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~The MCME Times~ [14/01/17] Announcements Part 2


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~ Breaking News from Middle-earth ~
Earlier today, recently-arrived prince and intrepid explorer Findekáno, well-known harpist and first son of current High King Ñolofinwë, unexpectedly returned to camp on the back of a giant eagle while carrying most of his cousin, also current High King Nelyafinwë Maitimo.

“I was wandering around the mountains near Thangorodrim, looking for a nice place to sit down and maybe hitch a ride with a passing Orc patrol, when suddenly this great shadow descended upon me and Thorondor showed up,” Findekáno said earlier, pointing to the giant eagle he rode in on. “He even showed me where Cousin Russandol was, which was pretty nice.”

Findekáno, fifty-second place winner of the All-Valinor Archery Competition three hundred and fifty years in a row, had been last seen setting foot in Beleriand and was rumored to have run away to search for his missing cousin three weeks ago. High King Nelyafinwë Maitimo, colloquially known as “Cousin Russandol,” disappeared when his supposedly fool-proof ambush was counter-ambushed by the Dark Lord Morgoth over a century ago.

Findekáno reportedly found his cousin hanging from one hand on a mountain and was about to prove his archery skills when the Eagle suggested he use a melee weapon instead. Findekáno, who placed ten thousandth in the All-Valinor Knifework and Lockpicking Competition a hundred and twelve years in a row, apparently missed his blow, hitting his cousin in the wrist instead of the chain he’d been aiming for.

“It was a good blow,” Findekáno insisted. “I managed to take off his hand in one cut, which I’ve never been able to do before. And I didn’t even drop the knife! Thorondor managed to catch Cousin Russandol, although he accidentally swallowed his hand, so I guess they’re not reattaching it anytime soon. And Thorondor was so sorry about it he even offered to give us a ride home!”

Thorondor, colloquially known as the greatest of Eagles and quite possibly the hand of the King of the Valar in Middle-earth, added that he would love to give more rides to Noldor, especially those who are “going hunting or expected to lose a limb or two in the near future.”

He then added, “I would like to clarify that we are not a ferry service, however, and should not be ridden lightly. Also, no journeys longer than three days.” To summon Thorondor, just go to an open field with at least a hand’s worth of meat and shout his name until he responds.

Neither possibly-still-current High King Nelyafinwë nor any members of his court, could be reached for comment.

Written by RaisinCaiin and for the ‘Tater’, finest news source!

Do you like this sort of parodical fanfiction? If you want to see more next time, there is!

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~ Closing Statement ~
Howdy folks. You’ve successfully and unproblematically reached the end of yet another edition of The Times. Or perhaps this is your first time. Either way, we hope you enjoyed and we look forward to any constructive comments you may possess :)

A closing thought for this edition: New players. Think about the first time you joined the server. Now think about what could have been done better or perhaps what could have been done at all to make your initiation into MCME smoother and more enjoyable. Now I implore each and every one of you to make that possible for the new players of today. Without the innovation, creativity, and sheer help of new players, MCME wouldn’t exist as it does today. A seed may one day become an oak. And that same oak may one day be felled. Fear not however, for the cycle goes ever on., for the cycle goes ever on.

Now let’s compare that line to more impressive literature by our favorite author, Tolkien:

“Never laugh at live dragons.”

(or Smaug will get you…)

The Official MCME Times



Hardcore MCME-er
May I suggest that now when you've started to split the Times up into different posts you include a link to the previous post of the same Times at the top of a post and a link to the next post of the same Times at the bottom of the post? Please. It would make reading the Times far easier and more linear, like turning the pages in a real newspaper.