I however got to admit that I was curious who put the recipe for this onto convenient signs and therefore got to say a nice thank-you to @wheelleee for the tips! Using WorldEdit to terraform is something I haven't tried yet, but it looks definitely interesting.
Anfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @kisos
If I would have to describe "collaboration" with an MCME project, it would be Anfalas. When looking into the progress that was made here this week I found that a total of 9 different designers have been working in Anfalas (kisos, Luk, Eriol, Ivan, Eaglz, Tyran, Mandos, bender and Thijs), on top of that most likely even more Artists working on all the villages throughout the fief. It's pretty much impossible to sum up progress that has been made by so many hands!


The grind is still on, with new houses and farms everyday. @bender400 ,@Wroxxite ,@toeyoman ,and @WalpoleLegoMen continue working on thier farms. @Mandos also is going strong and steady with his village, Langstaed, and @_Luk puts the finishing touches on Windich. There are some fantastically curvy rivers being voxeled up in central anfalas that will also be super nice to see when they are finished.
- kisos
Belfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @Thijs1801
This week I turned the southern end to sand, preparing the terrain for the villages of Coaldael, Windmaw and Basinfell. The first job has also taken place. Thanks to the players who helped me with digging streams and placing bushes!
- Thijs1801
Fornost Reruin (In Progress) - Lead: @Fireinferno13 & @Demonataz

Progress has not gone quite as fast as Fire had originally anticipated which has made him a sad wolverine. That being said, @Ryiw did an excellent job finishing up the walls and towers around the city. Only a few structures still standing in the keep and the front gate to be done!
- Fireinferno13
Lamedon (In Progress) - Lead: @Eriol_Eandur
Beside the countless hours he has invested into developping various plugins he has continued working on the river Ringló between Spathlin and Ethring. Additionally he worked on the central Lamedon mountains a bit by planting some more trees around Calembel.
Misty Mountains (In Progress) - Lead: @Emilio_ (Eregion), @Finrod_Amandil (Misties), @Mandos (Gladden Fields)
I already feared I'd have to write "no progress" here this week, but in the end I still managed to find some spare minutes to voxel a bit on the Misties! Mandos is currently working on Anfalas instead of the Gladden Fields currently, which is of course absolutely fine!
[Public Project] Fennas Drúnin (In Progress) - Lead: @thomasd16
Fennas is starting look absolutely amazing. They are adding the details between the houses as they go which already offers some very nice sceneries. Especially interesting I found the stables that were kinda merged with the town's wall which looks very cool!

Rank Updates
I am really sorry, last week I have forgotten one promotion, the person who got promoted found its place among those with whom he shares the rank so quickly that he never really felt to me that he is still new...

Therefore: Hail and congratulations now even more to @Eaglz on his promotion to Designer!

Additionally we have the following promotions to Artist:
Plugin Development
Animations Plugin (Coding in progress) - Dev: @Ivan1pl
The Animations plugin can be used to animate small parts of builds like doors.

Video credit goes to Ivan1pl.

Ivan and I talked about some details on Saturday especially what kind of triggers there will be; we will have one more than the initial installment of the plugin:
  • Click: Clicking a block starts the animation. Whether right or left mouse button may be configurable. Most classic example would be knocking on a door to open it.
  • Chat: Typing a specific word in chat when close to the gate/animation opens it. Classic example here the Moria West Gate that opens with saying/typing "mellon".
  • Approach: The animation starts when a player is close enough to it. This trigger type is new and we have yet to see where we can use it. An idea was having rotating windmills in the Shire, or anywhere else where there are windmills.
We also discussed about some other aspects, e.g. what may be needed to do to make the animated Bucklebury Ferry work (e.i. actually bringing the player across the water, not only the boat).

After all new wishes were placed Ivan judged the plugin to be done 70% now.
Plotbuild Plugin (Small additions in progress) - Devs: @Eriol_Eandur & @Ivan1pl
The Plotbuild Plugin will make it possible to make plots on the main map that can be claimed and be built on by anyone and then be easily reviewed and managed by staff.

I had another testing session last friday and voiced two more wishes:
  1. Add the option to suppress backups for big plots; that way it would be possible to make really big plots, e.g. around an entire city for a public project, without risking that the server crashes when changing the plot back to its initial state. Potential reversions can still be done using Prism.
  2. A /plot remove command, an opposite to /plot assign. The latter one can be used on a private plotbuild (= players cannot claim plots themselves) to assign players to a plot, and /plot remove to remove them again. Motivation is to make Public project leaders be able to run "pseudo-jobs" by adding everyone that wants to help to the plot that surrounds the entire build and when the job is done remove them again. This would be a very reasonable solution for the issue whether to give Artists access to the job plugin or not, also given the fact that the Plotbuild plugin caps the number of workers on one plot to 8.
New New Player World (Ready for implementation) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur, Assistance: @_Luk
A new Intro Quiz for new players.

No changes since last week. It most likely will be installed when some other plugins are ready to be installed too.
Moria Teleport Plugin (Ready for implementation) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur
For seamless teleports to and from new Moria aswell as inside Moria.

I had a testing session with Eriol here this week. The plugin works, but there's just some things that seemingly cannot be achieved with a plugin, especially connected to chunk loading. Theres many options to optimize the plugin behaviour ingame, and with that it is completed!
Minigames Plugin (Small fixes in progress) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur
A plugin to easily run various minigames like Hide and Seek, Races and Quizzes.

