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~The MCME Times~ [14/01/17] Project Progress


Hardcore MCME-er

The Official MCME Times

Two Weeks of Reflection
With the beginning of the New Year behind us and all the Holidays over, we now head into another year of potential!

Editor's Note by Finrod

Quick, while BWOT isn’t here, let me sneak in my own opening statement and hope he does not notice…

I want to take this opportunity to applaud everyone’s amazing contributions from the past year, especially those among you, who have really gone the extra mile and have put incredible amounts of passion and time into this community and its project. I am once again tremendously honored that I am allowed to contribute myself to this community.

2018 is a year I am very eager to move into, because I foresee many great things to come. For MCME, it will include at last the closing of Gondor, and after that it will soon be time for all of you to take on the minds of an Orc and populate the Dark Lands of Mordor. But much more important will be to have as many of you as possible serve under Dwarf-Lord Despot to bring ahead the project of Moria at a steady pace throughout the year.

But 2018 will also bring further changes. As you’ll learn further into these MCME Times, the admin team is currently electing a second Head Designer, to assist me in my tasks and especially increase the pace at which the projects proceed.

But now I will leave the stage and give to you one more fantastic edition of the Times, created by BWOT and his amazing team!

Editor's Note by BWOT

After finding this huge note by Finrod all I can say is #BWOTapproved.

~ Project Progress ~

Andrast - Lead: @jacenpeter | In Progress
Report by BWOT

No progress has been made these last two weeks.

Belfalas - Lead: @Darki | In Progress

Report by Eriol

Not too much terrain progress in Belfalas. I continued work on the hills, but was quite busy in real life. In the staff meeting an issue with some parts of east coast of Belfalas came up where at some places fields and grass are directly at the sea. I started to make some low cliffs there like you can find in east england.

At Ironmere thomas made a lot of progress with fields and road and Wraith started to expand the village and fields around Marda Calderon.

We are going to revamp vegetation in Belfalas and we would like to see your ideas about realistic vegetation. There will soon be a plotbuild for concepts.

Dol Amroth - Lead: @Thijs1801 | In Progress

Report by BWOT

Speedy development in the city of the Prince. Gem Town is making great progress and is nearing completion. Royal Town is soon to start with the planning there close to finishing and the Military Fort is almost done. There has been a lot of work on the palace and the Sewers are being re-planned as you are reading this (most likely). However there might be a small set back soon due to Minecraft Update meaning a texture pack update.

Mordor Terrain - Lead: @Tyranystrasz | In Progress
Report by BWOT

North Mordor Border is complete. Lots of progress on Eastern Mordor Border Terrain and Upper Harad. Near Khand is almost complete with the voxeling and etc, just a few derps to fix. @BWOT will be working his way up from there to meet the Northern Border. Texture development and organization is being led by @Finrod.

The Noman Lands and Dagorlad - Lead: @Fireinferno | In Progress

Report by BWOT

More progress the terrain at the Mouths of the Entwash and on the small Rohan village near the area.

Moria - Lead: @Despot | In Progress

Report by BWOT

Lots of progress overall. Many artists are working near the central dwelling with @BWOT and also on the new crops storage and growing area in Moria with @Jesia. The Temple of Aule is looking great and the forge which Patrick was working on does as well. The cargo transportation unloading and loading hall is near completion and has came out very good. Desp’s grand hall, Ivan’s storage hall, and Fire’s military hall have also been making spectacular progress.

Tolfalas- Lead: @Tyranystasz | In Progress

Report by BWOT

A bit of progress has been seen in the last few days. There has been work on the coast in the South and also on some farms in Central Tolfalas.

Tree Build - Lead: @RubenPieterMark | In Progress
Report by BWOT

No progress has been made these last two weeks.

~ Texture Development ~
Report by BWOT & Finrod

@Finrod has taken it upon himself to lead the making and organizing of the Mordor texture pack. The Designers are currently sending their requests and everyone is invited to share his ideas and suggestions. Soon the texturers of our community will be awoken and they can do their magic and produce us pretty things.

As a first step we need to collect all mentionings of Mordor descriptions, to make sure that we’ll have all the textures we need to recreate all that is mentioned in the books. Help is wanted there, read on to find more info!

~ Plug-in Development ~
Report by Eriol

No progress has been made these last two weeks.


Head Guide
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Head Guide
Head Developer
The forest at /warp north is a concept for the new vegetation. Same for the bushland next to it.

But large areas of Belfalas are just grass with random flowers and solitary trees. Not a very realistic thing for a densely populated area. We will add many more fields, bushland, forest (and keep some grasslands ofc).