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~The MCME Times~ [17/06/18] Project Progress

The Official MCME Times

Summer is finally in full swing!

Sun, Sea, Final Summer Events planning? What's not to love?!

Editor's Note by Raffy

Note by Raffy? Am I blind? Nope you're not, although you may need medical help to deal with the sheer awesomeness of this edition! Well, your beloved BWOT was busy on other ventures, And the other 2 next in line decided to have a much earned rest. So you're stuck with me! This is going to be fun isn't it! Well, enough about yours truly, let's talk server stuff! And we have ourselves a familiar face in the designer team! Not to mention the illustrious Summer Events have had even more work done! Badges seem to finally be coming together too, and, perhaps the pinnacle of excitement on the server this week, derpy Belfalas stairs have been fixed! Joking aside, A massive well done to @Wroxxite and all of the team for finishing Tolfalas! Brilliant job! All in all, progress is happening faster than you can say the Japanese alphabet backwards whilst upside down! Simply getting better all the time!

~ Project Progress ~

Andrast - Lead: @jacenpeter | In Progress
Report by Samfries_Taranoc

There has been no known progress update here.

Belfalas – Lead: @Darki/@Eriol_Eandur | In Progress
Report by Samfries_Taranoc

Belfalas progress is coming along speedily, with both @RubenPieterMark and @Oberanio building villages in the north of the region. The northern rivers of the region have been worked on by @NicTheFifth and @Mr_Pants2000, while @Darki has been getting all the vegetation ready for the Gondor resource pack merge.

Dol Amroth – Lead: @Thijs1801 In Progress
Report by Raffy

A slight holt on progress, which is always a shame, but that doesn’t mean none has been done! Sewer work has took the limelight this week, and an honourable mention to @Kjolsen and @Oberanio for fixing derpy stairs. God we just hate derpy stairs don’t we!

Moria – Lead: @Despot666 In progress
Report by Raffy

Moria doing even better than before! As ever, The forge is super close to completion, and @NicTheFifth has been working very hard on The Second Dwelling, which is starting to look superb! 1 pillar done, 1 to go! (When it’s done, it’ll be one of my favorite places on the server without a doubt!). The Central Dwelling has also had little bits of work done to it, especially around the upper balcony and is slowly but definitely progressing!

As said in the note, Tolfalas is finished. Big shout out to @BWOT, @Wroxxite, (Especially) @Tyranystrasz, @thomasd18, and everyone who helped make Tolfalas in one way or another. It looks beautifully rugged and wild, with skies of blue and seas of green, and the finished product couldn't be better!

~ Texture Development ~

Report by BWOT

Gondor RP merge
Most of my time is going into this atm. I went through @Finrod_Amandil ‘s planning and compiled a list of all block replacement commands that needs to be applied to change Gondor RP to Gondor 2 RP. The list is now done, it contains 298 block states replacements. When I tried to test the commands at the devserver I run into some major problems with the ChunkAnalysis plugin that will apply the changes on all 8 billion blocks of Gondor. So I spend the last few days on revamping that plugin. Now it seems to work properly and I applied the block state replacements to the collection of all blocks at the plotworld spawn.
Next step will take most time. I need to double check every single block replacement to make sure not to mess up Gondor when I apply the replacements at the build server.

32 RP
No news here..

Mordor RP
No news here..

~ Plug-in Development ~

Report by Eriol

Discord Integration for Tours
No news here.

Minigames Plugin - Race Game Boost Items
No news here

Role Playing Game - The Shire
After discussion at the staff meeting we will continue preparations. Next step will be some research about how to best handle NPCs. But progress will be slow over the next weeks as paul and toti are busy irl and I’m busy with the Gondor RP merge.

Badges Chat Disease
Fortunately we found a cure for this disease and healed everyone.

Broken AFK Colors in Player List
This caused me quite a headache, my plugin worked fined at devserver but failed at build server. I changed the plugin several times but nothing helped until I rewrote it completely now using the API of LuckPerms. Now it’s working at last.

Perks Plugin
I remember the times when some Designers had a parrot on their shoulder and couldn’t get rid of them. I thought it would be a nice addon to have a command to get (and remove) parrots. Our new developer @Julius_the_Great quickly added a parrot perk to the Perks plugin. It allows you to specify which shoulder the parrot perched on as well as the color/variant of the parrot. Still needs to be tested on devserver though. Julius is now working on a smoking pipe perk.

Feature of the Week - Do you already know...

Gondor Biome Colors?
When you are roaming across Gondor you might see trees with a grass color below different from the grass color around. That’s because a separate biome was used for the tree to change the leaf color.

But the grass color change is not really nice thus we changed the biome colors of the additional biomes introduced with mc 1.7 to get many combinations of grass and leave colors.
You want orange leavess, but green grass? No problem, just use jungle biome! Green leaves and yellowish grass? Ok, then redwood_taiga biome is your choice!

First row (dark green grass): river biome (green leaves)
Second row (bright green grass): forest (green leaves), jungle (orange), mushroom_island (red)
Third row (yellowish grass): desert (orange leaves), redwood_taiga (bright green), extreme_hills (red)
Fourth row (green grass): plains (bright green leaves), birch_forest (red) , ice_flats (green), jungle_edge (orange)
To change biomes you need either WorldEdit (within a selection: //setbiome <biome_name>) or Voxel (biome brush: /b biome <biome_name>). With the new badges quite some people have access, so I hope you’ll find this useful. I guess there is still quite some biome derp fixing needed in Gondor.

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