Crazy progress on the Quiz part of the plugin this week! From a plugin with a very simple concept we have come to a highly elaborate system of categories and how to query the ever-growing database of questions.
Inititially every question was only able to be assigned one question, but it was very clear that that would not be satisfying as way too many questions could be assigned to multiple categories each. Thus Eriol and I have reworked the concept to change that, we now elaborated 26 different categories, and I added them to all the questions (a kind of work that took way too long :rolleyes:).
After that I evaluated how many questions of each category, and some specific queries are available. I and Eriol then started adding more questions to fill up the rather empty categories. Currently it looks like this:
all questions: 1051 questions
a: All Lore: 913

by Book or Movie
b: Lord of the Rings: 593
c: The Hobbit: 97
d: Silmarillion: 151
by Races:
e: Men: 333
f: Elves: 213
g: Dwarves: 123
h: Hobbits: 311
i: Valar & Maiar: 171
by Region:
j: Shire & Buckland: 177
k: Eriador: 104
l: Misty Mountains: 162
m: Rohan: 99
n: Gondor: 164
o: Mordor: 84
p: Rhovanion: 79
q: Valinor: 54
r: Númenor: 36
s: Beleriand: 61

by Ages:
t: Third Age: 724
u: Second Age: 107
v: First Age: 107
w: Tolkien: 29

Movies (LotR & Hobbit trilogies)
x: Any Movie Lore: 257
y: Non-canon Movie Lore & External Lore: 103

z: MCME: 25

Specific queries:
(Command /game loadquestions <query>, replace <query> with any of the ones below)

a-y: canon lore: 858
ab-y true: canon LotR lore: 449
ac-y true: canon Hobbit lore: 93
bx-y true: canon LotR movie lore: 175
cx-y true: canon Hobbit movie lore: 34
by-x true: external LotR Movie facts: 46
cy-x true: external Hobbit Movie facts: 3
a-b-c-y: harcore canon lore, LotR appendices and Silm.: 332
a-b-c-d-y: hardcore canon lore, mostly LotR appendices: 205

I opened the submission form again, so please submit some more questions, especially to fill the categories marked with orange and red!
Link to form: Questions for Minigame plugin
MCME-Architect (Testing in progress) - Dev: @Eriol_Eandur
MCME-Architect is an assortment of small plugins of all kinds that make building on MCME easier and more enjoyable.

Another two videos this week to conclude the demonstration of this plugin! Enjoy!

Banner Editor:

Smaller (but just as awesome) features of the Architect plugin:
Resource Packs
Mordor Pack (In Progress) - Lead: @bender400
@bender400 is currently refreshing the list of active workers on the Mordor pack. In case you are interested in helping creating textures for the official MCME Mordor pack be sure to drop bender a personal message on the forums!
New Potatoes (Added to Github) - Creator: @Fireinferno13
Media of the week
Randomly I have slipped into looking up all kinds of LotR inspired fanmade movies, beside the quite well-known Born of Hope and Hunt for Gollum I have found this really awesome production:

Other news
Audiobook review
Pictures say more than a thousand words, and they take less space in an anyway already overly long MCME Times :p
Thanks once more to @Wraith_Knight, our official MCME Audiobook photographer!

Lore Bits #10: The Fourth Age

The Third Age ends when with Frodo, Bilbo, Galadriel, Elrond and Gandalf all Ringbearers that have survived the War of the Ring, depart from Middle-earth. But what happens after that? Tolkien noted quite a few events down in the Appendices of the Lord of the Rings, in case you don't have a copy of these, here you can find the relevant part too: Council of Elrond » LotR News & Information » Fourth Age Timeline

Note that the years are in Shire Reckoning. The last year of the Third Age is equal to 1421 Shire Reckoning.


Themed Build

Theme: Great House of Lake-Town
Resourcepack: Rohan
Thread: #11/16 - Great House
Scheduled Events
Audiobook session 10
Next week we will conclude the Second Book, and with it the events of the Fellowship of th Ring. Right after that we will move on into the Third Book and maybe even get as far as to tackle the second chapter of that book too.
Unless anything else is announced, the session will take place on Saturday, March 9th, 19:00 GMT.
There are no Tours announced for this week yet, but keep an eye on this thread and request a tour if you want one!
Jobs & Plotbuilds
Jobs for next Saturday will be announced in this thread over the course of the week. Be sure to ask Designers for jobs at any time, maybe they can offer something!
Community Outreach
Screenshots for Facebook
@Tyranystrasz has access to the MCME Facebook page and is regularily posting screenshots of our builds there! Lend him a hand and submit your best screens here: MCME screenshots for Facebook
Closing statement

This week's quote is a bit a special one, it's, if you want so, devoted to someone specific of the community whom I granted a wish this week, even though I personally was not yet ready to do so. May sound very cryptic to most of you, but I hope the one whom it concerns realizes it...
“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
- Maya Angelou

These Times have been proofread by Thijs1801 and Mandos.

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So many started with the "grandfather of Legolas" (which is Oropher) and started searching in Mirkwood... Are there any fiery mountains there? No. So why searching there then? :p
I thought it could be like a metaphor where the "fiery" thing could be the necromancer and other dark things.


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You will be permitted to start one hour earlier on next years's easter egg hunt! Congratulations! :D

The first egg of course will anyway be so hard to find that this will be absolutely no advance for you, you'll just be frustrated one hour earlier. Congratulations.
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I'm actually proud of my 4th place :D , never had I imagined that I would be able to finish the hunt, so thank you to all who in some way or another, helped me, as much as I tried to help others, because, after all, these types of activities are meant to bring the community together, and for my experience, it did just that. :p