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~The MCME Times~ #16/15 - Wanted: Reporters!


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Opening Statement

Writing an edition of the Times is quite some work to do (thus, combined with other IRL obligations I did not manage to release this week's edition in time), and because of that I always try to reliably outsource as many sections of it as possible. I first tried that with the Project Updates written by the Project Staff, but as they do not have that much more time than myself this is not yet optimal too.

For that reason I want to try something new: Project Reporters! This means that for some (maybe even every) running project there is a person keeping track of the progress on a project and reporting that progress weekly to me via PM. The idea was, that these reporters could come from among the adventurers, especially for newer members it could also be a good way to make yourself known to the rest of the community!

Being a reporter would mean:
  • Submit a short (or longer) update every saturday (or sunday as long as the Times have not been posted yet).
  • Keep track of the progress of the respective project.
  • Get in contact with the project staff and get hold of some "insider informations".
If anyone would be interested in representing one of the ongoing projects, please reply on this thread or in the respective project thread!


Project Progress

Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @Tyranystrasz
A lot has happened. A new village has started. You can /warp andovil, to see. Also a new fortress has sprung up, and terrain work has been moving West.
- Mandos

Anfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @DSESGH
Not too obvious changes this week, but there was some more voxelling!

Annúminas (In Progress) - Lead: @Fireinferno13
Now that's what I call a capital city! Its crazy how many new buildings have been added to the city in the last few weeks, all hail both to the leaders and the community who occupied the entire house freebuild at record speed. Some areas are already very detailed and do nicely represent the long lost glory of this city, it's a very special feeling walking these roads there.

Calembel (In Progress) - Lead: @Ivan1pl

At last, there are no empty plots in the town. But it's not yet finished. There's a small area in the southern part of the town that still needs some roads and decorations. Just one more week and we can call it done!
- Ivan1pl

Dol Amroth (In Progress) - Lead: @Demonataz
For long it was nothing but a wool marking: The tower on the westernmost landpiece of Dol Amroth has finally been constructed!
The palace exterior is completely finished now, however interior is still on the To-Do list. But check it out nevertheless by warping to /warp dolpalace on plotworld.

Ethir Anduin (In Progress) - Lead: @_Luk
All the islands have been created, at least their rough shapes. Lukas did already develop the terrain style for this area and has also already widely applied it. However quite many islands do still lack the detail work, so this is going to take some more time to get done.

Lebennin (In Progress) - Lead: @otho
- no progress this week -

Misty Mountains (In Progress) - Lead: @Finrod_Amandil & @Emilio_
Aaaand it's gone! The old Hollin Ridge was succesfully removed by Emilio, now the other two big things in the flatlands shall be made: These are digging the new river Bruinen (nostalgia jobs alert!) and on the other hand rising the new Hollin Ridge a couple hundred block further north of the old one. Emilio also thinks about implementing a new reed texture that may be useful especially for the High Moors of Rivendell.

Moria (In Progress) - Lead: @Despot666 & @Finrod_Amandil
This week work was focused to the area near the East Gate, and also a first concept for the bridge of Khazad-dûm has been built; If you have not remarked it yet: The Moria world is open to the public and can be accessed by typing /mvtp moria!

Furthermore, Despot has laid out the middle layer of eastern Moria, and @mattlego already mapped it out (check that out >>here<<). Remember that there will be one more 256 block layer each above and below this part and Moria will also be much longer than what is shown in the maps! Also not all of the big halls that have been dug out now will stay big halls but will be subdivided into smaller rooms and further complexity.

But now, IMPORTANT: As you may remember, community involvement in Moria is connected to finishing Gondor, and that is quite close now! BUT there's another thing that needs to be done before, and that is the textures. Despot has put up a list >>here<< of what is needed currently, we want to ask everyone of you to give the texturing a try! As tool you may consider either a program like Photoshop or as free alternative Gimp (>>download here<<), or maybe also the very user-friendly online editing tool >>novaskin.me<<.

Pelargir (
In Progress) - Lead: @Credoo
The Dome contest has finished, Team "Ivan Left Us!" won! Congratulations to them and a big thanks for everyone participating! It was difficult to pick the best out of some good submissions. @kisos has lead some jobs. There are some marked out area's in the fortress where artists can build. More plots have been laid out and the rest of the harbor is soon to be planned out. All in all the city is slowly getting completed. Keep an eye out for jobs if you want to help.
- Credoo

Shire Trees (In Progress) - Lead: @kisos
Everything North of "The Water" and much more is done! Currently voxeling giant forests near woodhall. Then ill be following the brandywine fixing up trees! Bit busy irl atm. :D
- kisos

Public Projects:

Ethring (In Progress) - Lead: @AWOL777
- no progress this week -

Lothlórien Vegetation (In Progress) - Lead: @Eriol_Eandur
- no progress this week - (please correct me if I'm wrong!)
Eriol_Eandur has taken over the lead of this project.

