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~The MCME Times~ [17/06/18] Announcements

~ General Announcements ~

Become a Donor
Hey guys! As usual we need donations to keep the server running, so please help out if you can!
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Our Donors
Here is this week's latest donors. Good work guys! #MCMEdoesnotrunitself:

~ Rank Updates ~

Report by Raffy

Designer _Luk: I guess Luk’s awesome work as a designer before was missed too much! Congrats Luk and we look forward to seeing your work continue! promotion

Guide RedAnaran_2022: Not another one… Red decided to resign from Guide to focus on real life involvements. A very bold and commendable ability and decision that few possess. Good luck Red! resignation

Guide Samfries_Taranoc: Where 1 shall fall, another shall rise! Sam did a superb trial tour and in the end, emerged victorious on the quest for guideship! Great job Sam! promotion

Designer Julius_the_Great: Wow… That was a big jump… Julius has joined the staff and development team, working alongside Eriol, who was mightily impressed by his quick ability to code well made plugin. Great job Julius and we look forward to see what happens next! promotion

~ Interviews ~

Now as it is custom we have two interviews; the “First Impressions Interview” and the “Meet the Regulars Interview”. LegoCellist will be interviewing a new adventurer about their experience on MCME. I (Raffy), will be interviewing our regular. Our regular in this edition is one of our most beloved aussies, and frankly he's a good foreman too. So may I introduce to you ……………. Quanta !
Interview with @QuantaCube

1. How did you find MCME?
Its hard to remember considering it was so long ago but I reckon I had just seen the lord of the rings movies and I became very obsessed with all things Lord of the Rings- I started to read the books and began research all the lore. Considering I was also an avid player of some random game called Minecraft, I thought it would be fun to rebuild middle earth in Minecraft. Funnily enough someone had already started to build middle earth upon research, some server known as 'Minecraft Middle-Earth'. After some deeper research I applied for the whitelist of this server and waited for a response, and once it was finally accepted I was in!

2. What was your experience like as an Adventurer?
Hard to say, mainly because I was a thrall once and an adventurer 3 more times, each with obviously different experience. My very first adventurer experience was rather a fun one- I was incredibly eager to join the building team- which I never actually managed to join for another 2 years, but in the meantime exploring and building in freebuild was all I really did with the rare job in between. I remember my first job was a kind of road job in Rohan, followed by a build day for Edoras.

Raffy: Is that why Gimli said you can find more cheer in a graveyard? :p

3. What made you want to become a Foreman?
I wanted to become a foreman for a variety of reasons. It was obviously to run jobs, which I had always wanted to do ever since learning the existence of jobs, so I figured it would be quite a fun role to have on the server. Also, there are fair few commands that the foreman had access to that were quite 'attractive', as well as having the best colour for any rank on the server, ofc.

4. What do you like most about being a Foreman?
The best thing about being foreman is actually the guide aspects of it, namely: being involved with every member of the community. It is really fun to work with newer players and trying to get them both interested in the server and to get the work done is a good experience. Aside from that, the minigame plugin was fun while it lasted (Still haven't removed it from foreman perms looks at Q ).

Raffy: I knew Guiding was popular!

5. Where is your favorite place on MCME?
The typical places such as Caras Galadhon, Imloth Melui and Henneth Annun are rather nice, although seeing things in the world built by your own hands or you have had a large part in building part of the world is very satisfying, so places like Belfalas, Dol Amroth and moria also have a special place in my heart.

6. Who is your favorite character in LOTR or the Hobbit?
My favorite character is actually Sauron. Not because I relate to him in any way, or support him. I simply just like the way in the book he isn't described, he's always just a shadow far away, or represented by an eye. He is never really described in the book with a word more than powerful or evil, with only a few exceptions. Admittedly, the movies showing sauron kind of ruins the character for me, since it makes the threat seem more real, and less evil as in the books. I think its just brilliant how he is written as a character.

Raffy: Eye see…

First Impressions Interview
By LegoCellist

Here is another interview with a new player to gain their perspective on the server. New players are just as important as our eldest players, so getting to know them is crucial! This week, we’re interviewing a new commoner, who got the rank in 2 days. If that’s not impressive nothing is. Give it up for @Piximan !

Question 1. How did you find MCME?
I found it by searching up it on internet and then I joined but I saw I couldn't build so I ragequitted but then I saw Keralis posted a video and I thought damn! This server was not so bad at all.

Question 2: What were your impressions of the community on the server when you first joined?
My impressions of the community is that they answered on the questions and were really nice and not like mean and just says screw you and ignores you

Question 3: What was your impression of our finished projects; Minas Tirith and the Shire?
My impressions what how you could have time for this and just like wow, and I feel good when I get 1# on a build battle but when I see your guys builds it's like wth it's so good!

Question 4: What was your impression of our current projects such as Dol Amroth, Moria and technically Mordor?
Mordor idk kinda I haven't seen any builds on it but moria!! It's so good even its detailed such as where Gandalf falls down the bridge. And Dol Amroth is too laggy for me, but really detailed.

Question 5: So overall what was your impression of MCME?
My impressions is that ummm idk yeah its like you built the whole middle earth and, yeah I can't really explain it but its like REALLY Cool! Amazing.

LegoCellist: Well, there’s nothing else to say other than that really!

Thank you again @Piximan !

~ Winners of “The Week” ~

So we got some good ones as always. Make sure you show some special recognition towards the winners of the week! They’ve presented exemplary displays of our server’s creative potential! Give a hand to these winners!

This edition, I (Map) have chosen the amazing @Lindolas for Media of the Week

Looks amazing Lind! The farm is done so why not commemorate it with a beautiful shot like that. Great job!


This edition, I (Emparra) have chosen Dovaklin to be our winner of this weeks themebuild! Great work Dovaklin, your siege engines look like they’re about to go in a siege! Amazing!
...though an honorable mention would have to go to QuantaCube for his inter-fandom throwback. Well done, QuantaCube!

By Raffy

This week, The honorary title goes to @Thijs1801, who built a stunning Durthang! It reminds me of Helm’s Deep, and not at all in a bad way! It’s exceptional, to say the least, and it’s all too clear on how much time and effort has gone into it! Well done Thijs!

~ Upcoming ~

Themed Build
Theme: The House of Tulkas
Resource Pack: Gondor 2
Duration: 1 week
Link: #21/18 - House of Tulkas

~ Lore of the Week ~

There were two towers in history called Barad-dûr. Sauron started to build the first one around year 1000 of Second Age but he didn’t completed it before year 1600 S.A. at about the same time he forged the One Ring. This tower was destroyed in the War of the Last Alliance in year 3441 S.A. when Isildur took the Ring from Sauron and the Second Age ended.
Most time of the Third Age Mordor was deserted and watched by Gondor. The Nazgûl took Minas Ithil in year 2000 T.A. but they remained there and did not claim all the realm of Mordor. Sauron did not return to Mordor when he was forced out of Dol Guldur by Gandalf about 60 years later. Instead he retreated and hid in the East. He came back to Dol Guldur with renewed strength after about 400 years.
Sauron returned to Mordor only 2951 T.A. after he was forced from Dol Guldur again 10 years before. At that time he built the Black Gate and also started to build the second Barad-dûr. This tower was obviously build much quicker than the first one. Only 68 years later the One Ring was destroyed, Sauron perished and Barad-dûr crumbled.
It was said that Barad-dûr’s foundations were built on the might of the One Ring. It’s an interesting detail that the first tower was built (at least the foundations) BEFORE the One Ring was forged. The second tower was built WHILE Bilbo possessed the One Ring.

~ More Media ~

Howdy folks, just want to let you guys know that we do have multiple platforms that represent MCME. One of those being Twitter! If you have an account, make sure to follow MinecraftMiddleEarth (@MCMiddleEarth) | Twitter for some additional content revolving around the community!

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~ Advertisements ~
Building is one of the fundamental parts of Minecraft Middle Earth, and it is done by the amazing Artists on the server. Many times we are asked how can I build and we have an answer for you: Become an Artist! Working on all the new projects with Designers and Foremen while furthering your building skills in this community is something all Artists get to take part in!
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~ Closing Statement ~

Howdy folks! Ba da da da da daaaaaaa, aaaaaaannnnndddd we’re back!
Another thrilling edition of our Times by the illustrious Times Team! Make sure to comment and subscribe… Jokes. I went ahead and included the Summer Events Teaser banner again this time round - Hope you don’t mind :) GET HYPED!

To wrap things up, though, I’d like to thank everyone on their hard work! We’ve completed Tolfalas, Moria halls are sprouting like Dwarves from the ground, and Belfalas is taking shape as our single most realistic region on MCME! Very well done to everyone for making all of this possible! Till our next! Make sure you join in jobs as they arrive!
(Pardon my Kooky Closing statement)

But here’s a word from our source of inspiration and reference: J.R.R. Tolkien himself:

“It is not the strength of the body that counts, but the strength of the spirit.”

Note from BWOT: Sorry about the Times being so late, because of all which was going on for me (DoE, Birthday and Exams) and the change of people leading it. It took a while to complete and actually in the end they needed me to post it anyway but couldn't get to it straight away because of the lack of internet at home due to moving. Wish you all a good two weeks and thank you to all who worked on this edition.

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