Current Plotworld Jobs and Projects:

Status Updates

- none -

Themed Build Changes

We had a discussion about whether it's about time to change some things on the Themed Builds to keep them interesting and matching the current needs. And this is what will be coming up in the next time:
  • Project Build: Themed Builds with larger plots and longer time (2 or 3 weeks). These appear in the weekly poll and thus can be chosen by the community.
  • Concept Build: A Themed Build to gather style ideas for an upcoming region or city project on the main server. These do not appear in the poll and cant be voted for. The topic with the most votes (of the poll before that build) will then be used in the TB one week later.
Between those the normal Themed Builds as we had it up to now will take place too. Next week a first Project Build of 3 weeks will start with the topic "Rivendell".

Furthermore I once and for all want to get rid of the actually pretty weird spelling "ThemedBuild" without space in between. Please support me on that and do not use it that way anymore too ;-)


This Week's Highlights
Build of the Week

And the winners of the Pelargir dome contest are...
Team "Ivan Left Us" / Plot #2!

Congratulations to the team members! :
- @Eaglz
- @bender400
- @_Thijs1801
- @jackg420


Media of the Week

First off, we have two nice collections from @Gandalf1005, all shots can be found >>here<< (featuring @Noldor13 as High Elf) and >>here<<.

Rivendell (/warp Rivendell)

Bagend (/warp Bagend)

@Glovr seemingly has taken a break from creating screenshot, but he was all but lazy:

Edoras (/warp Edoras)

This week's ThemedBuild
The same as last week, as Freebuild was down for some days.

Chamber of Mazarbul
>>ThemedBuild post<<


Short Story Contest
I really could not wait until I finally can present my own story here in the Times, along with it a few notes:
  • It comes in 4 chapters, 1 chapter every week
  • I love all languages from Middle-Earth, please note the glossary at the end of the story if your elvish is a bit rusty.
  • My native tongue is not English, and thus I'd be happy if those of you who are native English-speaker could point out if there's some weird wordings and probably even provide an alternative for it.

No way back
A short story by Finrod_Amandil

Chapter 1
The road is closed

Tuilë was just drawing to an end, leaving behind The Last Homely House in a truly
unmatched state of beauty. Wherever you went, the scent of hundreds of the sweet Narwi
followed you, the eye delighted by giant gardens filled with the many-coloured Losilli and all
the small ponds were occupied by one of the most beloved flowers of the Eldar: The majestic
Ailinon, with petals as white as snow, and stamens in the most pure and luminous yellow only
imaginable. The wind whispering through the bright green leaves of the old Silwini completed
the sensual picture.

In fact, only very rarely one would find Rivendell like this, but this year was a special one
and the gardeners spent all their skill and love towards nature in embellishing their
homestead. A special year it was, as the Samíriën, the greatest of all elven feasts, was again to
happen. Every twenty-one years this is, but in Aman the origins of this feast lie, and unlike in
the rapidly changing Middle-Earth, time is measured differently in the Undying Lands. Thus
in sun-years over two decades pass between two feasts.

For Celebrían, daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn, and married to Elrond, the Lord of
Rivendell, it was high time to start her journey towards the woods of Lothlórien. Her wish it
was to celebrate Samíriën with her parents and her daughter Arwen. Elrond too would have
done nothing else more merrily than joining her with his two sons Elladan and Elrohir and for
one time unite the family in one place. But the evil forces were continuously growing stronger
throughout Middle-Earth, and none of the masters of the two realms would have dared
leaving behind their home and people unguarded.

On a crystal-clear morning Celebrían left for Lórien, accompanied by about a dozen
other elves, all of which seized the opportunity to travel to beyond the Misty Mountains. Even
though on horses and having secret paths that would take them to the mountain pass on a
quick route through the treacherous high moors, they would not reach Lórien in much less
than two weeks.

Slowly summer came to Middle-Earth. Now even Rivendell high in the North encountered
its first truly hot days, where one would not be able to enjoy longer walks through the
gorgeous-looking scenery anymore, and even the gardeners would quickly retreat from the
open sky after watering the flowerage. Elrond then was standing on the canopied balcony,
saddened that the magnificence soon will be gone again.

Two weeks had passed since Celebrían left, when a company of Rangers arrived in
Rivendell. And not any company it was: Arahad, Chieftain of the Dúnedain was their lead and
also Aragost, his son and heir did find his way to the elven settlement. For long the Rangers of
the North were good friends and allies with the elves of Imladris, helping each other keeping
the area as safe as possible. And often it happened that the Rangers would come to Rivendell
on their errands to share whatever they encountered and with issues that required the counsel
of elves.

"Mae govannen, master Elrond!", Arahad greeted as he had crossed the narrow bridge
across the Bruinen. "Often I came down to the Hidden Valley, but no memory is closely as
enchanting as your house is looking now! It’s a great delight for my heart, to know that in
these times still such lovely things exist. For a long time I weren’t here but now my sorrows
urged me to seek your advice, sorrows that will also concern the elves."

"Be welcome, Arahad, son of Araglas. Eager I am to hear about what you have seen on
your journeys, for I have only rarely left the valley since we last met. But as urging the matter
is, let us not stay here, have a rest and tell me about your concerns in a more comfortable

Thus Elrond climbed the stairs to the dining hall, closely followed by the Dúnedain.
An elf passed their way and Elrond said to him:

"Let the bell be rung, a council will be held. And please organise a quick meal for our

Once seated around the big table, Arahad spoke again:

"I honour your hospitality and indeed I and my fellows will gladly enjoy the meal, but
the affairs I’m here for weigh heavily on my mind, and even though your advice may not
change that, we have to decide how to encounter them."

Silently and sorrowly musing Elrond sat on his chair and nodded.

"Speak", he said.
"Orcs", Arahad began, "Orcs everywhere. More and more of them move into the Misty
Mountains. We don’t know whether they resettle on their own will or if this is a treachery of
the Dark Lord, but for the first time they come down into Eriador. Until now only a few orcs
seemingly accidentally came close to our village Taurdal, but just before we left, a messenger
from another village came to us and reported that a host of half a dozen orcs deliberately
attacked their village. The Rangers there were able to kill them, but the assault came that
surprisingly that many found their death. Ruthlessly the orcs murdered, they purposely killed
the helpless women and even the children before they fought the men."

Arahad halted and closed his eyes, grieving about the brutal deed of the orcs. As
neither Arahad nor Elrond spoke, Aragost continued the report:

"On the exploration we’re coming from now we wanted to find out about how the situation
in the mountains is. Very soon we realised that walking the passes is clearly no longer safe. As
it seems, the orcs are holding the roads now."
Arahad looked up and took over again, his voice trembling in his wrath.

"We sneaked up to the High Pass, and found that countless orc camps have been
established close to the road. They are not even hidden anymore, the orcs are so self-confident
about their numbers and strength. We attacked a small camp and captured the orcs. We tried
to investigate them about their intents, but either they weren’t capable of communicating in a
language understandable to men, or they did not fear death. When we were carefully walking
back we were noticed by an orc spy, but luckily we saw him too and were able to get hold of
him. And even better he was more willing to stay alive and gave us some answers. The orc
town under the mountains is already known of since the Second Age, but theres a new threat
rising. Elrond, you know very well what creature the dwarves did awake in the depths of
Moria. Since the dwarves fled half a millennia ago we have not heard anything from the mines
anymore. But according to the spy, Durins Bane now is gathering orcs and worse beings in
Moria, in outrageous numbers. For whatever reason that may be, the Redhorn pass now is
closed to us, I don’t think it is possible to reach the Golden Woods over that route anymore."

Arahad stopped. The longer he was talking, Elrond's face changed, fear was in his eyes
now and his lips pressed firmly together. Arahad was surprised, of course these were no good
news, but never before he saw such intense feelings, never before he saw any fear at all in the
face of the elven master, never, in any of the many meetings they had.

For a minute no one talked. Then Elrond drew a deep breath and slowly said to his
sons that too attended the council:

"Elrohir, Elladan, your mother did not reach Lórien. She is in great danger. Gather a few
but good warriors and try to find her."

Without any comment on that order, the twins stood up and left the hall.
Glossary for chapter 1:

Languages: Quenya, Sindarin, Orkish, Khuzdul

Tuilë - "spring". First month of the calendar of Imladris. Equals more or less our months April and May.
Narwë (pl. Narwi) - "lily".
Losillë (pl. Losilli) - "rose".
elda (pl. Eldar) - "elf".
Ailinon - "water-lily".
Silwin (pl. Silwini) - "birch".
Samíriën - Great feast of the elves. Held every 21 Valian Years to celebrate the arrival of the Elves in Aman.
Aman - "Blessed Land". The Undying Lands.
Imladris - "Rivendell".
Mae govannen! - "Well met". Common greeting.

Community Outreach

Quick Build Challenge: @PINT00 is running a Quick Build Challenge, which is a competition where four builders try to build a certain topic in a very short time. The second round has taken place this weekend, the winner shall be chosen through community voting! The link to that form aswell as to where one can vote for the next week's topic can be found >>here<<.
And here's another recording by @mattlego, about the theme "Star Wars":

It would be awesome if anyone who's interested in this fun competition would sign up for next week's round!

Scheduled Tours:
Our guides are running scheduled tours every week on Saturdays at 9pm GMT. So if you look out for a tour and never managed to catch a guide to give you one, this is the date you gotta go on the server.

Times Feedback:
Have a thought concerning the presentation of the MCME Times and how it can be improved? Because we are always looking for new ways to mix up and improve the Times experience through any means necessary and, if you have a comment or concern, it's likely that someone else had it as well and just didn't say anything about it. So be sure to message @Finrod_Amandil your thoughts through a PM or directly in this thread.

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Closing Statement
Always struggling for something interesting to write here I from now on will occasionally put something new here: There's a german cartoonist that did translate some of his work into English. I hope you too like such stuff a bit ;-)
All credit goes to Joscha Sauer from www.notfunny.com.

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Lead Builder
Hmm im intrested in the reporter job, could make my self useful for once for the server
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Hmm im intrested in the reporter job, could make my self useful for once for the server
Thatd be awesome! Feel free to choose whichever project youre interested in, or maybe you know a staff member leading a project that youre getting along with nicely!